George Floyd Drops ‘Dime Bag’ of Drugs During Arrest – VIDEO

John Carmen discusses this with Jeff Rense on 6/4/20. LISTEN HERE Or HERE

John Carmen (former Secret Service and US Customs agent) wrote on Facebook:

Ooops ! Looks like Mr. Floyd dropped a “Dime bag” of Coke/Meth/Fentynal on the street(Littering) while cuffed up.The officer was not paying attention NOR did they process the other 2 suspects as they wereDealing drugs out of that vehicle”..  Autopsy information indicates Floyd had other “medical” issues and a DRUG problem.Special NOTE: other information just now coming out is that Officer Derek Chauvin also “knew” and previously worked with Mr. Floyd in the past and there are 100’s of questions regarding that working relationship. So the plot thickens as more and more information comes out.WHY was the original surveillance videos “doctored” leaving out information which indicates Floyd may have been Dealing DRUGS out of that vehicle and why weren’t the other 2 suspects detained and searched for narcotics???? WHY???. Either way, Mistakes were made all around and they still need to find out ALL of the Facts.

Look closely @ 1:29 in 1080p, .25x speed and full screen:

Watch A Minute-To-Minute Breakdown Leading Up To George Floyd’s Deadly Arrest | NBC News NOW

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Millions have watched the video of George Floyd struggling to breathe while handcuffed and pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis Police Officer. But what happened in the moments leading up to his death? Emmanuelle Saliba looked at new security footage, cellphone videos and police reports to piece together what happened.


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