KRH: Chauvin case intentionally being set up to be overturned on appeal > riots > outcry to pack the supreme court to wipe out “white supremacist” bias

“The Chauvin trial had a jury that wasn’t sequestered, an unruly mob of BLM activists that harassed jurors, an entire media that was against Chauvin, a sitting Congresswoman and the president who made speeches against Chauvin before a verdict was determined, and now, a juror who after the fact is found out to be a BLM supporter.

There really is no excuse for any of this. Normally, in a high profile case like this, a judge will be quick to sequester a jury to avoid any undue influence. Yet, that’s not what happened here. Much of the outside influence to the jurors would have been avoided if they had just been sequestered. Yet, an even bigger problem has emerged and that is a juror who is an avid BLM supporter. Thus, he must have lied during jury selection. This same juror gave a speech last week where he admitted he had to “educate” a few of the other jurors in order to get a guilty verdict. With BLM, educate = intimidate.

Anyway, all of this adds up to this case intentionally being set up to be overturned on appeal. Further evidence of exactly this can be found in the news today. None other than the corrupt Washington Post has written an article about the BLM juror. Normally, the Washington Post and all other corrupt media organizations would completely ignore this story. Now, this story is being brought front and center. Obviously, the verdict is being set up to be “unfairly overturned” by the “white supremacist” court of appeals. Now, instant BLM riots can be set up to coincide for the date the verdict is overturned. It’s like a free get out and riot card that can be played whenever a distraction is needed. Possibly, all of this is leading to propaganda pointing to a “need” to stack the Supreme Court to wipe out “white supremacist” bias in the court system. Stay tuned.”

Undisclosed Bias? Even WaPo Questions Impartiality Of BLM-Shirt-Wearing Juror In Chauvin Case


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