Michael Brown: Rabbis consider the Pharisees their founding fathers – “They built on the Pharisaic tradition”

In Jesus’ day, according to their Babylonian Talmudic tradition, the Pharisees believed the Jews have higher souls than non-Jews, the Goyim, whom as such can be treated like cattle. They believed they’re entitled to rule over all. The messiah would lead their New World Order quest. So when Jesus refused, saying His kingdom was not of this world, they rejected Him, and have become revolutionaries ever since. E. Michael Jones calls this the Jewish revolutionary spirit, which is based on their Satanic Talmud and Kabbalah, not the Bible.

Paul says in Romans 11 that “a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come,” which Michael Brown believes is the coming last days, greatest move of God ever: Jesus’ prayer in John 17 fulfilled — “that the world will know!”

Paul then says in verse 28: “concerning the good news [the gospel], they are enemies for your sake— though, ‘Christian’ Zionists like Michael Brown completely ignore this and Jesus’ clear warnings in the gospels and in Revelation 2 and 3. Brown, Hagee and many others enable the Talmudists to destroy our society, everything Christian, so they can rule, the NWO.

The rabbis of today consider the Talmud and Kabbalah to be above the Old Testament. The Torah has to be interpreted according to the Talmud. When they say “the Torah,” they often mean the Talmud, the source of their racial supremacist power over others, NWO thought.

Since Michael Brown is an ardent ‘Christian Zionist,’ admitting that today’s rabbis are continuing the Talmudic tradition of the Pharisees during Jesus’ day is significant.

I pray that someday Brown apologizes to E. Michael Jones for loudly, publicly repudiating Jones, who is just saying what Jesus and Paul warned us — that the Talmudists are still enemies of the gospel, marching toward their NWO, in which they believe they’re going to rule over all of the Goy through the Antichrist, reining from the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem (2 Thess 2), the abomination that many evangelicals are supporting, falsely believing that Genesis 12:3 applies to modern day, Talmudic, still unrepentant and anti-Christ Israel.

Talmudists now control our media, our government, the money system, book publishing, etc.. They’re turning everything upside down, and ‘Christian’ Zionists not only won’t warn the people, they’ll criticize anyone who tells the truth.

We’re supposed to call out the Pharisees just like Jesus did, warning the people, not enabling their takeover of society, which is almost now completed.

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Transcribed from the video: Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Questions Streamed live on Jun 28, 2019, @ minute-17:08

QUESTION (minute-17:08): “Are current day practicing Jews the descendants of the Pharisaic tradition?”

MICHAEL BROWN: “That’s what they built on. In other words: a practicing Jew today, a rabbinic Jew looks back to the Pharisees as some of their founding fathers. Of course, they look back to Abraham, Moses, etc.. But yeah, the Pharisees would be looked at as their founding fathers, and that they would feel that the New Testament is very unfair to the Pharisees. …

But I would say, #1: Jesus is pointing out the hypocrites. And #2: He sees a whole lot of things that we don’t see….”


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