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Nick Begich: “Today we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Who set mankind free, gave us hope, and provided a new direction”

Today we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Who set mankind free, gave us hope, and provided a new direction.

In a world filled with confusion and misdirection, we must remember that True North will forever be True North and that life holds purpose greater than ourselves. From our family to yours, Happy Easter!

Nick Begich III w/ Jeff Landfield: Alaska Landmine Radio 9/15/23


Nick Begich III with wife Dharna and their son, Nicholas (Nick Begich IV) – Anchorage 10/3/22

My photo of Nick Begich III with wife Dharna and their 9-year-old son, Nicholas (Nick Begich IV). State Senator Roger Holland is top right.

Running for US Congress fundraiser, Anchorage, Alaska 10/3/22

Nick Begich II: My Son, Nick Begich III Running for US Congress!

 Flashpoint 2022-10
The Hidden Monks – Earthpulse Press Inc.
Dr. Nick Begich

Dear Friend,

It has been quite a while since I have talked with many of my friends. I do miss you all. Well, most of you. Just kidding. My last public event was April 30, 2021 when I went “off-line” and stopped most of my public work. My last event was aired on and YouTube. It was 15 hours divided into 28 segments. It was the culmination of 50 years of scholarship and shared public work.

So why come back into view now? Several reasons, but today my focus is on my son who is running for Congress to represent Alaska. I need your help and would appreciate your consideration of my thoughts here.

Many of my friends have been wondering what I have been doing. I will talk about some of this later in another update to all of you in a separate communication. I have been doing a lot of personal internal spiritual work, giving time to my close relationships and carefully considering when and where the work goes forward – while the future unfolds before us.

My son is a Republican, Nick III comes from a family of leaders within the Democrat Party. My family members are very different in our politics coming from both organized political parties and independent traditions. Believe me our family events are the fireworks everyone looks for on the 4th of July! The “Great Begich Debate”, happens every holiday and family gathering. Sorry no tickets, only invitation. Yet, as I say this, I want to express the deepest part of the debate and the fire that resides within it. The fire is simply Love, compassion and passion poured out. The most powerful thing to hold in the center of all relationships, Love. The foundation of family and the hope of nations. The challenge of this time in history is to find the core of respectful disagreement and passionate, well-articulated and thoughtful solutions. My family is trained in it. We live it every day. Nick III is a living example of it, which is true leadership. To Love within family, state and nation in the midst of turbulent times is what we need.

The three Nicks. Dr. Nick Begich, Nick III and my grandson Nicholas IV. Primary Night Aug 16, 2022.

Alaska Candidate for US Congress Debate: Nick Begich, Chris Bye –Sarah Palin –Mary Peltola

EXCELLENT deep-dive discussion!

Streamed live on Nov 3, 2022

Two events in one night. ConCon & US Congress Candidates Debate Alaska Resources. Schedule times below has been changed ConCon is now first & Congress Resources Candidate Debate is Second.

The next Congressman Alaska selects will likely be part of a Republican Majority in the US House. Oil regulation policy will be one of the most important policy issues of a new congress.

Tonight Dr. Forrest Nabors moderating: 7:30-9:00pm Candidates Nick Begich Ill and Chris Bye will duke it out on stage.

Those holding this event reached out to Congresswoman Mary Peltola to come debate this essential policy, but she declined their invitation.

Sarah Palin also declined their invitation as well, but we already know she wants to “Drill Baby Drill.”

From 6:00pm – 7:30pm Senator Robb Myers and Representative Kevin McCabe will have a conversation why Alaskans should be overwhelmingly Voting “YES on Ballot Measure #1!” …

Nick Begich & Chris Bye start at 1:42:50

Palin calls Nick Begich “Baggage;” Ann Coulter says Palin should drop out based on the numbers

From: Notes from the trail… Sept. 6, 2022

Palin’s histrionics: Questions are being asked — can candidate Nick Begich in all good faith recommend that voters rank second the person who is calling him “Baggage”? Or did Palin on Sunday self-immolate? Her Sunday public display has the whole state talking about her stability.

Mayor Dave Bronson says he’s voting for Nick Begich first, joins dozens of other elected leaders in Alaska

By Suzanne Downing – August 11, 2022

Sarah Palin, also running for Congress, but not endorsed by any Republican entity in Alaska, has a list of endorsements from Outside that includes Donald Trump, but the number of leaders from inside the state is fairly modest. It is comprised of former State Sen. Jerry Ward, currently on her campaign staff, and former Alaska DNR Commissioner Tom Irwin, who worked for Palin’s Administration when ACES was signed into law, ushering in punishing oil and gas taxes on companies and driving investment from the state.

On the Dan Fagan Show (650 KENI) on Thursday, Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson joined dozens of other elected officials in Alaska in supporting Republican Party-endorsed Nick Begich for Congress. Bronson called in to the show to say he plans to rank Begich first on the Aug. 16 ballot. Last week, Amy Demboski, Anchorage City Manager, also endorsed Begich.

Nick has been endorsed by these former and currently elected officials

Begich vows to oppose federal funding of abortions, including rape & incest cases


Congressional Candidate Forum: Nick Begich, Sarah Palin, Mary Peltola in Juneau, Alaska

Sarah won’t even look at Nick, except over his head, once.

Her fake, everything-is-great persona she puts on is obvious.

Sarah has a big stack of papers, which she stares at throughout. Nick is free to look at anyone, and relies on his brain.

Nick Begich III with Jeff Landfield, Alaska Landmine Radio

The book Jeff Landfield mentioned he’s reading: The Rise of the New Puritans: Fighting Back Against Progressives’ War on Fun, by Noah Rothman

– –

Jeff was joined by Republican U.S. House candidate Nick Begich. They discuss the upcoming special general election for Alaska’s sole House seat, why he decided to run for Congress, how his grandfather was Alaska’s last congressman before Don Young prior to his plane mysteriously disappearing in 1972, his business background, the homelessness problem in Anchorage, inflation and how it’s impacting working people, foreign policy issues including what is happening between China and Taiwan, and the political division in our country.


“Sarah Palin is like AOC. She loves the microphone but hates the job”

Nick Begich’s true ad:

Sarah Palin is like AOC. She loves the microphone but hates the job.

Nick Begich III airs views with Bob Bird on ‘The Talk of the Kenai’

Alaska Watchman Story

To listen to the complete interview, click here and then select the July 6 broadcast of The Talk of the Kenai – Wednesday Hour 1.

Nick Begich, Tuckerman Babcock and Mike Shower talk of building a strong conservative coalition that will put the people first

Nick Begich: Many of the left are first order thinkers — don’t consider unintended consequences

Related: Second Order Thinking & Why Its Important — Ask: “And then what…?”

– –

“So much of the left is first order thinkers — meaning they never get past step one. The goal is ‘hey, wouldn’t it be great if we were all equal?’ Therefore, they’ll print money and hand it out? They don’t get past that step. What’s the unintended consequences? What’s going to happen next? ‘Well, we don’t know. We just think this is a good social justice outcome.’ That’s the left.

It sounds good at the surface, and it completely breaks down when you move to the next step.” – Nick Begich at minute-33:

Nick Begich didn’t come from wealth, raised by grandparents — became successful through wisdom & courage

Some of the candidates for the US House of Alaska are millionaires. Another is paying off student loans.

Republican Nick Begich, has six figures in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and litecoin, as well as a stake of at least $1 million in a software company he owns. founded and now has more than 100 employees and offices in three countries.

Chris Constant, one of the Democrats in the race, is still paying off student loans. …

Nonetheless, Constant presents his relative lack of personal wealth as a selling point.

“The benefit is, in practice, I understand what it’s like to make a living, which is what most Alaskans go through,” Constant said. He added: “I am a worker. I don’t come from wealth. …

Begich, one of the running Republicans and a multi-millionaire, dismissed the idea that his money might leave him out of touch with potential voters.

He said his family “struggled” when he was growing up, and at one point, Begich said, he had over $100,000 in student loans, since paid off.

“I can definitely relate to the struggle that a lot of Alaskans are having right now,” he said in a phone interview.

Mark Begich endorses Chris Constant for Congress

Political family splits: Mark Begich, former mayor of Anchorage, former U.S. senator, and now businessman, has endorsed Chris Constant for Congress, even though his nephew, Nick Begich, is running for the same seat. Constant is a Democrat, like Mark.


Tom Begich: Nick Begich is a “CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN … has never donated to any of my campaigns”

When asked whether he would donate to Nick Begich’s congressional campaign, Tom Begich plainly responded,Why would I do that? He’s a conservative Republican,” and added, My nephew has never donated to any of my campaigns, which is disappointing.”

Suzanne Downing: What you don’t know about Nick Begich’s past

Nick Begich III was raised by his grandparents. His grandfather was a pastor; he attended Christian schools in Florida, and was president of the Republican club in high school.

Nick Begich II is a libertarian, and III’s mother is a Republican. They separated decades ago, when III was raised by his grandparents.

Suzanne Downing has known him well for 7 years, and Nick has never failed her in his positions.

– –

What you don’t know about Nick Begich’s past.
April 13, 2022 • 2 min

The Dan Fagan Show airs weekday mornings between 5:30 and 9 am on Newsradio 650 KENI.


Nick Begich III w/ Dan Fagan: How Conservative is He?

Good interview!

“Nick Begich claims he’s conservative. Is he?” Dan Fagan Show 11/8/21

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