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Is Smoking Marijuana a Sin? — Marijuana dulls consciences so people no longer recognize the Holy Spirit’s warnings

New Alaska regs say cannabis shops can give free samples starting Sunday

Comment by Trig:
“Drug dealers have been using this method for years. Doctors as well, in regards to opiates for that matter. Enticement has always been a great tool to sell a product to people who would be less interested in a product. And a product that gives you relief from reality has increased in popularity of late. Soon reality becomes a blur and less desirable. As much as a person thinks that they can solve all problems under the influence, mean old reality creeps in and is not desirable any longer. An occasional trip to happy land can be enjoyable but people who wish to stay there soon become nonproductive. Encouragement of such products by making them easier to obtain is equal to a ship’s captain unlocking the rum stores and expecting his crew to be able to do their jobs. What the government’s role in all of this seems to only be in collecting revenue from an otherwise untaxed source. It certainly isn’t that they are interested in our well being or public safety.

Report: States with weak marijuana laws see more impaired driving

new report shows that states that have legalized or weakened restrictions around high-THC marijuana, either for medical or recreational use, saw 32% more marijuana-impaired driving than states that have not adopted the same policies. …

“Research shows that marijuana can impair drivers in a variety of ways,” said AAA, which has conducted its own research backing this idea. “It can affect psychomotor functions such as attention, reaction time and coordination, but generally it appears to affect automated or routine driving more than tasks requiring conscious effort. Further, numerous laboratory-based studies have demonstrated that marijuana use impairs many aspects of cognitive and physical function that are necessary for safe driving.

“Marijuana can decrease car handling, can impair performance and attention while increasing reaction times, following distance and lane deviation,” AAA added. … [Many drivers now can’t stay in their lanes – editor]

Use among youth is also an issue.

“It is critical that these results impact future policy debates, especially since enforcement data shows that between 11 to 23 percent of recreational marijuana sold ends up in the hands of minors,” the DFAF report said.


The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain & Body | Huberman Lab Podcast #92

[ie. Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant] “There’s less lilting and falling of the voice, and less accenting. That’s the major consistent effect of cannabis use.” (minute-1:44:00)

Laughs may not sound natural. Can be more of a “back-of-the-throat” laugh, and “more of a laziness in the laugh.”

Decreases testosterone, increases estrogen. Can create man boobs.

Anxiety, depression and psychosis often happens with long term use.

Decreases gray matter in brain, especially when starting below age 25.

The Skunk Factor: The role of weed in America’s decline — Elites want everyone stoned to control us

..habitually smoking pot makes you irrational and self-centered, robs you of initiative and keeps you emotionally immature. In other words, it turns otherwise normal people into weak-minded liberals – the perfect citizens for a dictatorial socialist regime.

Exclusive: Scott Lively believes the ruling elite want us all to be potheads

By Scott Lively

I was one of the first potheads at my high school. At the start of my ninth grade year (1974), there was a small handful of us who would sneak off into the woods to get high each morning before the first bell. By the end of that school year, there were over a hundred. I had been on the honor roll through the eighth grade and even skipped a grade in science, but within the first two weeks of smoking pot, I sank from the very top to the very bottom of my algebra class and a year or so later completely dropped out of school.

Report: States that legalized marijuana are seeing a rise in teen mental health disorders

States that have legalized marijuana have seen increasingly strong THC products and a rise in mental health issues among teenagers, a newly released nationwide study reports.

The Drug Free America Foundation authored the study, given first to The Center Square, which reports on “an association between adolescent cannabis use, the use of high potency cannabis products, and increased risk of psychosis.” …

“The research results presented in this study demonstrate that for each one percent increase in overall monthly cannabis use, self-reported major depression increased by 0.45 percent for adolescents and 0.21 percent for young adults,” the report said. “For every one percent increase in overall monthly cannabis use by young adults, severe mental illnesses increased by 0.12 percent and suicidal thoughts increased by 0.11 percent.

Tally Talks: Alex Berenson – Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

20 times the THC and hardly any CBD, compared to ’70s marijuana

Much more neurotoxic than alcohol

Homicides have gone up where it’s legalized

Damages children’s brains

STUDY: Troubling Link Between Marijuana and False Memories — “Elevated false memories are the norm when THC affects memory retrieval”

Since Alaska has now legalized THC, what effect is this having on Alaska?

– –



These findings are deeply problematic in the context of crime.

memory is not a simple recall of a truth. Memory is more of a restructuring of what one may think is the truth. …

Marijuana and its main psychoactive ingredient THC have been found to impair memory before. Animal studies suggest regular marijuana use harms long-term memory skills. But a new study raises the stakes, linking using weed to false memories.

In a new study, researchers specifically examine the link between marijuana use and the formation of false memories.

Across three experiments, they found that marijuana consistently increases a person’s susceptibility to false memories — which they point out is especially problematic in the context of a crime, and cannabis-intoxicated witnesses and suspects.

(vid) The Harms of Marijuana & THC on the Young Brain – IQ & memory loss, apathy, impulsivity – permanently?

Marijuana users 'have abnormally low blood flow in every part of the brain – including Alzheimer's danger zones'

• Researchers studied brain scans of 1,000 US marijuana users
• They found cannabis users all had low blood flow in the hippocampus
• The users also had significant restricted blood flow all over the brain
• Hippocampus is key for memories, and is a ground zero for Alzheimer’s


John McAfee: “Marijuana is the Drug of Illusion — It creates the illusion that you’re thinking great thoughts and doing great things while you’re sitting on the sofa growing a beard”

“Marijuana is the drug of illusion. It creates the illusion that you’re thinking great thoughts and doing great things while you’re sitting on the sofa growing a beard.”

– John McAfee

Interview with John McAfee, minute-43


(video) John McAfee: Your Phone Apps are Spying on You — “An overwhelming majority of them are turning on your microphone, turning on your camera, accessing your emails, accessing your SMS messages” • “Bank of America…any employee with access to their data center can spend their lunch hour listening to what you’re doing” • Cognizant tells you what all of your apps are doing”

(video) John McAfee in-studio with Alex Jones 3/13/14 – What Really Happened in Belize — Attempted hit on his life • Passports for sale • Software aps spying on your life (Full Interview)

(video) Anti-virus pioneer John McAfee Reveals New Project to Stop NSA Spying & Why People are Indifferent

(video) Software Expert John McAfee: Obamacare Unfixable, Scrap it!

(video) Anti-virus pioneer John McAfee Reveals New Project to Stop NSA Spying & Why People are Indifferent

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