The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain & Body | Huberman Lab Podcast #92

1:44:00 “There’s less lilting and falling of the voice, and less accenting. That’s the major consistent effect of cannabis use.”

Laughs may not sound natural. Can be more of a “back-of-the-throat” laugh, and “more of a laziness in the laugh.”

Decreases testosterone, increases estrogen. Can create man boobs.

Anxiety, depression and psychosis often happens with long term use.

Decreases gray matter in brain, especially when starting below age 25.

00:00:00 Cannabis (Marijuana)
00:07:03 Tool: Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR), Sleep & Anxiety
00:10:08 Levels, Thesis, InsideTracker
00:15:08 Cannabis Strains, Psychoactive Compounds: THC & CBD
00:19:34 Sativa vs. Indica, Stimulant vs. Relaxation Effects
00:25:55 Hybrid Cannabis Strains, Type 1, 2 & 3 Strains
00:31:56 Naturally Occurring Receptors: Nicotinic & Cannabinoid Receptors (CB1)
00:40:35 THC, CBD vs. Endogenous Cannabinoids, Dependence
00:43:14 Endogenous Cannabinoids, Cannabinoid Receptors & Nervous System Function
00:53:07 Biological Effects of Cannabis
00:56:29 Cannabis Sativa & Subjective Effects: Mood, Stress, Alertness, Paranoia
01:04:58 Cannabis Indica & Subjective Effects, Memory, Dosage
01:09:41 Brain Areas Affected by THC & CBD, Side Effects
01:16:08 Creativity: Convergent vs. Divergent Thinking & Dopamine
01:26:41 Does Cannabis Increase Creativity?
01:35:08 Chronic Cannabis Use & Changes in Speech Patterns
01:46:46 Cannabis & Libido, Dopamine & Prolactin
01:56:55 Cannabis & Hormones: Prolactin, Testosterone, Estrogen & Fertility
02:06:53 Smoking/Vaping Tobacco or Cannabis & Negative Health Consequences
02:10:06 Avoiding Cannabis During Pregnancy/Breastfeeding, Fetal Neural Development
02:18:13 Negative Health Consequences of Cannabis, Anxiety & Depression, Tolerance
02:25:57 Cannabis Use & Adolescence/Young Adulthood, Predisposition to Psychosis
02:34:36 Adolescent Cannabis Use: Brain Development & Mental Health Disorders
02:41:44 Cannabis & Pain Management, Divergent Effects of Cannabis


Inspired by Mary Jane? Mechanisms underlying enhanced creativity in cannabis users:

Adults with a history of recreational cannabis use have altered speech production:

Individual prolactin reactivity modulates response of nucleus accumbens to erotic stimuli during acute cannabis intoxication: an fMRI pilot study:

Bayesian causal network modeling suggests adolescent cannabis use accelerates prefrontal cortical thinning:

Association of cannabis potency with mental ill health and addiction: a systematic review:

The Effects of Cannabis (Marijuana) on the Brain & Body | Huberman Lab Podcast #92

In this episode, I discuss cannabis (aka marijuana), including the biological mechanisms underlying its effects on the mind and body, its known medical applications, its impact on libido, creativity, hunger, hormones and more. I also cover the known adverse health consequences of chronic and even acute (one-time) use and the factors that determine if cannabis is helpful or harmful. Additionally, I detail how the various strains of cannabis: sativa, indica and hybrid strains, can produce such divergent effects depending on the strain type, THC-to-CBD ratio, total dosage, and frequency of use. I review why cannabis can impact speech patterns and one’s propensity to develop anxiety/depression during and after use and, in some individuals, paranoia. As the legal landscape for cannabis is rapidly evolving, this episode should interest a wide audience, including former/current cannabis users, those in the medical, sports, law enforcement, and educational communities and, of course, children, teenagers, and parents.