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TruNews: The Threat of an EMP Knock-Out Blow on North America is Real – Rep. Roscoe Bartlett

“We’ve done essentially nothing to protect ourselves.” – Rep. Roscoe Bartlett

..Rick Wiles and former U.S. Congressman and scientist Roscoe Bartlett talking about his serious concern that America will be devastated by an EMP attack….


Planetary Emergency: Will Solar Super Storm End Civilization?

Only $6 billion to protect the major transformers, and we haven’t even started.

90% of Americans would die without electricity for a year.

The Alex Jones Show

Trump admits our current anti-ballistic missiles can’t protect us from Russian & Chinese nukes

Trump said today he will build a state-of-the-art defense weapon shield, which long overdue because Russia and China have nukes that our dated anti-ballistic missiles can’t intercept.

“I will build a state-of-the-art defense weapon shield.” – Donald Trump campaign speech in Kissimmee, Florida, 11/4/23

Russia can intercept our nukes though, because their ABMs just need to get near our missiles, and then explode. Whereas ours have to actually strike the thousands of mile-per-hour incoming missiles head on.

Joel Skousen w/ David Knight 10/5/23

The David Knight Show

Timcast IRL – Russia DEPLOYS SATAN II NUKE, WW3 Fears ESCALATE As Nuke ACTIVATED w/Jimmy Corsetti

Good discussion, including what happens if we get hit with an EMP weapon.

Super Flare Potential of the Sun – “Long-term Solar Variability” – Paper

Stan Deyo’s Take on THE UFO DECEPTION | Solar flares update – w/ John B Wells, Caravan to Midnight

Stan Deyo starts at 1:36:00

George Noory aghast nothing being done to protect us from EMP weapons or CME that would destroy almost every American!

“When you [guest William Forstchen] brought this story to our attention years ago, my gosh, years ago, I couldn’t believe we hadn’t done anything then; and we still haven’t today!” – George Noory on ‘Coast to Coast AM,’ 6/20/2022

EMP author William Forstchen: Sen. Lisa Murkowski killed the bill to protect US power grid because it didn’t have the perks she wanted — more interested in building her political base than in what was good for the country

Related: Lisa Murkowski Blocked Effort to Protect US Power Grid [the bill already passed in the House] — Within 12 months of an EMP attack or massive solar flare, 90% of Americans would perish!

• • •

William Forstchen on Coast to Coast AM, 9/22/22, angry that Peter Pry wasn’t able in his lifetime to get legislation passed to protect the US power grid, thanks especially to Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski. “Up to 90%” of Americans will die from a massive solar flare or EMP nuke attack!


“I’m a bit angry about it as well that this man [Peter Pry] labored in the trenches for so da** many years. He would get the ball moved forward almost to the point that we were going to see legal action, and some blankety blank — you almost have to hit the delete button with me — senator from Alaska [Lisa Murkowski], for example, kills it at the last minute because it didn’t have the perks she wanted. To get that close on several occasions…. She was more interested in building her political base than in what was good for the country. And this should be obvious to anybody this is a fundamental thing this country should be doing.”

Murkowski betrayal was in 2010, but Peter Pry persisted. Forstchen explained in this broadcast and in the 6/20/2022 ‘Coast’ show that Trump put together an EMP study group in the last six months of his term, which was moving forward to getting funding to harden our power grid, but Biden becoming president halted that.

Forstchen also stated on 6/20 that Israel has its power grid hardened.

– –

Coast to Coast AM

09-22-2022 HOUR 1

Part 1 – Author William Forstchen pays tribute to the late Dr. Peter Pry, and his efforts to protect the grid from an EMP attack

Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

Nothing is being done except some reports.

– –

Multiple reports and briefings associated with this effort have been produced by the EMP Commission including an Executive Report (PDF, 578KB) and a Critical National Infrastructures Report (PDF, 7MB) describing findings and recommendations.

Skousen: China’s Spy Balloon — Massive dispersion of a white powder seen after unarmed missile pierced it, etc..

Bolding emphasis mine.

– –

World Affairs Brief, February 10, 2023 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (


On Feb. 1 a photojournalist wondering why aircraft were grounded at his Billings, MT airport noticed and captured images of a strange white orb in the sky. His friend at the Billings Gazette investigated and the next day our military publicly admitted it was a high altitude suspected spy balloon from China. The images quickly went viral. The Chinese were prepared with a statement passing it off as a “civilian” weather balloon gone off course, but the path of the balloon carried it near a string of sensitive military installations from Alaska to South Carolina where it was finally shot down in shallow waters off the SC coast. Until the US reveals what kind of equipment was in the wreckage, we won’t know for certain what the real purpose was of the overflight. I doubt very much it was weather research because no nation sends weather balloons aloft so far outside their own country, except, perhaps, for military planning purposes which is still in the spy category. A host of aircraft from AWACS to a high-altitude U2 surveillance aircraft were used to evaluate the balloon with its extensive solar array on a truss-like framework that also contained electric motors driving propellers. This indicates that the balloon was designed to maneuver as well as drift in the upper air currents, which weather balloons are not designed to do. Whether or not there were high definition cameras aboard and batteries to operate equipment at night will be the determining factor on what its purpose was. This week, I’ll discuss the various theories about other purposes the balloon might have.

(8 min vid) Joel Skousen – WW3 and EMP / Nuke Threat

Most of us in Anchorage live within 10 miles of JBER military base, which is also true for most living in Eagle River.


Bill Clinton’s PDD-60 is still in effect, which eliminated “launch on first warning,” to instead absorb a first strike, to then launch with what?

As a token of good will, we’ve agreed to keep half of our one-dozen fleet nuclear subs in port at all times, so they can be easily taken out.

For those who live within 10 miles of a military base, blast protection would be needed. He recommends moving instead.

Some kind of fallout shelter is needed if downwind from a nuclear blast, even 600 miles away:
Joel is speaking to Mormons, of whom most probably live in Salt Lake City. He first says, for those living in Utah County (south of SLC), after a nuke is launched above Hill Air Force base (north of SLC), about a 60 mile distance, some kind of fallout shelter will be needed, if they’re downwind. Later, he says if the wind is coming from a different direction, they’ll still need a fallout shelter for the nukes that hit San Diego, Nellis Air Force Base or Area 51. San Diego is 600 air miles from Salt Lake City.

Apparently, a fallout shelter needs to also be substantial, because he says it costs one third the price of a blast protected shelter.

“Only Russia and China can throw an EMP strike [that would take down the entire US power grid], because it takes at least 2 or 3 super-EMP weapons, and it takes about 8 or 9 regular EMP weapons exploded at high altitudes.”

Cars will likely be disabled if they’re within a 300 mile circle under the explosion, so within  a 150 mile radius from the explosion. Outside of that, cars “may shut down but will restart, hopefully.”

“There will be famine for at least a year, because the United States does not stockpile any of the [house sized] transformers…. They’re made in China.”

“Without any electricity, there will be massive pillaging.”

Joel Skousen w/ David Knight: Nuclear War – How It Starts, How to Protect from EMP

Joel Skousen,, on the coming nuclear war.  Joel sees it as a separate plan from GreatReset.  Why & how it starts and how to protect from things like EMP.

John B. Wells: EMP expert Peter Pry died after taking vax to enter Canada

Related: Farewell to a Tireless Advocate for National Security: Peter Pry

– –

John B. Wells at 1:36:10 in the video, Aug. 22, 2022 at Caravan to Midnight, Rise of the Pharisees episode:

“We just found out on Saturday night that Dr. Peter Pry has passed away. Do you want to know why? This is my opinion. I’m not a doctor. … He took a vaccination before he went to Canada to be involved in a symposium, conference, committee meeting, something, and that which he had already been suffering with just went crazy. And now Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, the EMP czar of this country, a staunch patriot, and a brilliant man has now passed beyond the veil. We will miss him very much. I am happy that many conversations with Dr. Pry have been preserved at

Skousen: The Bogus Claim of *Imminent* War with China and Russia

In summary, this latest iteration from Adams is a considerable expansion on what he and Nyquist originally claimed, which was limited to the container ship invasion—supposedly coming this November (which won’t happen). Adams seems to be downplaying the imminent timing, for fear he will lose face when he’s wrong, but the specifics of these growing and more bizarre claims are so off-base in terms of military strategy, you need to disregard the entire package. The war with Russia and China is coming, as I’ve long predicted, but learn to detect what is real from the “sky is falling” disinformation to comes from Adam’s “insider sources.”

• • •

World Affairs Brief, June 10, 2022 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World. Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (


Even though I covered most of this bogus claim recently, I still keep getting frantic emails from people wondering if it’s true what Mike Adams and Jeff Nyquist continue to talk about. As I’ve said before Mike Adams continues to rely on “insider sources” for the hype he puts out, and this follows that pattern. Jeff Nyquist, except for being a conspiracy denier relative to our own government, has heretofore been pretty level-headed about the Russian and Chinese threat. But he too has been deceived by this latest “leak” from inside China. About the only thing that is true is the headline—that “Russia and China are planning a simultaneous attack on the US” But, it’s not imminent as the leak claims. Here are excerpts from the claims at Natural News [in italics].

Utah Task Force Praises Utah Leaders For Passing Landmark Grid Resilience Bill

The Utah Task Force on National & Homeland Security issued a press release today following Governor Spencer Cox’s signing of a landmark HB418 Utah Grid Resilience Bill, earlier this week, that creates a new Utah Grid Resilience Committee to make recommendations to the Utah State Legislature for the passage of a new law to harden Utah’s electrical power grid against all hazards including the threats of cyber attack and super solar storms. It is very important to secure the grid against all hazards because most Utah citizens won’t be able to work their jobs and businesses will not be able to function without the electrical power provided by a secure and resilient grid.


Jeff Nyquist: Russia & China’s Endgame Strategy

Various, including minute-23 – Defector literature’s revelations

3:15, 22:40 Putin not a Christian, but a communist

6:10 Covid intentionally released. China timed the pandemic to be released on Chinese New Year, the greatest travel day of the year where the people congregate in China and then travel back to all parts of the world.

China needs arable land.

Russia working with Mexican cartels to bring in troops through Mexico [As in Dumitru’s vision]. They could bring in small commando units and WMDs prior to the war.

Even thinks 9/11 done by Russia.

1:05:15 Modern nuclear weapons will not destroy the planet. Fusion is clean, fission is dirty. All nuclear power plants are fission. If they melt down from an EMP, it could be devasting.

Jeff Nyquist: Bioweapon 2.0 – Is This China’s Next Move? Weaponized smallpox could kill 60% of Americans

China has a serious foot shortage problem which will be exaggerated when global cooling starts. They’re afraid of their own people uprising. “A starving person has nothing to lose.”

America probably has anti-gravity aircraft. China may attack sooner, before our highest tech weapons are operational, Nyquist suggests. Skousen thinks they’re fully developed, and the globalists will use them after the US is attacked to take charge

46:00 Covid-19: China compromised Americans, including Fauci so they would be involved in developing Covid, so China couldn’t be blamed, and Fauci is controlled.

Weaponized smallpox could kill 60% of Americans. “Could you imagine the panic if there was a virus like smallpox that is 60% fatal. If people are panicking at something that’s only killing .03% of the population.”

1:14:00 Russia/China may only use localized EMP weapons, so the nuclear power plants won’t melt down, which would destroy the water table, so they couldn’t live or grow food there.

Bret Weinstein w/ Allie Beth Stuckey: Vitamin D

32:35 Vitamin D

38:00 Vitamin D

25:50 US vulnerable to EMP, and we’re not fixing it.

Why American COVID Policy Has Failed Us & How to Fix It | Guest: Dr. Bret Weinstein | Ep 544

Skousen: Prospects for War with Russia and China

World Affairs Brief, December 31, 2021 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World. Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (


As for timing of WWIII, I still don’t believe Russia and China will be ready to fully take on the West militarily until the latter half of this decade. Despite rapid advances in hypersonic and maneuvering glide weapons, China and Russia have only begun to manufacture and deploy these weapons recently. Full deployment and training will take a few more years.

Skousen: WWIII estimate latter half this decade – Russia/China EMP & Nuke USA — China says 2027 they’ll be military ready – Jeff Rense 6-9-21

Hour 2 – Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief
The Jeff Rense Show (subscription only)


6:10 “China is very active in space. They’re putting up a lot of killer satellites. They’re going to wage war in space. So it’s going to be a real Donnybrooke when WWIII rolls around towards the end of this decade. China even says that they’re going to be complete in their military deployments in 2027. So that puts it right in the middle of my estimate of somewhere in the last half of this decade; we’re going to see WWIII.”

14 A Constitutional convention will not work because the existing government legislatures will select those who go to the convention, and they’re not going to pick libertarians or real conservatives.

16 If there would be an EMP burst:
It takes 8, 9 or 10 EMP weapons to blanket, take down the entire grid. Only Russia and China have the capacity to do this, not Iran or North Korea.

17:10 “It’s Russia and Chinese military doctrine to precede a blinding strike with an EMP, which takes down all of your early warning signals, your television and radios, so people are really unprepared. Black darkness and no news, no electricity. And things start to get really ugly in three days when all the stores are pillaged.”

19 The ethnospecific bioweapons aren’t working the way the Asians had hoped, only targeting westerners, for example, so they had to go back to relying on nuclear weapons. Israelis have been unsuccessful too.

Biden’s EO: Giving China Access to Power Grid Can Kill the US?

Biden suspends Trump executive order, EO 13920 that Trump signed to protect the US power grid from foreign components that can be hacked to take down our power grid.

Skousen: ”The Crucial Issue Of Our Day Is Conspiracy”


“I believe Trump’s lawyers have sabotaged his legal case against fraud.”

“He [Trump] continues to prepare for a war with Iran even though Iran is not the biggest sponsor of terror in the world. The U.S. deeps state is. He killed General Soleimani… [who] was the biggest sponsor of the fighting forces in Iraq and Iran, that were fighting US backed terror in Syria, including ISIS, and was responsible for the defeat of ISIS.”

Omnibus spending bills should be banned, to be replaced by separate bills, so the bad things don’t continually get passed.

Biden will probably move slowly enough to avoid civil unrest in the near future, especially if Republicans don’t lose control of the Senate. “They want to be able to boil the frog a little faster, but still slow enough so it doesn’t gain resistance.”

“I don’t believe we’ll ever win another election again, because the Dominion voting machines won’t be removed.”

21:45 “When war comes toward the end of this decade with Russia and China, preceded by an EMP strike, there will be no electricity for a year and a half.” The large transformers are all built in China. “If they [government] did only one thing and spent a billion dollars and stockpiled all the transformers they need, and shield them electronically…, they could get back up and running [interrupted by Alex].” “Remember, that EMP strike will be followed 15 minutes later by a physical strike on US military forces.”

“This Covid thing is dividing the world between those who see and those who are blind, and unfortunately, I’m very, very sad to say that the majority of Americans are blind to this obvious conspiracy.”


EMP: ‘The Black Sky Event’ – Documentary Trailer — China/Russia’s Mass Extinction Plan Targeting US!

China and Russia are preparing this mass extinction event on America. Our government is doing almost nothing, while the media says *nothing*.

“Please take a moment to check out this awesome documentary trailer on US vulnerability to EMP attack/super solar storms and how Congress is continuing in their dereliction of duty to do nothing to defend us against this existential threat which could kill 273 million Americans within a year.

The Black Sky Event – Documentary Trailer


Skousen: EMP Law (signed 12/20/19) – Will the power grid now be protected from EMP weapons or solar flares?

We’re still sitting ducks, sadly. But at least something has now officially passed. The media is still not covering this, our #1 threat. They’re even ignoring the passing of this bill.


Lisa Murkowski Blocked Effort to Protect US Power Grid — “Within 12 months of an EMP attack or a massive solar flare, between two-thirds to 90 percent of the U.S. population would perish!”

– –

EMP Law: Inside the latest defense authorization bill signed by President Trump on Dec. 20, it mandates that the federal government must protect the nation from the danger of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks whether from nuclear weapons or solar flares.

The law’s language gives legal authority to Mr. Trump’s March 2019 executive order directing the government to harden critical infrastructure against an EMP strike.

But will it actually get protected? I don’t think so. In fact, the grid is composed of mostly private companies and the government has no authority to take over their property or mandate changes. So the government will create a “network of systems to alert the public and provide a warning system to deal with EMP strikes and communicate with the public should electric systems be disrupted.” Federal agencies will have until June to draw up specific plans and procedures for responding to EMP attacks and major geomagnetic disturbances. That is a pipe dream. No government could control the chaos of 325 million people without electricity for months.

Steven Ben-Nun: Is FEMA Preparing for EMP Strike?

(audio) Joel Skousen w/ Richard Syrett — Trump’s failure to drain the swamp • Role of North Korea as ‘trigger’ for WWIII • Nuclear showdown between Russia, China and US inevitable • Treasonous actions taken during the Clinton administration that secretly changed the United State’s nuclear response doctrine, leaving America vulnerable to a nuclear first-strike


If North Korea Can Kill 90% Of Americans In A Year, Why Did DoD Just Defund The Congressional EMP Commission? — Russia & China also have EMP • 1 solar flare can destroy US! — USA being hijacked!

Leaving US vulnerable to annihilation is unconscionable and treasonous — for all involved!

DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill During Antifa Protests In November


(vid) Ron Paul: Trump UN Speech Was “Neocon Heaven” 😈 — Paul minimizes the greatest threat to America though

I love Ron Paul — having 900 Ron Paul posts here!! But Joel Skousen would completely disagree with what Ron says @ 12:02:

“The invasion by a foreign power to destroy our liberty is not going to come in our lifetime.”

Joel shows how Russia/China will be completely ready by about 2023, but they could do it sooner. They’ll probably EMP US, and nuke only the military bases, which are EMP hardened, according to Joel. Many have had dreams of Russia and/or China nuking US too.

Joel has been against all of our reverse-Christian wars. This time though, he actually believes we should take out North Korea’s ability to attack US while we still have the chance, before Russia and China can use North Korea as the “trigger” and excuse to then bomb, bomb, bomb America.

Amazingly, Joel has been saying for many years that North Korea will be the globalists’ trigger, the perfect excuse for Russia and China to then take US out, after we attack Korea.

I don’t like the idea of preemptive war myself. We do have anti-missile missiles that can take out North Korea’s. Couldn’t that be good enough to protect US?

Russia and China’s nukes are maneuverable though, so we cannot stop them. They have state-of-the art everything, while we’re sitting ducks doing almost nothing to defend US.

It seems to me that protecting our power grid from an EMP should be our top priority, which could postpone the coming invasion. The cost has been said to only be the price of one stealth bomber, about $2 billion, which is peanuts.

Even a strong magnetic storm on the sun could take out our power for about a year. 90% of all Americans would die, the experts predict.

The media ignores this, and hardly any of the truthers even talk about hardening the grid (including Joel, surprisingly), which is probably our #1 threat, and would be easy and inexpensive to fix.

How can Ron Paul say an invasion is not going to happen in our lifetime, perhaps because he’s 82? Ron is so awesome, but I don’t know how he can be so ignorant of Russia and China’s preparations to take US out so overwhelmingly, that we may not even respond at all — due to PDD 60 especially, which Trump could rescind with the stoke of his pen.

PDD 60: Abandonment of “Launch on Warning” — US policy to “Retaliate after Absorbing a First-strike” is an unwinnable policy that does more to invite attack than deter it

Power to the Peaceful!

‘Christians’ in America should have humbly hit the floor on their knees long ago, following the HOLY Spirit instead of FOX News, the war channel.

Instead, most evangelicals continue to support the Zionist neocon, power-over-others agenda without ever admitting they were wrong, helping to take out the countries that would oppose the one-world government, including US.

What we’ve been doing to others will happen to US!

We even nuked Japan while they were trying to surrender. FDR baited Japan to invade Pearl Harbor with the 8-step, covert plan, proven by James Perloff, who shows that virtually all of our wars were immoral, and have been false flag driven.

We can’t continue to be cold hearted and not suffer the consequences — as America falls into decadence. Only people of high moral character can keep a nation strong to survive.

Much of the world now sees the US as the bully, and will cheer when Russia and China take US out, sadly.


– –

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