Jeff Nyquist: Russia & China’s Endgame Strategy

Various, including minute-23 – Defector literature’s revelations

3:15, 22:40 Putin not a Christian, but a communist

6:10 Covid intentionally released. China timed the pandemic to be released on Chinese New Year, the greatest travel day of the year where the people congregate in China and then travel back to all parts of the world.

China needs arable land.

Russia working with Mexican cartels to bring in troops through Mexico [As in Dumitru’s vision]. They could bring in small commando units and WMDs prior to the war.

Even thinks 9/11 done by Russia.

1:05:15 Modern nuclear weapons will not destroy the planet. Fusion is clean, fission is dirty. All nuclear power plants are fission. If they melt down from an EMP, it could be devasting.

PART I: Is China Preparing to Invade America in 2021?

Jun 22, 2021

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