EMP author William Forstchen: Sen. Lisa Murkowski killed the bill to protect US power grid because it didn’t have the perks she wanted — more interested in building her political base than in what was good for the country

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William Forstchen on Coast to Coast AM, 9/22/22, angry that Peter Pry wasn’t able in his lifetime to get legislation passed to protect the US power grid, thanks especially to Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski. “Up to 90%” of Americans will die from a massive solar flare or EMP nuke attack!


“I’m a bit angry about it as well that this man [Peter Pry] labored in the trenches for so da** many years. He would get the ball moved forward almost to the point that we were going to see legal action, and some blankety blank — you almost have to hit the delete button with me — senator from Alaska [Lisa Murkowski], for example, kills it at the last minute because it didn’t have the perks she wanted. To get that close on several occasions…. She was more interested in building her political base than in what was good for the country. And this should be obvious to anybody this is a fundamental thing this country should be doing.”

Murkowski betrayal was in 2010, but Peter Pry persisted. Forstchen explained in this broadcast and in the 6/20/2022 ‘Coast’ show that Trump put together an EMP study group in the last six months of his term, which was moving forward to getting funding to harden our power grid, but Biden becoming president halted that.

Forstchen also stated on 6/20 that Israel has its power grid hardened.

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Coast to Coast AM

09-22-2022 HOUR 1

Part 1 – Author William Forstchen pays tribute to the late Dr. Peter Pry, and his efforts to protect the grid from an EMP attack

In the first half, professor of history and author William Forstchen was featured in a tribute to the late Director of the Task Force on National & Homeland Security, Dr. Peter Pry. He discussed Pry’s life and never-ending pursuit to protect our electric grid and infrastructure from an EMP attack. Forstchen said he met Pry around 20 years ago, and “I always referred to him as the godfather when it came to the issue of EMP.” Pry was the principal author of the first major congressional study into the effects of EMP, and Forstchen looked at this work before writing his own book “One Second After,” about what happens after an EMP attack hits the United States. Pry’s death was especially heartbreaking, Forstchen commented, as he didn’t get to see the US move forward on protecting the grid in his lifetime.

Pry had estimated that the US could start hardening its electric grid for around $2-3 billion, but at this point, Forstchen believes that with inflation and other factors, the cost would be about ten times that. In addition to an EMP attack such as by a nuclear weapon, we also have to be concerned about a second type of EMP– a powerful solar flare that could destroy the grid, Forstchen noted. He added that we’ll be entering a solar maximum in a couple of years with increasing solar storms. As part of the tribute, George presented an interview segment with Pry from the 6/23/21 show.