Skousen: WWIII estimate latter half this decade – Russia/China EMP & Nuke USA — China says 2027 they’ll be military ready – Jeff Rense 6-9-21

Hour 2 – Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief
The Jeff Rense Show (subscription only)


6:10 “China is very active in space. They’re putting up a lot of killer satellites. They’re going to wage war in space. So it’s going to be a real Donnybrooke when WWIII rolls around towards the end of this decade. China even says that they’re going to be complete in their military deployments in 2027. So that puts it right in the middle of my estimate of somewhere in the last half of this decade; we’re going to see WWIII.”

14 A Constitutional convention will not work because the existing government legislatures will select those who go to the convention, and they’re not going to pick libertarians or real conservatives.

16 If there would be an EMP burst:
It takes 8, 9 or 10 EMP weapons to blanket, take down the entire grid. Only Russia and China have the capacity to do this, not Iran or North Korea.

17:10 “It’s Russia and Chinese military doctrine to precede a blinding strike with an EMP, which takes down all of your early warning signals, your television and radios, so people are really unprepared. Black darkness and no news, no electricity. And things start to get really ugly in three days when all the stores are pillaged.”

19 The ethnospecific bioweapons aren’t working the way the Asians had hoped, only targeting westerners, for example, so they had to go back to relying on nuclear weapons. Israelis have been unsuccessful too.

34:55 Joel thinks the globalists will have space based intercepters to stop further attacks from occurring, following the EMPs and nuking military bases and targets. China will still be hesitant to take over because America has 1 trillion arms in private hands. Joel has said before that up to 95% of Americans would die during the 1 year or longer without electricity though.

37:00 “When WWIII starts, they’re [China] taking Japan all the way down through New Zealand.”

38 Mexico is the only country accepting people with wide open arms, no red tape and high fees.

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