Skousen: Prospects for War with Russia and China

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As for timing of WWIII, I still don’t believe Russia and China will be ready to fully take on the West militarily until the latter half of this decade. Despite rapid advances in hypersonic and maneuvering glide weapons, China and Russia have only begun to manufacture and deploy these weapons recently. Full deployment and training will take a few more years.

And, high tech weapons are only part of the rearmament process. China and Russia both are still building up their blue water navies, which includes new aircraft carriers and ballistic missile submarines.

Sadly, all of our military leaders continue to be fed disinformation at our national war colleges, as taught by globalist professors from Georgetown and elsewhere. Here is a sad sample interview of Gen. Mike Flynn being interviewed by Tucker Carlson where he talks down the threat of Russia as a “dying country.” Gen. Flynn is a very sincere man, but because he was part of global Special Forces operations in Central Command and other commands, he thinks he knows all there is about the war on terror. And yet he also has no clue about Deep State military control over al Qaeda and ISIS, which went on right under his nose for years. But if his mistaken notions about Russia as a threat are widespread, our military is in for a big surprise. Russian missile forces and nuclear weapons exceed ours by at least double, and their high tech weapons are nearly equal to ours, especially in electronic warfare and jamming—which we have yet to confront. This is why Russia refrains from contesting US forces in Syria, to deny us intel about their capabilities.

Flynn, however, is absolutely right about the China threat, but it’s also clear as he spoke with Tucker that the chance of WWIII with either Russia or China isn’t even on his radar in the near future—only a minor war over Taiwan, which he correctly sees as “inevitable.” How many of our military leaders are blind to the threat of a nuclear pre-emptive first strike on US military bases and the still secret PDD-60 order that dictates we absorb that first strike?

North Korea

I still hold to my prediction that NK is the most probably trigger event for WWIII since we have 27K troops in SK, which will force us to defend Korea with military power—and possibly even tactical nuclear weapons—which could give China an excuse to launch a pre-emptive strike on US military targets. If you see an NK attack on the south, we could experience a pre-emptive nuclear strike on US military forces within two weeks. This may be your best warning to provide some advance notice of WWIII, which will be preceded by an EMP strike taking down the grid, a few minutes prior, causing a total loss of electricity as well as cell phones and the internet, resulting in massive social unrest.

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