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Alex Jones / Stew Peters Debate Analysis (Liberty Blackout Show: S1, EP4)

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Landmark Interview! Brother Nathanael Kapner on the Alex Jones Show 1/3/24 — “Judaism today is not Judaism of the Old Testament.” “Whosoever denies that Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God has come in the flesh incarnate is of the spirit of antichrist”

Significant, about-time interview! Though, Alex is playing stupid here as the antagonist — why the interview is so draining and frustrating for him. “It’s so exhausting,” Alex says. It’s hard to lie. He’s blamed everyone but the Talmudists for 20 years now, but told the truth before that. Alex compromised to be famous and make a lot of money.

Alex’s is playing dumb with his title too. Full title: “Alex Jones Debates Messianic Jew Who Believes He Has Discovered the Root of All Evil,” because he knows the Talmud is the main source of the NWO evil plan, which is “love of money” related, what the Bible calls the root of all kinds of evil. Nathanael points out how the Talmudists use their massive amounts of money to destroy humanity through the media, BlackRock, Big Pharma, etc..

I agree with most of what Nathanael says, but Putin is controlled too, and Hitler ended up getting Germany destroyed by getting people to follow him instead of Christ.

Having Nathanael on, finally is laudable, but Alex needs to stop lying, and start telling the truth no matter what. God says “all liars” will go to the lake of fire when they die (Revelation 21).

Nathanael makes a key point: “Judaism today is not Judaism of the Old Testament.”

24:30 Nathanael’s conversion to Christianity! His rabbi spit on the floor when Nathanael asked him about Jesus!

47:40 Alex says Larry David is “super likable.” Nathanael points out that Larry David peed on a picture of Jesus Christ, and says there is “no such thing as a good [denying Christ] Jew.” “You [they] identify that Christ is not the Messiah. That’s the spirit of antichrist. Saint John said it twice: ‘whosoever denies that Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God has come in the flesh incarnate is of the spirit of antichrist.'”

“..every spirit who doesn’t confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God; and this is the spirit of the Antichrist….” – 1 John 4:3

Nathanael’s website

Video is also on Bitchute

EPIC Interview Between Alex Jones & Jimmy Dore!

Stew Peters w/ Alex Jones: ALEX STILL BLAMING OTHERS for Talmudic ownership, control & world domination plan


LIVE: Stew Peters’ Interview With Alex Jones Goes VIRAL: Internet BREAKS As Israeli Zionism EXPOSED

Stew Peters Network

According to Alex Jones muslims fund CNN, China owns Hollywood, muslims own the 🇺🇲 Federal Reserve

Probably the most damaging disinfo Alex has put out for two decades!

Alex is significantly responsible for the fall of America — people being so dumbed down, being told they’re aware — mixing these BIG LIES with truth.

The Talmudists fund CNN, own Hollywood (TalmudVision), the ‘Federal’ Reserve, and drive Satan’s NWO plan!

To be a real, going to heaven Christian, Alex needs to get right with A LOT of people, to have a pure heart like Paul:

“..I ALWAYS take pains to have a CLEAR CONSCIENCE toward both God and MAN.” – Acts 24:16

Planetary Emergency: Will Solar Super Storm End Civilization?

Only $6 billion to protect the major transformers, and we haven’t even started.

90% of Americans would die without electricity for a year.

The Alex Jones Show

Mark Dice LIVE! Mark Talks Gay Frogs WW3 and More in Rare Alex Jones Interview

Nov 8, 2023

Mark Dice of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the gay frogs and what is happening with WW3.

Gay frogs and gender bending chemicals at 30:30

Steven Ben-Nun: Jews Against Genocide, but no Christians against genocide? | Alex Jones spoke truth in 2001

Dr. Mercola Exposes the COVID Lockdown as Trial Run – “Way before 2030”

The Alex Jones Show

Mark Dice: Here’s How We Know Bohemian Grove is Real

Alex Jones Tells Bohemian Grove Infiltration Story for 30 Minutes in 3-Hour Interview

1:22:40 Alex is trying to love his enemies now.

1:27:10 Bohemian Grove for 30 minutes!

3:01:55 Joe Rogan “plays dumb,” acting like he doesn’t know what’s really going on. Alex is talking to Joe “every day,” which probably just means often. Alex still exaggerates, which is not being committed to telling the truth no matter what.

An Evening With Alex Jones: Full Q&A Hosted By Rodney Howard-Browne

It’s encouraging that Alex is more humble spiritually; though, he still isn’t getting right with the many people he’s hurt (required for real Christians, Mt. 5 an. Paul made sure he was right with God and everyone – Acts 24:16), including many former employees, and isn’t yet dedicated to following the Holy Spirit no matter what, largely because even Rodney Howard-Browne teaches “once saved always saved,” and doesn’t teach reconciliation holiness, being right with all to have clear consciences when we see Jesus face to Face. But this is an improvement.

Full 4-hour meeting, including Rodney Howard-Browne’s message, followed by the Q&A;

Night 1108 of The Stand | The River Church

– –

3-hour Q&A only:

Alex Jones Visits Florida Preacher Who’s Predicting the Great Awakening – Rodney Howard-Browne

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne of sits down with Alex Jones in his Florida studio to discuss the Great Awakening.

Timcast: The Culture War #8 – Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski, Global Conspiracy And World Domination

Alex Jones [FULL] Thursday 12/1/22 • Ye West In-Studio With Alex Jones! Uncensored, Unchained, Raw

Some “facts” about world war II have been fabricated by the victors (and even by Russia), but those, like Kanye, who think Hitler was a good guy should read this:

Michael Hoffman’s New Book Revises the Revisionists – ‘Hitler: Enemy of the People’ — Hitler’s magical thinking got Germany destroyed

Key point at 1:25:15

– –

In this world-exclusive interview, Alex Jones’ goal is to give Ye West (formerly Kanye) a LIVE & unfiltered forum to tell the world who he really is & NOT through the filter of gatekeepers – but directly to the people!

Ali Alexander, Owen Shroyer, Nick Fuentes, and others will also join West & Jones for a lengthy roundtable discussion & will take questions from callers and social media!

Elon Musk REFUSES To Reinstate Alex Jones, Contradicting His Free Speech Stance

Darren Beattie: Alex Jones’ case setting dangerous precedent against 1st Amendment

Sandy Hook Case Violates the Constitution as Alex Jones Is Fined $965 Million for Speech

Daren Beattie, a former Trump adviser, said that the $965 million jury award in the Sandy Hook case against Alex Jones sets a dangerous legal precedent that has a chilling effect of silencing people speaking out against the regime. He said that Americans should be allowed to question national tragedies with political implications, especially when politicians use a significant event to pass extreme legislation such as gun control. Beattie said that Alex Jones was only recently targeted for financial destruction following his support fro Trump and the 2016 election. He added that it is cynical to use grieving families to silence political opposition. He warned against feelings being used to rewrite the Constitution. – G. Edward Griffin

Darren Beattie: Freedom of Speech Has Had a Price Set That Americans Must Pay

Steve Bannon’s War Room

Alex Jones Ordered To Pay Nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS In Defamation Trial

Published October 13, 2022

Alex Jones on the Hook for Nearly $1 Billion in Damages to Sandy Hook Plaintiffs

Body Language: Alex Jones meets General Michael Flynn

Body Language Ghost

(VID) Is Alex Jones A Psychopath?

(VID) Former Alex Jones Employee, Melissa (Melton) Dykes: Meet the Strawman to Erase Our First Amendment Online

(VID) Militia, Prepper 'Ringleader' Rips 'Liar' Alex Jones in 2001

Alex should NOT be removed from social media. And he probably did tell the truth about Sandy Hook (which he could expose in these trials, but so far is not).
The truth is he now regularly does lie, especially to cover up for Talmudic Israel’s machinations.
Rick Wiles shows he’s gotten away with lying for two decades now.
– –

(VID) Alex Jones Ban is a Smoke Screen

Alex Jones Channel had 1.6 Billion Views, 2.4 Million Subscribers & 36 Thousand Videos uploaded!

Screenshot @1:44 from HighImpactVlogs video: Look What PEOPLE are REALLY Saying About CNN’s Stand Against Alex Jones!!

IT REALLY HAPPENED! YouTube Bans Alex Jones/InfoWars Following Removals From Apple, Facebook, and Spotify

No content on either platform currently:

Alex Jones Channel on YouTube

Alex Jones on Facebook

– –


Alex Jones’s Attorneys Argue That No Reasonable Person Would Believe What He Says

Instead of using this as an opportunity to blow the lid off of Sandy Hook, by cross examining those involved, Alex uses the same tactic he employed in his custody trial with his first wife.
– –
From: Texas Monthly

Alex Jones’s Attorneys Argue That No Reasonable Person Would Believe What He Says

JUL 31, 2018


Instead of the earlier arguments, then, the Pozners focus on comments made in April 2017, in which Jones claims that an interview between De La Rosa and CNN host Anderson Cooper in Newtown, Connecticut, was faked, and that they filmed it in front of a green screen. The “evidence” Jones presents that this is “a fake” during the broadcast is that “when [Cooper] turns, his nose disappears repeatedly because the green screen isn’t set right.” (According to CNN, and to a video forensics expert retained by the plaintiffs, the effect was a common compression artifact that happens often in video encoding.)


That’s the allegation against Jones. His defense, meanwhile, argues that while Jones says that Cooper and De La Rosa faked the interview, and provides evidence for that claim that draws upon Jones’s own authority with video production, Jones didn’t intend to speak factually—and, in fact, no reasonable person would expect that Jones spoke factually on his show.

“There can simply be no statement of fact when Mr. Jones views a video of Anderson Cooper and provides his commentary and opinion with regard to possibilities as to why Mr. Cooper’s nose disappeared on the video, all the while directing the viewers’ attention to the very video about which he opined,” a motion to dismiss the suit filed by Jones’s attorney argues. “No reasonable reader or listener would interpret Mr. Jones’ statements regarding the possibility of a ‘blue-screen’ being used as a verifiably false statement of fact, and even if it is verifiable as false, the entire context in which it was made discloses that the statements are mere opinions ‘masquerading as a fact.’”

That may be the best argument available to Jones in defending the suit, but it also puts him once more in a position where his lawyers are arguing in court that the things he says during his broadcasts aren’t true—and, in fact, that any “reasonable reader or listener” would conclude that Jones, when he makes statements like “the green screen isn’t set right,” isn’t speaking factually. If Jones isn’t to be taken seriously when making statements like that, though, it becomes harder to understand what, exactly, Infowars is supposed to be informing its audience of.

Entire Article

(VID) Rick Wiles TruNews: Does the Fate of the 1st Amendment Rest on Alex Jones? — Court case • Alex's demonic rant: "I'm coming for you [Muller]!" • "Is he a plant, an agent-provocateur placed in this position for the purpose of shutting down sensible voices that oppose the deep state?" • "If Alex is not an actor, if he's not a plant, he's seriously mentally ill • That behavior is the sign of somebody losing their mind" • "Every Christian should disavow Alex Jones until he repents"

My notes, transcribing quotes from Rick Wiles:
28:55 “Every Christian should disavow Alex Jones. You should disavow him until he repents, and quite frankly until he is delivered.”
29:30 Alex Jones’ livid, demonic rant clip! “You will pay! … God is going to destroy you!”
33:00 “Last week, remember he was imaginary fanning a western revolver, talking about Robert Muller, the special counsel investigator of President Trump, and he was basically saying: ‘I’m coming for you, coming for you.’ This is behavior of a person exhibiting mental instability. … And he is known for his defense of the 2nd Amendment. Alex Jones is the poster child for why you should confiscate guns from mentally unstable people.
34:20 “For the record…, we disavow Alex Jones. … We don’t support Infowars.”
35:10 Alex’s court case that could be the excuse to limit freedom of speech.
38:00 “This is what I’ve wondered about this for nearly 20 years with Alex Jones: is he a plant, an agent-provocateur who has been placed in this position and given publicity, given fame for the purpose of shutting down sensible voices that oppose the deep state? … That if you question the deep state, you must be as crazy as Alex Jones.”
40:00 “I knew Alex Jones in the early days.”
41:30 “His lawyer said he’s an actor. Did they tell the truth, because they were in court under oath?”
42:30 “If Alex is not an actor, if he’s not a plant, he’s seriously mentally ill. And he needs help. He should shut down his program. He should get mental help. He should get spiritual help. If that is truly him, he needs to be someplace where he’s receiving spiritual and psychiatric assistance counseling, because that behavior is the sign of somebody losing their mind.”

• • •

(3 min vid) Deep State Eyes Alex Jones Courtroom Showdown to Justify Ending Free Speech Online — What may seem like a simple trial over libel, actually poses damaging consequences for the future of free speech in America. In an excerpt from the Tuesday, July 31st edition of TruNews, the team discusses the significance of InfoWars founder Alex Jones' looming courtroom showdown over statements made on his program, and how a ruling against him could be used to create a national precedence on where the 1st Amendment ends, and Fake News begins

(VID) Adam Green: Is Alex Jones Ushering in the ANTI-CHRIST?

1:17:00 Is Alex Jones setting up a false flag which will blame the the Muslims for blowing up the Dome of the Rock, what the Israelis actually do?


Adam’s art


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