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Dissecting a Photo: 1964 Sears Department Store — Anatomy of a Sunset — ‘Flat Earth’ BUSTED!

THE BOOK: “Color and Light in Nature”

– Intro (0:00)
– Film, camera, & composition details (1:16)
– Anatomy of a Sunset (7:10)
– The science of Blue Hour (18:36)
– A closer look at the light (20:57)

Keith Cooper excited about Fuji’s new 30mm tilt/shift for GFX medium format

Equivalent to the Canon 24mm TS-E field of view on a full frame, Keith’s previous, favorite lens.

Related: Keith’s first impressions video

‘Flat Earth Busted’: World’s First U2 Photo Shoot at the EDGE OF SPACE (above 70,000 ft.)!

In comments, flat earthers again try to claim that a fisheye lens was used to cause the curvature, but none were fish-eye lenses.

My Comment — how we know for sure it’s NOT A FISHEYE:  At 20:24, the earth’s surface is near the middle of the lens, where fisheye lenses do NOT bend lines. All of the aircraft’s lines are straight, including the lower-right corner, where a fisheye lens would have radically bent them. Also, the earth’s horizon’s curvature is the same no matter where its placed in the frame. There are many different placements of the horizon in this video.

2:50 The plane flew above above 70,000 feet.

16:00 What it was like when Blair saw the curvature of the Earth.

Eight years of discussions. Six months of training. Two days of final preparations. Much was required to give photographer Blair Bunting two hours at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere to conduct the first-ever photo shoot at near-space where he captured images that have never been made before and will likely never be made again. Join us on this incredible adventure!

Read the PetaPixel’s detailed feature:…
More photos, videos, and stories:

Directed by Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake

Video should start at 20:24

Epic volcano eruption drone and still photos in Iceland — brought tears to my eyes!

I watch a lot of photography videos, which I rarely mention or post, but this one is exceptional in its grandeur — really is epic!

Mads and Sophie are from Denmark.


Canon lens TEARDOWN! What’s INSIDE a new lens?

Canon is now using rectangular plastic elements in their mirrorless cameras. Glass has always had the greatest light transmission.

Amazing technology and video, but so sad to see them stuck in the 3:2 aspect ratio, regular sized sensor. I’m moving on to medium format Fuji, where more of the image circle of Canon’s great EF lenses can be used in any aspect ratio.

They should have developed a full frame, oversized, multi-aspect ratio sensor, or at least Panasonic should have. This is sad to see.

Making of the GFX100 L-Plate from one solid block of aluminum! – Really Right Stuff

Gordon’s Light: Split Rock Lighthouse — A rare, spring lighting honoring the late Gordon Lightfoot

Thomas Spence took this photo.

The Big Lake They Call Gitche Gumee…

There was a rare beacon lighting at Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior this evening to honor the life and music of Gordon Lightfoot, who passed away earlier this week. The beacon, which was decommissioned in 1969, is always lit on November 10th to honor the 29 lives lost on that day in 1975 when the lake freighter Edmund Fitzgerald was sunk in a stormy gale. It’s one of only a few times per year they illuminate the beacon. For many, Lightfoot’s song about that night resonates every time they visit The Lake. That was surely the case tonight at Split Rock. The light of the near full moon lit the scene nicely. Waves lapping at the shoreline with a gentle, cool breeze. Perfect evening. Thank you to Hayes and the crew for lighting the candle tonight.

Are 3rd party inks worth using for your photo printer?

Fujifilm GFX100S Review | After 1 year of Landscape Photography (Australia)

Photography History: How 3:2 aspect ratio became standard instead of 4:3, the artistic standard for stills

35mm cameras are still stuck in the 3:2 aspect ratio, even after the SLR mirror box and film limitations are gone. 3:2 has not been the most pleasing aspect ratio for art, which is traditionally 4:3 and even squarer. And 4:3 uses the lens circle area more efficiently. How did 3:2 become the 35mm camera standard?

What should have happened, now that film and the SLR mirror box is gone: oversized sensors. I’ve long argued that digital cameras should have oversized sensors, so what the lens sees can be captured by the camera in other aspect ratios like 4:3 and 16:9.

Nick Carver: Making a Fine Art Photography Print – ‘Desert Train Hopper’

Nick Carver shines here — and only 17 minutes!


Nick Carver taking this ‘Desert Train Hopper’ shot: Photography On Location: Desert Trains

• • •

I’m telling the truth, friends…TWO PRINTS. And you know what’s even better? One of them is a pigment print on Hahnemühle photo rag paper while the other is a c-type print on Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl Paper. So we’re going to look at how these bad boys compare. Two different printing technologies, two different papers, one 6×17 negative on Kodak Portra 160 film. Let’s dive into it.

‘Wairarapa Nights’ — Milky Way galaxy timelapse compilation!

Stunning! God’s universe — our tiny part: 200 billion stars in our own Milky Way galaxy (our sun is an average sized star)!

Imagine: there are at least 200 billion galaxies, averaging 100 billion stars each. We’re still finding more as our orbiting telescopes get more powerful!

“It all happened by chance from nothing, by no Designer?” Yeah, sure. God’s universe is AMAZING!!!

– –

The Wairarapa on the North Island of New Zealand, is set to become the largest dark sky reserve in the world. I’ve been photographing the night sky in the Wairarapa for over a decade now, and this is a collection of my favorite moments under those starry skies.

US defense company claims it can track nearly any vehicle in real-time globally

The Ulysses Group, which conducts operational and intelligence support, geolocation collection and analysis, threat and vulnerability assessments and more, claims to have access to “over 15 billion vehicle locations” globally each month, with data able to be viewed “historically” or in real-time. …

“By 2025 it is estimated that 100% of new cars will be connected [to the internet] at some level – each transmitted more than 25 gigabytes of data per hour,” the company said.

Nick Carver: Is It Okay to Manipulate Your Photos?

Excellent presentation on ethics, using great image examples.

Enchanted Skies – Northern Lights from Alaska // Filmed in real-time 4K UHD

Music and lights are stunning starting at 4:30!

Alaskan Todd Salat’s “Joy of Nature” Aurora Video Featuring “Open Heart!”

Nothing demonstrates the glory of God to me in nature more than the wondrous northern lights dancing overhead, filling the entire sky!

Walking through the Redwoods is my #2 most awesome. And the flight over the 50-mile-long Ruth glacier in front of Denali is #3.

I’ve actually had some AMAZING supernatural experiences in the presence of God that top these natural experiences, including when the angels sung during the Rodney Howard-Browne meetings in Anchorage, 1993.

The coming spiritual revival will be AWESOME!

I do like this “Open Heart” image a lot!

– –

Here’s a short video of the best northern lights I saw on my 18-night springtime Aurora Hunt to the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska in early April, 2020. Hope you can feel the real-time JOY, and please feel free to share!

For those who enjoy more resolution, I have a 1080p HD version on my YouTube Channel, and a 4K on my Vimeo Channel

“Open Heart” is at 5:30

Photographer Captures Eerily Empty Shanghai During Coronavirus Outbreak


Top Gun: Maverick (2020) – Trailer | Screenshot

Screenshot from 1:17; right side cropped:

Real Reasons Why The Camera Market Is Shrinking — Instead of photographing the world, it’s all about me, me, me…

Robin Wong at 10:35, transcribed by myself:

“The content of photography itself has changed. Instead of the photographer taking a photograph of something else, they direct attention back to themselves. … Look at what all your friends are posting. It’s photographs of themselves, selfies, the vacation that they are taking, the food that they are eating, their pet cat….

Everything is about me, me, me, me, me. Photography has become a selfish, self-centric adventure. Photography is no longer about documentation, story telling, or about creating art. It’s all about shooting yourself, shooting your daily life, and trying to show the world how amazing your life is.

The use of a camera has become irrelevant. All you need is your smartphone.”

B&H Photo accused of dodging millions in taxes in newly filed lawsuit


[Flat Earth Busted] Chinese satellite shows Earth photographed from behind the *far* side of the Moon!

Chinese satellite images show the *far side* of the moon, what Pink Floyd called the “dark side” with Earth in the background:

(vid) Landscape Photographer Destroys “Flat Earth!” • It is in fact the moon blocking the sun during eclipse – craters and seas shown • High clouds get dark from the bottom up as the sun dips below the horizon • More…

This is GREAT! Serious landscape photographer destroys “flat earth!”

• It is in fact the moon blocking the sun during eclipse. Craters and seas shown.
• The moon does not emanate its own light.
• 15 High clouds get dark from the bottom up as the sun dips below the horizon
• More…

PHOTO: This is the Milky Way Photographed in a Crystal Ball

• More than 200 BILLION STARS in our Milky Way galaxy!
• More than 200 BILLIONS GALAXIES in the universe.
• Our sun is an average sized star.
Number of ‘suns’ in the universe: 200 billion X 200 billion!
Some theorize the universe may be infinite, because every time we upgrade the Hubble telescope we see more galaxies behind the known universe.
– –

“I went up to Paranal Observatory for an observing shift, and I decided to test the crystal ball as an astrophotography lens,”….


Wildlife Photographer of the Year winner disqualified for using stuffed animal


(Time-lapse Video) ALIVE | Canada 4K – Traveling 5500 km in 6 weeks – 54,000 single photos!

The story: Behind the scenes: Shooting a motion time-lapse in the Canadian wilderness

– –

Sony’s Camera Firmware Updater is a Major Security Risk, Expert Warns


History of Chemtrails – For 35 YEARS there were jets but no aerosol sprayed skies. Fact check on TV: no chemtrail skies before 1990 in any shows!

Commercial jets started flying across America in 1959. Chemtrails didn’t start until the mid-’90s.
For THIRTY FIVE YEARS, there were no chemtrails. Contrails didn’t linger, spread and turn into clouds. This is a completely new phenomenon.
The geo-engineers are causing so many manmade clouds that the dimming of the sun, called ‘global dimming’ is now measurable.
For those who don’t remember what the skies looked like back then, notice the proof is on TV. Compare the skies in today’s shows verses those filmed in the ’60s through ’80s.
Chemtrails are now a nature photographer’s nightmare. They even show up in some of my night sky photos, and some are almost impossible to remove.
And researchers like Dane Wigington GeoEngineering Watch are proving that stratospheric aerosol injection is radically affecting the climate, especially California’s.
It never used to be this way; though, for decades there were plenty of jets up there still.
This meme is trying to help us open our minds so we can see the reality of what the climate engineers are actually doing to us and our country.

CA Fires: "Video Proof Lasers Used" Theory DEBUNKED! – Clearly Cellphone Camera Lens Flares

[UPDATE 12/18/17] I added a second video which shows similar flares off lights and the moon.]
In this video, it’s clear the “laser” is just a lens flare, flaring off of the bright light above the guy’s back at 0:23.
It’s also curved, whereas lasers are perfectly straight.
The same curved line can be seen 0:21 and especially 0:29, yellow and not as bright.
[Pause the video at these times, and move back or forward one frame at a time with the comma and period keys.]
The flare is this side of the guy, so we can’t even see the guy at all at 0:23, instead of the guy’s body blocking the light. At 0:29, the guy is again between us and the flare, because the flare occurs in the camera’s lens.
It’s also far too wide to be a laser, which are only 1-2 mm, and it varies in width. Lasers are tiny and fixed width.
Top of the line camera lenses have special nano coatings that keep this from happening. This is probably shot with a cellphone, which vary a lot. A few examples: Purple Flare Shootout: iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III vs. HTC One S
Many people’s cellphone lenses can be dirty, greasy and/or scratched too.
– –

(vid) Latest Atrocities In Modern 'Art' – "A wretched, ugly, MANIFESTATION of post-modernism, an INSULT to our heritage, a DESECRATION of our human potential"

“A wretched, ugly, manifestation of post-modernism, an insult to our heritage, a desecration of our human potential.”

– Paul Joseph Watson

• • •

PHOTOS: AR-15 Bullet Holes are Tiny – Thinner than a pencil – Not easily seen from a distance

Many are looking at distant photos of the Vegas venue and Sutherland church and don’t see holes. These images show why.
AR-15 cartridges are larger (holding the powder), but 5.56mm/.223 caliber bullets and bullet holes are tiny, less than 1/4 inch in diameter.

A standard, hexagonal, “#2 pencil” is cut to a hexagonal height of 14-inch (6 mm), but the outer diameter is slightly larger (about 932-inch (7 mm)). (source)

Related: PHOTOS: Many Bullet Holes in Sutherland Baptist Church
– –

pizza box shot with a .223 bullet [same size as 5.56mm]. …the entry point can be seen on the left and the exit on the right, and a penny is used for reference.

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