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Huckabee Jokes About Shooting Romney for Airing Negative Ads

Cut to footage of Huckabee speaking with reporters in the field at the conclusion of his hunt, still dressed in field gear.

MIKE HUCKABEE: It proved that you can shoot, and if someone really messes with you with negative campaign ads, they just need to be prepared.

COWAN: It was a dig at Mitt Romney, who he’s edged out in the polls here, but statistically still a toss-up between the two.


Yet another odd statment from Huck, and more of the MSM laughing it off. The CBS Early Show this morning played a clip of Huckabee out in the field. A reporter can be heard asking “Governor, you like to speak in metaphors. What’s the metaphor here?” Huckabee responds “don’t get in my way.” CBS had introduced the clip by calling it an example of Huckabee’s “folksy wit.”

A bit later, Early Show host Russ Mitchell interviewed Huckabee. Referring to the clip, Mitchell said “of course you were teasing,” and was about to move to another matter, when Huckabee interrupted him: “No Russ, I wasn’t teasing. I was serious: don’t get in my way.”

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Mike Huckabee Can Be Mean, Flirts with Vulgarity


Mike Huckabee Can Be Mean, Flirts with Vulgarity


Mike Huckabee: “If you vote for me you live. If you don’t…”

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  1. Rosalia Chow

    A kid making the kind of comment that Huckabee makes at school may get sent to the principal or may even get a visit from the police. And Mr. Huckabee thinks he should get votes from that kind of callous attitude in a violent society?

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