This article addresses the long-term significance of the Ron Paul phenomenon from the point of view of his Christian supporters. It points out the need for specifically Christian support of the movement.

by Lou Poumakis

The primary thrust of Ron Paul campaign is for personal freedom for all Americans. His methodology for realizing that freedom is to reestablish the Constitution as the law of the land. That will lead to fiscal responsibility, the cessation of imperialism and the demise of the welfare state. It would free us all from the tyranny we are already feeling and the far worse tyranny that is in the offing. It is a noble goal and well worth supporting with all the energy we can muster. The question I must ask at this point though, is whether or not the American people are really ready for such a freedom. I direct this question especially to the Christian segment of Ron Paul supporters and to Christians as a whole. As a Christian myself, I believe we should go to God’s word to see what it has to say about freedom.

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