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Powerful Ron Paul Video with JFK & MLK! [YouTube banned this clip]

If this gets pulled by YouTube, again, please let me know. They may leave it up, now that it’s getting so much attention. See: About This Video. There is nothing here that Americans shouldn’t see.




The picture of the girl and how they laugh at Ron Paul, the peacemaker, reminds me of Roger Waters’ The Bravery of Being Out of Range:

… Hey bartender over here
Two more shots
And two more beers
Sir turn up the TV sound
The war has started on the ground
Just love those laser guided bombs
They’re really great
For righting wrongs
You hit the target
And win the game
From bars 3,000 miles away
3,000 miles away
We play the game
With the bravery of being out of range
We zap and maim
With the bravery of being out of range
We strafe the train
With the bravery of being out of range
We gain terrain
With the bravery of being out of range


The media’s manipulation of these wars and now Ron Paul’s campaign amounts to pure, unconstitutional censorship.

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At 11am, FOX Shows Huckabee in 3rd Instead of Ron Paul!


  1. igoslo

    I can’t believe u tube censored this clip…this is what u tube is supposed to be about…freedom!!!! of information
    Everyone in America should see this clip to just get a small idea of what Ron Paul is all about…..and then listen to him
    I am sending this to everyone in my email list and everyone else should do the same….let’s get the word out!!!!

  2. Be like the Gremlins in the movie: Every time they throw cold water on you replicate replicate replicate! There are more of us than there are of them. After awhile they’ll figure out that censoring a video will only result in ten more of that same video being loaded under different titles.

    Failing that, someone smart could start a new “FreeTube” site that isn’t censored.

  3. Ron paul….I cannot see the video that was banned….it will not play ANYWHERE! How can I review this important information??

    Nate Collins

  4. Jeff Fenske


    It’s working, and starts about 30 seconds into it.


  5. W. J. White

    the video does not play at all. even after 15 minutes waiting.

    • Jeff Fenske


      It’s working. Did you try purging the cache in your browser, or restarting it, or just restart the computer?


  6. DRK

    MLK was a Communist.

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