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US Air Force member sets himself on fire outside Israeli embassy in Washington, YELLING “FREE PALESTINE!”

An active duty member of the U.S. Air Force sets himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington

“I will no longer be complicit in genocide.”

While on fire, he repeatedly yells “Free Palestine.”

Bernie Sanders CALLED OUT For Denying Gaza Genoclde!

Rand Paul’s Senate Floor Filibuster! – Fund our border, not wars; facemasks don’t work, protect free speech, how much is $1 billion? …

Pro-life conservative Christian’s the biggest phonies: They’ll march against abortion yet sit in silence while children are starved and massacred around the world

Morgan Ariel

Pro-life conservative Christian’s are the biggest phonies in the world.

They’ll march against abortion yet sit in silence while children around the world are starved and massacred.

Up to 62% of Gaza buildings damaged or destroyed – satellite data

NY Times LIED About October 7th R@pe Story!

ISRAEL KNEW: Operation “JERICHO WALL” Document Detailed Hamas Attack OVER 1 YEAR IN ADVANCE!!!

On Friday December 1st 2023 The New York Times reported that “Israel knew” of the Hamas attack 1 year in advance suggesting that Israeli intelligence allowed this attack to happen in order to justify their “retaliation” at the Gaza Strip.

Gideon Levy on How Israel’s Press Is Failing to Cover the War’s True Toll

American Journalist Gonzalo Lira MURDERED By Zelenskyy Regime

BBC: They were Israel’s ‘eyes on the border’ – but their Hamas warnings went unheard — It became a dark joke: who would be on duty when the inevitable attack came?

They were Israel’s ‘eyes on the border’ – but their Hamas warnings went unheard

14th January 2024

For years, units of young female conscripts had one job here. It was to sit in surveillance bases for hours, looking for signs of anything suspicious.

In the months leading up to the 7 October attacks by Hamas, they did begin to see things: practice raids, mock hostage-taking, and farmers behaving strangely on the other side of the fence.

Noa, not her real name, says they would pass information about what they were seeing to intelligence and higher-ranking officers….

Skousen: The US is Still Illegally Occupying Syrian Oil Fields

World Affairs Brief, January 12, 2024 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

Meanwhile the US is Still Illegally Occupying Syrian Oil Fields

The US certainly can’t say that their occupation of the oil producing region of Syria is defensive. They are doing this to make sure Syria can’t rebuild after all the devastation US-backed terrorists (rebels and ISIS—both of which were imported by the US to Syria) have caused. reports that the presence of the US bases (nine and counting) continue to invite attacks from Iraqi militias.

South Africa’s COMPELLING Genocide Case Against Israel!

The Jimmy Dore Show

Why They Hate US: U.S. tank crushes the car of an Iraqi taxi driver for stealing wood (2003)

Israeli army ordered mass Hannibal Directive on 7 Oct — Israel deliberately killed many of its own civilians and soldiers during Hamas’ Operation Al-Aqsa Flood to prevent them being taken captive back to Gaza


Israel Prepares To Defend Itself Against Genocide Claims In First Hearing At The Hague


Israel Prepares To Defend Itself Against Genocide Claims In First Hearing At The Hague

Israel’s cooperation is rare, signaling that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is concerned the charges risk ruining the country’s reputation.

Max Blumenthal: Israeli military brass admits failures in Gaza

EXCELLENT overview that MSM and Fox News (Talmudic war channel for evangelicals) isn’t telling. Includes war footage inside of Gaza.

Max Blumenthal (Jewish) is doing great work!

Why Israel is Not a Legitimate State — Had no legal authorization & acquisition of territory by war is prohibited under international law


The Myth of the U.N. Creation of Israel – UN Resolution 181 neither partitioned Palestine nor conferred any legal authority to the Zionists for their unilateral declaration of Israel’s existence

(vid & text) Gaza Made Simple For Christians by Ted Pike (2009) — Real history & God’s *CONDITIONAL* terms still apply to Israel

God repeatedly instructed His people, the Israelites, that the land of Canaan was to be holy. It could only be occupied by a holy, obedient people. When they rebelled, God allowed them to be driven out. They could only reenter in repentance. …

Today, American Christians and Jews both believe the opposite of the Bible. They say God no longer requires obedience! …

From its beginning, Zionism was birthed in violence. Jewish terrorists committed major atrocities against the Palestinians in the months preceding and following independence in 1948. …

Israel’s attack on Egypt in June ’67 was not ‘preemptive’

Israel’s attack on Egypt in June ’67 was not ‘preemptive’

By Jeremy R. Hammond | Jul 4, 2010

It is often claimed that Israel’s attack on Egypt that began the June 1967 “Six Day War” was a “preemptive” one. Implicit in that description is the notion that Israel was under imminent threat of an attack from Egypt. Yet this historical interpretation of the war is not sustained by the documentary record.


Nearly half of the Israeli munitions dropped on Gaza are imprecise ‘dumb bombs,’ US intelligence assessment finds

Nearly half of the air-to-ground munitions that Israel has used in Gaza in its war with Hamas since October 7 have been unguided, otherwise known as “dumb bombs,” according to a new US intelligence assessment.


To U.S. Military: ALWAYS obey the Holy Spirit, NEVER immoral gov’t orders, regardless…

To U.S. Military: ALWAYS obey the Holy Spirit, NEVER follow immoral gov’t orders, regardless…

— In-Christ, going-to-heaven, REAL Christianity!

Life in the Son!

When Ron Paul was booed by Republicans for suggesting the U.S. follow the Golden Rule when it comes to foreign policy

South Carolina Fox News Republican debate 2012

Reverse-Christianity is the main problem besides Talmudism — which the “Christian” Zionists support, worshiping Talmudic Israel instead of Jesus Christ — following Netanyahu (Mileikowski) instead of the Holy Spirit.

– –

That one time Ron Paul was booed by Republicans for suggesting the U.S. follow the Golden Rule when it comes to foreign policy.

There’s a lot of irony here, as it’s supposedly the party that promotes Christian values, and there aren’t any caveats in Christ’s command.

Israel dropped more than 22,000 US-PROVIDED bombs on Gaza in just the first month and a half of the operation

US Has No Plans to Restrict Military Aid to Israel Despite Biden Calling Gaza Bombing ‘Indiscriminate’

US officials say they’re not conducting assessments of Israeli strikes

WWII: The Murderous Allied Firestorms against German Civilians

World War II: The Murderous Allied Firestorms against German Civilians

British and American air assaults forced a furious Hitler to reply in kind.

By Shane Quinn

Shortly after becoming Britain’s prime minister in May 1940, Winston Churchill said the war will be directed “against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it’s in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest”. Such statements were a warning of what was to come. With the Nazis then rampaging across Europe, it would take time before Britain’s firestorms could be unleashed on the German people.

On 30 June 1940, Hitler’s Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering, then at the height of his popularity, declared just days after the fall of France,

“The war against England is to be restricted to destructive attacks against industry and air force targets… It is also stressed that every effort should be made to avoid unnecessary loss of life amongst the civilian population”.

By contrast, on 14 February 1942, a British Air Staff directive outlined their bombing campaigns should “be focused on the morale of the enemy’s civilian population”. As Daniel Ellsberg, the veteran former US military analyst, confirms in his recent book The Doomsday Machine, Britain was the first to begin “deliberate bombing of urban populations as the principal way of fighting a war”, starting in early 1942.

UK & US Firebombing Dresden, murdering up to 250,000 women, children & elderly!


bombing of Dresden
World War II

Bombing of Dresden, during World War II, Allied bombing raids on February 13–15, 1945, that almost completely destroyed the German city of Dresden. The raids became a symbol of the “terror bombing” campaign against Germany, which was one of the most controversial Allied actions of the war.

UK & US FIREBOMBING Entire German Cities in WWII — Temps 1800°F, Winds 150mph!


In 1941 Charles Portal of the British Air Staff advocated that entire cities and towns should be bombed. Portal claimed that this would quickly bring about the collapse of civilian morale in Germany. Air Marshall Arthur Harris agreed and when he became head of RAF Bomber Command in February 1942, he introduced a policy of area bombing (known in Germany as terror bombing) where entire cities and towns were targeted.

One tactic used by the Royal Air Force and the United States Army Air Force was the creation of firestorms. This was achieved by dropping incendiary bombs, filled with highly combustible chemicals such as magnesium, phosphorus or petroleum jelly (napalm), in clusters over a specific target. After the area caught fire, the air above the bombed area, become extremely hot and rose rapidly. Cold air then rushed in at ground level from the outside and people were sucked into the fire. The most notable examples of this tactic being used was in Hamburg (August, 1943), Dresden (February, 1945) and Tokyo (March 1945). …

(3) Major-General Kehrl, report on the firestorm in Hamburg in August, 1943.

Before half an hour had passed, the districts upon which the weight of the attack fell were transformed into a lake of fire covering an area of twenty-two square kilometres. The effect of this was to heat the air to a temperature which at times was estimated to approach 1,000 degrees centigrade [1,832° F – ed.] . A vast suction was in this way created so that the air “stormed through the streets with immense force, bearing upon it sparks, timber and roof beams and thus spreading the fire still further and further till it became a typhoon such as had never before been witnessed, and against which all human resistance was powerless.” Trees three feet thick were broken off or uprooted, human beings were thrown to the ground or flung alive into the flames by winds which exceeded 150 miles an hour. The panic-stricken citizens knew not where to turn. Flames drove them from the shelters, but high-explosive bombs sent them scurrying back again. Once inside, they were suffocated by carbon-monoxide poisoning and their bodies reduced to ashes as though they had been placed in a crematorium, which was indeed what each shelter proved to be.


UK & US FIREBOMBING of Hamburg (1943): Operation Gomorrah

Operation Gomorrah was the military codename for the Allied bombing of Hamburg (Battle of Hamburg) during World War II (24 July 1943 – 2 August 1943). The attacks during the last week of July in 1943, created one of the largest firestorms raised by the RAF and USAAF in World War II, killing at least 42,600 civilians (other sources account for up to 125,000 deaths) and wounding 37,000 more. 180,000 to 200,000 people in Hamburg were now shelterless, the terror bombers (de) had practically destroyed the entire city. Some one million German civilians fled the city.


Sam Parker: Did Israel Allow October 7th Hamas Attack? Potential False Flag To Enable Nakba 2.0

Stew Peters Network

Israel’s Propaganda is Getting INSANE (w/ Abby Martin)

9:45 The Al-Ahli Arab hospital bombing: Israel put out fake information to blame a misfired Hamas rocket for the hospital that was bombed on October 17th in which 500 Palestinians were killed.

Israel’s playbook is to obfuscate and confuse.

The allegations of systematic rape by Hamas are being manufactured by Israel’s PR machine.

Mike Prysner’s Anti-War Speech — “You have the absolute right to REFUSE TO TAKE PART in these criminal wars!”

Peace activist Abby Martin’s husband, Iraq war veteran Mike Prysner:

“To all of those serving in the Army, the Marine, the Air Force and the Navy, you have the absolute right to refuse to take part in these criminal wars!”

Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out — “Brutal occupiers of a disputed land”

A searing interview with Avichai Sharon and Noam Chayut, both veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces and members of Breaking the Silence. Sharon and Chayut served during the second intifada, an on-going bloodbath that has claimed the lives of over three thousand Palestinians and nine-hundred-fifty Israelis. After thorough introspection, these young men have chosen to speak out about their experiences as self-described “brutal occupiers of a disputed land.”

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