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Israeli propagandist behind Hamas ‘mass rape’ narrative exposed as grifter, fraud

Israeli propagandist behind Hamas ‘mass rape’ narrative exposed as grifter, fraud

Cochav Elkayam-Levy, the Israeli lawyer at the center of the campaign accusing Hamas of systematic sexual violence on October 7, now stands accused by Israeli media of scamming donors and spreading misinformation. The allegations appeared just days after Elkayam-Levy received the prestigious Israel Prize.


Lawyer behind ‘Hamas rape’ claims exposed as fraud

Lawyer behind ‘Hamas rape’ claims exposed as fraud

Employees of Israeli ministries claim that Cochav Elkayam-Levy has spread fake news and sought to make millions off her false claims about Hamas carrying out mass rapes on 7 October

MAR 26, 2024

Israeli officials have “dissociated themselves” from a lawyer who has played a vital role in promoting false claims that Hamas carried out systematic rape and sexual abuse on 7 October, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on 24 March.

The Israeli newspaper reported claims by Israeli ministry officials that lawyer Cochav Elkayam-Levy had produced inaccurate research, spread false stories about Hamas atrocities, and sought to collect millions of dollars in donations for a so-called ‘civic commission’ of which she is the only member.

Elkayam-Levy, who is the head of the Deborah Institute and a lecturer in the Department of International Relations at the Hebrew University, was among the first to spread false claims that Hamas had carried out systematic rape during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

As The Grayzone detailed, Elkayam-Levy presented images of female Kurdish fighters killed in Syria while claiming they were Jewish Israeli women who had been killed and raped by Hamas fighters at the Nova Music Festival on 7 October.

Jimmy Kimmel admits how much he lies to guests

Starts at 4:35

Ben Shapiro had no problem with Ben & Jerry’s liberal views until they criticized Israel!

Starts at 13:34

Ben Shapiro: “King of Cancel Culture in Conservative Media” – More Problems for Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire! – Mark Dice

Rabbi Shmuley Goes FULL PERVERT In Jones Interview: ‘Rabbi BUTTPLUG’ Becomes INFAMOUS

Ben Shapiro in a Panic – Joe Rogan is Getting Involved Now! – Daily Wire Debacle w/ Candace Owens Getting Worse!

Jimmy Dore: Alex Jones To Rabbi Schmuley – “You’re Having A Mental Breakdown!”

Shapiro’s Daily Wire Protects Jewish Power: Candace Owens FIRED Over Her Christian Faith | Rabbi Shmuley’s Filth!

Stew Peters Network

911 – PROOF of WHO DID IT! — Israel’s Major Role!

911 – PROOF of WHO DID IT!

Crash Course: 911 Inside Job – John B Wells LIVE

Mike King’s book: CRASH COURSE: 9-11 INSIDE JOB: Debunking the Official Story in Just 1 Hour

Great. quick overview of Israel’s heavy involvement and other issues, but Mike gets some things wrong. Israel’s reason is not only the Greater Israel Project. As Talmudists, they’re also definitely globalists, believing their superior race will rule over all Gentiles (who have lesser souls) once their ‘messiah’ comes.

He also says the planes could not have gone through the outside steel walls. Researchers have studied this. The mass at that high speed would have been substantial. Many believe the planes were switched in-flight with remote-controlled drones that could have had beefed up wings to withstand the tremendous forces on the planes at low altitude at such high speeds.

Also, the towers’ walls were put together in small sections with bolts. So the bolts are probably what gave way.

Many people saw the planes hit the towers with their own eyes, along with being recorded in video from multiple angles.

Starts at Minute-1:44:30

Candace Owens Wars Against Perverted Rabbi: Zionist Enforcer Rabbi Shmuley Bullies Israel Critics

Israeli rabbi Eliyahu Mali: Kill everyone in Gaza, including children

Rabbi Eliyahu Mali, head of the settlers’ yeshiva school in occupied Jaffa, incited his students serving in the Israeli occupation forces to kill everyone in Gaza, including babies.


Candace Owens says she was threatened by Rabbi Shmuley

Candace Owens says she was threatened by Rabbi Shmuley.

Zionists act like thugs & cry hate speech to suppress the truth.

Netanyahu extending/launching wars to delay his “expiration date” — will face political reckoning for allowing the October 7 attack to happen

US Officials Expect Israel to Launch Ground Invasion of Lebanon

February 29, 2024

US officials believe that Israel is planning to launch a ground invasion into Lebanon in late spring or early summer if a diplomatic solution is not reached, CNN reported on Thursday. …

US officials have acknowledged that a war in Lebanon would benefit Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is expected to face a political reckoning for allowing the October 7 attack to happen once Israeli operations in Gaza are over.

“Once the war is over, his expiration date arrives,” an administration official said. “So he needs to maintain the impression, maintain the narrative that Israel is still in the middle of a campaign, to try to stave off efforts to remove him.”

Mark Dice: The role that HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) plays in facilitating mass illegal migration into the US

Starts at 6:18


John Torell w/ John B Wells: The Protocols of Power Part 1 of 3 – Caravan to Midnight


John S Torell w/ John B Wells: ‘Protocols of Zion’ (1897) Part 2 of 3 – Protocols & Politics

John S Torell w/ John B Wells: ‘Protocols of Zion’ (1897) Part 3 of 3 – World Federalism & Global Governance

– –

John S. Torell shows how the book: ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ (‘The Protocols of Zion,’ ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’) lays out their cutthroat, Talmudic, Satanic world domination plan.

An overview of the first 5 protocols.

Facebook: John S. Torell, European-American Evangelistic Crusades

Website and Books: European-American Evangelistic Crusades

EMJ Live 55: Netanyahu Invokes The Holocaust Narrative To Justify Genocide In Gaza

E. Michael Jones

Body Language – Dershowitz on The List

“He’s a Jew, so he’s got victim status,” playing the victim card.

Changes the subject.

Bombards Body Language

Treason: US Senator Charles Schumer pledges TOTAL allegiance to Israel

🇮🇱 Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, hides his face as he enters Jeffery Epstein’s Manhattan mansion (2016)

Times of Israel: CHIEF RABBI calls black people ‘monkeys’ — Has said “non-Jews are in Israel only to serve Jews,” and “non-Jews could live in Israel only if they observe the seven Noahide Laws… prohibitions against idolatry, blaspheming God” [worshiping Jesus]

Related: (video) Chuck Baldwin: If You Think the Koran is Bad, You Should Read THE TALMUD, IF YOU CAN STOMACH IT — “Jesus addressed the Talmud and the Zionists when he addressed the Pharisees” • “They believed the writings of the Mishnah were SUPERIOR to the writings of Moses. They still believe that today in the modern state of Israel” • “Benjamin NETANYAHU is a Talmudist” | “All these PROPHESY ZEALOTS on TV and radio think it’s wonderful that they’re talking about REBUILDING THE TEMPLE: ‘preparing the way for Christ!’” • “This is PREPARING THE WAY FOR THE ANTICHRIST who will deceive the world”

Poll: Only 15% of Israelis Want Netanyahu to Remain in Power After Gaza War

With his political career in peril, Netanyahu has every incentive to continue the slaughter and provoke a regional war

Only 15% of Israelis think Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu should remain in office once the Israeli campaign in Gaza is over, according to a published Tuesday by the Israel Democracy Institute.


John B Wells on Netanyahu: “Who is the racist?”

🇮🇱 Netanyahu’s Superstars ✨ — Itamar Ben-Gvir (National Security Minister) & Bezalel Yoel Smotich (Finance Minister)

Who is the Racist?: Netanyahu looking for countries ‘to absorb’ ethnically cleansed Palestinians

(13 min video) What is wrong with Israelis?

This extreme, Talmudic supremacist mockery, seeing others as dogs finally woke me up 15 years ago to what’s really going on in this version of “Israel.” Then I saw Ted Pike’s biblical analysis, showing how the true Judaics (most of these are not) are only entitled to return to the land when they’re obedient.

This is counterfeit, not condoned or brought about by God, but by the Rothschild globalist kingpins and extreme terrorism from the start.

We’ve all been told a whitewashed, false narrative that it’s the “holy land.” I felt no holiness at all when I visited twice 30 and 40 years ago. Study what the Talmud says about Christians, Jesus and all non-them. They call us the Goyim.

What’s wrong with the Israelis?

The Talmud.

Ben Shapiro ADMITS He Supports Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestinians!

In 2003 Ben Shapiro insisted that the only solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is ethnic cleansing but no one can admit it for fear they will be accused of being like the Nazis.

Jimmy talks to Due Dissidence hosts Russell Dobular and Keaton Weiss about Norman Finkelstein’s takedown of Ben Shapiro.

🇮🇱 A former Knesset member, Danny Neumann, advocates for exterminating every man, woman and child in Gaza

“They are all terrorists, sons of dogs.”

“They must be exterminated, all of them killed.”

This is the mentality of the people running Israel.


Israel Intelligence Chief Says The Quiet Part Out Loud!

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