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Candace: The REAL reason JFK was killed — ‘Operation Northwoods’

“False flag events are a reality.”

MK-Ultra mind-control victim speaks out

Tucker Carlson on How the CIA Set-up Richard Nixon

Tucker: Is Hate Speech a Loophole in the Constitution? — The Pentagon censored Americans during the 2020 election


Tucker: Everything You Need to Know about the Government’s Mass Censorship Campaign

The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. “What I’m describing is military rule,” says Mike Benz. “It’s the inversion of democracy.”

Cathy O’Brien | The Roseanne Barr Podcast #21 — Trauma-based mind-control, gov’t level, sex slave survivor speaks out!

The strength of the human spirit — what Satan tries to break.

People allowed TalmudVision to mind-control them after 9/11, glued to the TV, getting programmed with the horrible images over and over, so they were easily convinced to support our wars and let our rights be removed via the Patriot Act.

“Repetition is the most basic form of mind-control.”

– –

You asked for it and you got it! The most requested guest in our podcast’s short history, Cathy O’Brien finally joins the podcast! Cathy has been a lifelong whistleblower on child sex trafficking, MK Ultra and trauma-based mind control. She also happens to be one of Roseanne’s best friends. The two have been fighting to expose the deep state since they first met at a conference where Roseanne opened for her in 2007.

Cathy O’Brien:

  / realcathyobrien     / realcathyobrien  

FBI DEFIES Judge’s Order To Turn Over Seth Rich’s Laptop!

Kevin Ryan: EXPOSING the truth around the 911 hijackers

Who is really responsible for the 9/11 attacks? Does the story we’ve been sold actually hold up under a microscope? Our next guest says not even close and he’s been exposing the truth around the 9/11 hijackers and they the official story doesn’t add up.

Kevin Ryan is the foremost authority on what happened that day as Editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies, a board member of the International Center for 9/11 Justice. You can read his work here.

Judge APPROVES Lawsuit Against CIA & Pompeo Over Assange Surveillance!

Richard Roth is the lead attorney suing the CIA and former CIA head Mike Pompeo for spying on journalists and lawyers for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange while he was living in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. A judge recently ruled that the lawsuit can go forward, rejecting the CIA’s contention that copying data from the visitors’ electronic devices was perfectly aboveboard.

Damage Control: Elon Meets with Netanyahu in Israel

Excellent analysis!

Glenn Greenwald

Rep. Larry McDonald’s Last Interview (1983) – Before KAL 007 Crash


Did Congressman Larry McDonald Survive The ‘Shootdown’ Of KAL 007? Evidence for the survival of KAL 007 and those aboard and their subsequent incarceration by the Soviets

Charlie Kirk on PBD Podcast: ‘WE ARE THE REASON WHY IRAN IS RADICAL. We did this. They had a democratically elected leader that we did not like’ whom the CIA overthrew in 1953, and reinstalled the unpopular Shah; which paved the way for the most radical elements…

Charlie Kirk at 44:00:

“We must remember that we, the American government are the reason why Iran is radical. We did this.

They had a democratically elected leader that we did not like, Mossaddegh. We didn’t like him, because he wanted to nationalize the oil. Specifically, the Brits didn’t like him. He was very popular. Look right there [points to Wikipedia article on Mossaddegh] Even in Wikipedia: ‘1953 Iranian coup d’état aided by the intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom (MI6) and the United States (CIA).’

So then we put the Shah back in who was sick and unpopular, meaning he was actually physically sick. And we paved the way for the most radical elements from Islam, from a country that the Persian people are the most entrepreneurial, they’re some of the smartest people that have really been living under radical Islamic captivity for many decades.

Why am I bringing this up? Sometimes your intervention can make things far, far worse.”

Iran’s Beginning at 44:00:

Patrick Bet-David: History of US-Iran Conflict Explained

Sep 17, 2019

Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips : ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security – The Opperman Report 4/30/2016

#wayne cox #gerald ford #hillary clinton #bill clinton #mormon church #catholic church #country music #most dangerous game

Cathy O’Brien is a recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.


The Secret History of MK Ultra w/Tom O’Neill | Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan: The CIA Caught Selling Drugs?

I’m familiar with Michael Rupert, but have never seen this AMAZING clip!


Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Episodes Discussed with Tyrel Ventura | The Nick Bryant Podcast

Glenn Greenwald: Why Trump didn’t pardon Snowden & Assange | PBD Podcast | Ep. 298

2:05:40 Alexandre de Moraes runs Brazil, not the president — the one whom everyone fears

Why Trump didn’t pardon Snowden & Assange
at 1:29:40

Nick Bryant: Federal Scandal – Epstein Coverup – John B Wells LIVE

The Franklin Scandal is also covered, in which many Republican leaders were compromised, including at the highest level, mostly with boys.

Democrats compromised mostly with girls, Bryant says.

John B. Wells Live

Secret Service REFUSES To Protect RFK Jr, Crew Discusses RFK Theories

Tim Pool now open to the TRUTH! RFK was killed by his CIA bodyguard, NOT mind-controlled Sirhan Sirhan — FACT!

Yay! I knew it. Tim has surrounded himself with some good people. Is finally open to Operation Northwoods and perhaps what really happened on 9/11.

I wonder if Luke Rudkowski will be on Tim’s show again. It’s been awhile. Looking forward to it.

Full Show


The DISTURBING Truth Behind the Media’s Attack on ‘Sound of Freedom’ — Why is the mainstream media PRO-PEDOPHILIA?

Join me for a deep dive into the disturbing truth about the media, the CIA, and child sex trafficking.

Whitney Webb On Jeffrey Epstein’s Connection With Elon Musk & Bill Clinton | PBD Podcast | Ep. 270

41 No evidence Elon Musk is compromised sexually — blackmailable; though, he knew Epstein.

– –

PBD Podcast Episode 270. In this episode, Patrick Bet-David is joined by Whitney Webb, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana.

0:00 – Start
1:59 – Whitney Webb on Investigating Jeffrey Epstein
6:58 – Shocking Revelation About JP Morgan and Epstein Revealed
14:48 – Google Founder Sergey Brin Linked To Epstein
20:08 – What’s Elon Musk’s Connection To Jeffrey Epstein?
41:50 – Shocking Revelation About Bill Clinton and China’s Past Revealed
57:15 – Whitney Webb Reveals Shocking Story About The Death of Martin Luther King
1:05:34 – Why The Deep State Hates Trump And Kennedy Family
1:27:24 – Will Politicians And Fake Media Ever Be Held Accountable?
1:51:21 – Horrifying Details About Woody Allen Abusing His Kids

Purchase Whitney Webb’s book “One Nation Under Blackmail – Volume 1”:
Purchase Whitney Webb’s book “One Nation Under Blackmail – Volume 2”:
Check out Whitney’s work at

How RFK was Assassinated w/ Robert F. Kennedy Jr

RFK Jr. Blows the Lid Off Operation Mockingbird, CIA’s program to manipulate the media!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks about Operation Mockingbird, the CIA’s covert propaganda program to manipulate the mainstream media and the American people through the use of numerous assets who.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr: CIA, Power, Corruption, War, Freedom, and Meaning | Lex Fridman Podcast #388

3:18 – US history
7:34 – Freedom
9:28 – Camus
12:51 – Hitler and WW2
22:03 – War in Ukraine
45:24 – JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis
1:10:31 – JFK assassination conspiracy — Bobby recommends reading JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters’
1:20:06 [starts at 1:15:08] – CIA influence — Operation Mockingbird, manipulating US media
1:29:04 – 2024 elections
1:40:49 – Jordan Peterson
1:42:30 – Anthony Fauci
1:45:57 – Big Pharma
2:05:37 – Peter Hotez
2:11:17 – Exercise and diet
2:13:42 – God — From “living against conscience” to trying to not violate conscience (even in little things), now soaring!

Tucker Carlson Says He Was Fired Just Before EXPOSING Feds At Jan. 6

I reported multiple times Joel Skousen saying agent provocateurs led what violence there was, and none of them were jailed.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | Club Random with Bill Maher – Jun 25, 2023 — Sirhan Sirhan did NOT kill RFK

20:00  Interesting discussion about Covid, how so many blindly followed Fauci, vaccines….

1:40:00  Bobby tells how Sirhan Sirhan did NOT kill his father, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. Bobby tells who did and what actually happened.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Blames CIA for Assassination of JFK

“There is overwhelming evidence that the CIA was involved in his murder. I think it’s beyond a reasonable doubt at this point,” Kennedy said about the November 1963 incident in Dallas, Texas. “The evidence is overwhelming that the CIA was involved in the murder, and in the cover-up,” he also said.


One Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb | The Nick Bryant Podcast

10:00 JFK blackmailed by Judith Exner

FBI head J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailed himself, before blackmailing many others

CIA head William Casey was also compromised — homosexual escorts.

50:05 Casey became born-again Catholic late in life; regretted much of what he did, and they offed him.

53:40 Epstein

1:03:35 CIA controlled airlines: Southern Air Transport, Aero Air, Polar Air Cargo. [Evergreen also, but not mentioned].

Sexual blackmail isn’t needed as much now, because mass surveillance technology makes it easier than ever to blackmail people.

Tucker Carson on JFK Assassination, Dec 15, 2022


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