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“I Don’t Know Anything Except That Trump Is Bad” – DeNiro To Maher (Live Show from Zephyr Theater)

The Jimmy Dore Show

👀 Joe Rogan & Google AI Researcher Ray Kurzweil Get Into an Awkward Exchange Over Protecting Data from Intelligence Agencies

Soldiers Deployed To NYC Subways!

Whitney Webb: AI will be used to compute social credit scores

Tucker: They Want Julian Assange to Die in Prison for Embarrassing the CIA

Heads Up, Your Car is Spying On You! How EV’s & Modern Cars Encourage Big Brother Spying!!!

A recent review of 25 different car brans showed that 100% of them are collecting far too much personal information, much of which is either being sold to major corporations or given to governments.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth proves that car companies are now collecting your “sexual activity, your health diagnosis data, your psychological trends, your predispositions, behavoirs, attitudes, intelligence, abilities, and aptitudes.”

The article: It’s Official: Cars Are the Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy

The ways that car companies collect and share your data are so vast and complicated that we wrote an entire piece on how that works

Owen Shroyer Gives First Interview After His Release From Prison

To “Combat Antisemitism,” NY Launches Chilling New Surveillance Program | SYSTEM UPDATE

Super important, explained well by Greenwald!

How they use fear to destroy Constitutional rights.

Don’t fall for it!

Israeli media’s reaction to the horrors in Gaza | The Listening Post



Ron Paul: Totalitarian UK Parliament Goes FULL STALIN On Russell Brand!

Russell Brand was making $1 million per year on YouTube.

20-year-old unproven allegations, so far

New Way for Government Control? 15-Minute City | Joe Rogan Experience

‘Wiretaps on wheels’: Cars have microphones & cameras facing inward; are probably selling your personal information (conversations & even sexual activity)! Half would freely hand it over to the government, report finds

‘Wiretaps on wheels’: Cars are probably selling your personal information, and half would freely hand it over to the government, report finds

Cars are getting an “F” in data privacy. … But drivers are given little or no control over the personal data their vehicles collect, researchers for the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation said Wednesday in their latest “Privacy Not Included” survey

“Cars have microphones and people have all kinds of sensitive conversations in them. Cars have cameras that face inward and outward.”

Glenn Greenwald: Why Trump didn’t pardon Snowden & Assange | PBD Podcast | Ep. 298

2:05:40 Alexandre de Moraes runs Brazil, not the president — the one whom everyone fears

Why Trump didn’t pardon Snowden & Assange
at 1:29:40

Mattea Merta: Lahaina Update 8/17/2023

FEMA & Red Cross didn’t show. Aloha help instead!

UN smart cities agenda and players

Rodney Howard-Browne – Emergency Maui Update 8/17/2023

Patrick Bet-David Deconstructs BlackRock’s Influence and ESG Ratings | Joe Rogan Experience

Patrick Bet-David:

88% of the companies on S&P 500, the largest shareholder is either State Street, BlackRock or Vanguard.”

“How big is BlackRock? $10 trillion. … Only two countries have a bigger GDP than BlackRock has assets under management, US and China.”

“They have the kind of control that can make companies fire boards, replace CEO’s, replace leaders they don’t like….”

“Larry Fink, the guy running BlackRock is really the president of the United States.”

Nearly A Third Of Young People Support Government Cameras In Every Home: POLL

Black Americans are more tolerant of government cameras than other racial groups, with 33% in favor of the proposal. One quarter of Hispanic Americans, 9% of white Americans and 11% of Asian Americans believe the government should monitor people’s homes.



The strange happenings in Chicago…just a coincidence or something more?


Gov’t create sthe problem > people react – “save us” > police state solution

Elon Musk Says U.S. Govt ‘Had Full Access’ To Private Twitter Direct Messages

Elon Musk Says U.S. Govt ‘Had Full Access’ To Private Twitter DMs


Steven Ben-Nun: Reports Surface Trump to Reinstate Death Penalty by Guillotine

[Christian persecution?] Alaska Troopers apologize for unlawfully detaining Mat-Su principal for forced psych. evaluation

“..the Troopers arrived at her door on Jan. 18, a Trooper told Fulp that her family members were worried about her mental health. This occurred shortly after Fulp posted a four-hour video in which she enthusiastically claimed to have received special graces from God, a renewed sense of the Holy Spirit and the ability to speak in tongues – a belief held by millions of Christians around the world. …

“They took everything away from me,” Fulp recounted. “They had an officer watch over me, and had a camera on me for three days straight.”

After being admitted, she said had to undergo an extensive evaluation.

“They took my blood, they found nothing. They did a ct scan, they found nothing. They did an EKG they found nothing,” she explained. “The only thing I left with on the diagnosis is that I do need to have a follow up visit.”

They also gave her anti-psychotic drugs against her will.

“They treated me like I was crazy,” she said. …

“Fulp is the current principal of Colony High School and the 2022 Alaska Principal of the Year. She served 15 years as principal of Colony Middle School, where her work with students and staff earned her widespread respect and honors throughout Alaska’s educational community.

Downing: Biden Administration plays with fire — gas stoves & keep-it-in-the-ground movement

Downing: Biden Administration plays with fire
By Suzanne Downing – January 14, 2023

The keep-it-in-the-ground movement uses studies such as one published in Nature in 2021, which says that 90% of remaining coal in the earth must remain untouched, and 60% of oil and fossil methane gas must stay underground in order for the planet to have a 50% chance of keeping temperatures from rising 1.5 degrees Celsius “above pre-industrial levels.” Everything must go to electric. …

..Trumka revealed the real plan. First ban new stoves, then make parts unavailable for existing stoves, then do a tax incentive to turn in your stove.

When government can turn on and turn off the power, and when there are no alternatives, the people are right to be worried.

QR Code Required to Enter DC Whole Foods and May Be Used to Implement Social Credit System

Whole Foods is owned by Amazon. Video shows entry at a Whole Foods market in Washington, DC with gates requiring a QR code on customers’ phones to enter the store. A sign advises customers that “cameras and sensors register what you take and put back”. Customers can skip checkout as purchases are tracked and processed through cell phones. Buying groceries can be linked to a social credit score similar to China’s system. The video creator plans to boycott Whole Foods.

Other grocery stores track customers through their rewards cards, store apps, and in-store video surveillance.

Update: There appears to be an entry gate for customers who want to use a register to pay for their items. – GEG

QR CODES – This is Whole Foods in the USA. Capturing all your data as you enter, scanning everything you buy & spying on your every move.

Social Credit scoring will Look like this. Rationing you, deciding for you and controlling you. For profit.

SHOCKING Revelations Show Intel Agencies Infiltrated Facebook, Google, & Twitter


Ammon Bundy Tells The True Story Of The Bundy Ranch And FBI Corruption

Dr. Zink wants massive surveillance, admits officials made Covid policy ‘without the data’

Dr. Anne Zink TOTALLY IGNORED the peer reviewed studies that proved high enough VITAMIN D levels REDUCED the SEVERITY of Covid by 1,000-1,500%! The first such study was published early in the pandemic in April 2020.

Zink hasn’t said one word about the truth about vitamin D, which makes her RESPONSIBLE — lying by omission and commission. Few Alaskans would have died if their vitamin D levels were above 50 ng/ml, if people would have tested their D levels instead of lining up for the unreliable PCR tests that didn’t cure Covid.

The majority of Alaskans are still deficient or insufficient with levels of about 10-20 ng/ml. And Zink still says NOTHING about the main key to Covid and a main key to many health issues, longevity and DEPRESSION!

Fast acting D, calcifediol could have been used in hospitals to treat Covid late too, saving many who entered the hospital low in D.

Big Pharma is “love of money” driven, not wellness driven. They can’t patent and make $billions from vitamin D. The American Medical Association was started by John D. Rockefeller to make medicine a business model, not a wellness model.

If Pharma had told the truth about vitamin D, they couldn’t have gotten emergency use authorization for their jabs that damaged many, so they destroyed many lives in order to make ~$100 billion for Pharma.

My fact sheet for Alaskans:
High Enough Vitamin D – Freedom From Covid Fear — Summary Info / Studies / How Much to Take / New Standards

Dr. Zink wants massive surveillance, admits officials made Covid policy ‘without the data’


Dr. Anne Zink is a formidable and controversial player when it comes to directing public healthcare policy both in Alaska and across the nation. As Alaska’s chief medical officer, she has enthusiastically and relentlessly pushed pro-Covid jab messaging. Now, as the new leader of a powerful left-leaning public policy organization, she is poised to step onto the national stage as a leading advocate for massive expansion of government health surveillance and crackdown on so-called “misinformation.”

Appointed in 2019 by Gov. Mike Dunleavy to advise him on how to create and implement health policy across Alaska, Zink quickly became a polarizing public figure for her largely uncritical support of experimental Covid shots, the downplaying of natural immunity and a refusal to publicly acknowledge the benefits of early treatment methods like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Buses Across US Are Quietly Adding Microphones to Record Passenger Conversations

Public transit authorities are installing surveillance systems on buses that will give them the ability to record and store private conversations. Officials say that the systems will help improve the safety of passengers and drivers, but the system has privacy violation issues as audio could easily be coupled with facial recognition systems or audio recognition technology to identify passengers, according to an expert.


Jan. 6 Prisoner Beaten til He Lost an Eye, Later He Was Tied to Chair for 12 Hours, Now He Has Blood Clots and Precancerous Growths, Government Won’t Allow Him Medical Treatment – They Want Him Dead


Report says FBI and Facebook worked together to spy on conservatives who doubted 2020 election results


Thousands of Coloradans Locked Out of Their Smart Thermostats due to ‘Energy Emergency’

Thousands of Coloradans were unable to adjust the temperature in their homes for hours on Tuesday after Xcel Energy locked their smart thermostats due to an “energy emergency.”

Amish Farm Under Threat From Feds For Refusing To Abandon Traditional Farming Practices (Video)

Fed War Against Amish Farms: A Pennsylvania Amish family farm (Miller’s Organic Farm) in Pennsylvania is under attack by the federal government for not allowing federal inspections and processing methods. The government is threatening $300K in fines — a request so steep, it would put the farm out of business. And the NY Supreme Court has ruled against the Amish using their religion to exempt them from vaccine mandates, even in their own private school. [Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief 8/26/22]

Amish Farm Under Threat From Feds For Refusing To Abandon Traditional Farming Practices (Video)

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