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Is silver going to go through the roof? – Banks Removed 50% of ALL SHORTS on Silver… Something Big is Coming w/ Dr. Kirk Elliott

John Williams (Shadow Stats): Real inflation about 8% higher — Congress has rigged inflation since 1983

Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief, January 19, 2024

John Williams on the Current State of Inflation: John Williams has been at the head of “” for years—the best source for real inflation numbers. In this interview with Jason Burach, founder of Financial Education Company, Williams tells the history of how Congress decided in 1983 to begin skewing the Consumer Price Index with new criteria in order to reduce what Social Security recipients would get from the annual COLA—Cost of Living Allowance adjustment. He says the changes they have made over the years lower the real rate of inflation by 8 full percentage points. So if the CPI is 2%, it’s really 9-10%. I think he’s right.

Bill Still: There’s No Gold Left in Fort Knox !!!

The Still Report

Landmark Interview! Brother Nathanael Kapner on the Alex Jones Show 1/3/24 — “Judaism today is not Judaism of the Old Testament.” “Whosoever denies that Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God has come in the flesh incarnate is of the spirit of antichrist”

Significant, about-time interview! Though, Alex is playing stupid here as the antagonist — why the interview is so draining and frustrating for him. “It’s so exhausting,” Alex says. It’s hard to lie. He’s blamed everyone but the Talmudists for 20 years now, but told the truth before that. Alex compromised to be famous and make a lot of money.

Alex’s is playing dumb with his title too. Full title: “Alex Jones Debates Messianic Jew Who Believes He Has Discovered the Root of All Evil,” because he knows the Talmud is the main source of the NWO evil plan, which is “love of money” related, what the Bible calls the root of all kinds of evil. Nathanael points out how the Talmudists use their massive amounts of money to destroy humanity through the media, BlackRock, Big Pharma, etc..

I agree with most of what Nathanael says, but Putin is controlled too, and Hitler ended up getting Germany destroyed by getting people to follow him instead of Christ.

Having Nathanael on, finally is laudable, but Alex needs to stop lying, and start telling the truth no matter what. God says “all liars” will go to the lake of fire when they die (Revelation 21).

Nathanael makes a key point: “Judaism today is not Judaism of the Old Testament.”

24:30 Nathanael’s conversion to Christianity! His rabbi spit on the floor when Nathanael asked him about Jesus!

47:40 Alex says Larry David is “super likable.” Nathanael points out that Larry David peed on a picture of Jesus Christ, and says there is “no such thing as a good [denying Christ] Jew.” “You [they] identify that Christ is not the Messiah. That’s the spirit of antichrist. Saint John said it twice: ‘whosoever denies that Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God has come in the flesh incarnate is of the spirit of antichrist.'”

“..every spirit who doesn’t confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God; and this is the spirit of the Antichrist….” – 1 John 4:3

Nathanael’s website

Video is also on Bitchute

So, he recorded this before they k_lled him… (he knew too much) _ John McAfee

Dave Smith on Hyper-Inflation and Fractional Reserve Banking

Average American purchasing power has been eroded by 23.90% Since Jan 2020 (Biden’s 1st month)

US Inflation Rate: Aggregated

Average American purchasing power has been eroded by 23.90% Since Jan 2020.

Compounded inflation rate since Jan 2020 is 23.90%


The Real Problem with Electric Vehicles

“Currently there is a very loud narrative that climate change is a crisis that can only be solved with renewables and decarbonization. But, like most things, it’s more complicated than that.”


Epoch Times: Banks De-banking Clients Timeline — Now Hitting Mike Lindell!

Banks bailed out with US tax dollars cancelling citizens through Chinese style social credit scores!

Susan Lindauer: Rumsfeld’s $2.3 Trillion Money Trail – John B Wells LIVE

WATCH HERE — video should start at 1:39:20

US Govt. Will SHUT DOWN In Days, Matt Gaetz BLOCKS McCarthy Omnibus Spending

Rep. Matt Gaetz stands against the all-or-nothing, $multi-trillion omnibus bills that bloats government!


Global De Dollarization Trend Is Gaining Momentum!! — Endgame for the dollar used as a global currency

Major Warning Given on Social Security Checks

Larry Fink & George Soros: Are They Destroying America? | PBD on Joe Rogan

Capitalism BENEFITS From Minimum Wage Increase – PBE on Joe Rogan

Amazon loves it. Walmart loves it. Kills Mom & Pops!

Larry Fink: The Most Powerful Man On Wall Street — CEO & Founder of BlackRock

Real Reason U.S. Healthcare is so Expensive — Alaska Regional 593% charge-to-cost; Providence (Anchorage) 469% charge-to-cost ratio!

Average Charge-To-Cost Ratio – Alaska

SOURCE: Attachment 1
National Nurses United, “Fleecing Patients: Hospitals Charge Patients More Than Four Times the Cost of Care” (Nov. 2020), p. 49

“A hospital employee whom Dr. Marty Makary confronted on behalf of a patient who received an exorbitant hospital bill provides the answer: ‘The law allows us to charge whatever we want. If we want to charge $1 million, she has to pay it.'”

“Medicare and Medicade pay less than cost, the uninsured pay little or nothing, and others must make up the difference.”

Patrick Bet-David Deconstructs BlackRock’s Influence and ESG Ratings | Joe Rogan Experience

Patrick Bet-David:

88% of the companies on S&P 500, the largest shareholder is either State Street, BlackRock or Vanguard.”

“How big is BlackRock? $10 trillion. … Only two countries have a bigger GDP than BlackRock has assets under management, US and China.”

“They have the kind of control that can make companies fire boards, replace CEO’s, replace leaders they don’t like….”

“Larry Fink, the guy running BlackRock is really the president of the United States.”

‘Old Glory Bank’ Emerges to Protect Your Money From Cancel Culture

Dr. Mercola mentioned he’s now banking with Old Glory Bank, after being cancelled by Chase Bank.

Country music star John Rich launches patriotic Old Glory bank with Ben Carson, Larry Elder

The Trouble with China with Michael McCarthy | The Nick Bryant Podcast

Very interesting dot connecting regarding China’s interactions with England, the US and Canada, and how China is now getting back at us — Fentanyl, etc., but in the last 1/3rd of the interview, he strongly supports the great deceptions of our day. He says flat out: “evolution is a fact;” promotes socialism, Big Pharma’s Covid vaxxes, and carbon credits to save us from extinction, which the globalists are using to bring us into a one-world government. He trust the science. Very perplexing how he can be so wise about his subject and so ignorant on these other key points that he defends vehemently.

It’s definitely worth watching, but there is a lot of poison at the end.

Michael’s latest book is “Follow the Money: How China Bought the World.”

– –

15:00 China is buying up the world, skyrocketing real estate prices.

18:45 “We’re trying to make ourselves happy through shopping. … endorphins,” making China wealthy.

40:30 “I estimate Walmart has destroyed at least 250,000 small businesses all across America.”

44:45 Corruption among businessmen in the CCP: buying influence and high level jobs to be connected.

45:30 Only 7% of the people belong to the communist party. “The rest hate the government…. They watch everyone like a hawk.” Everyone is traced through their cellphones. You open your mouth there you disappear.


Is It Too Late To Stop ESG? | Guest: Justin Haskins (Part One) | Ep 841

if you’re a homeowner, or you want to be a homeowner one day, you need to watch this…

How YOUR 401k savings are being used to turn our biggest brands woke – as revealed by ex-Anheuser-Busch exec who shows how you can fight back at the cash registers

Target and Bud Light are publicly traded companies, which means that, ultimately, it’s their investors – a.k.a. Wall Street – that’s calling the shots.

Enter BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard, the three largest and most influential financial institutions in U.S. history. They’re known as the ‘Big Three’ on Wall Street, though many Americans have never heard of them.

These three companies control more than $20 trillion in assets, almost none of which is their own. Rather, they manage the money held in everyday American’s retirement accounts, pension funds, mutual funds and investment accounts. …

Another sign of impending recession: Costco shoppers are buying more of this

Costco executives told investors that recent shopper habits are sending tell-tale signals that a recession is on the way.

Marc Morano Demolishes the Great Reset Agenda at the Heartland Institute’s 2023 Climate Conference

Marc Morano speaks at The Heartland Institute’s 15th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC15) on Feb. 25, 2023. Morano is the founder and publisher of CFACT’s and is the author of the 2021 book “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think.” Morano exposes the true nature of the Great Reset, and it’s not pretty. The Great Reset isn’t a gradual shift to improve the lives of the masses. It’s a massive power grab by a select few who believe they should determine how society works on a global scale.

The Fifteenth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC15) featured more than 50 speakers who are top scientists in their fields and policy experts from around the world. Each edition of these conferences attracts scientists, legislators, environmentalists, and more all discussing their views on climate science, the idea that there is a crisis, efforts to educate the public, views on the state of discourse, and more.


E. Michael Jones ‘Barren Metal’ Interview: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury

Usury is the basis of the entire modern banking system, the origin of which dates back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It allows you to earn profits without any work input. This parasitic mechanism is not only a source of fortunes and a guarantee of power, but also the cause of the collapse of the modern world.

The Book: Barren Metal: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury by E. Michael Jones

Ron Paul LIVE on Timcast for 2 hours at age-87!

Best parts start at minutes 16 and 54

Skousen: Overview of the Banking Crisis – What you need to know

In summary, it is very clear that the government is going to do everything within its money creation and regulatory powers to keep this banking system failure in check. The PTB even trotted out Joe Biden to tell Americans “the US banking system is safe” even as shares plummeted up to 74% in pre-market trading despite president’s guarantee scheme for SVB and Signature Bank.

The financial powers first had to halt all trading in bank stocks while they organized a stock intervention response so the “crash” of bank stocks was blunted. The fact that the “plunge protection team” had to intervene so forcefully to stop the run on bank stocks indicates the big boys aren’t ready for a market crash yet.

• • •

World Affairs Brief, March 17, 2023 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (


The collapse of three high-risk banking institutions this week may seem like an anomaly, but it’s not, considering the fragile nature of our banking system. All banks are inherently susceptible to bank runs because they, like insurance companies, are only required to keep a small portion of their assets in cash or liquid assets available for withdrawal within a short time. When cash funds are exhausted, banks must sell their most liquid assets, which are usually in the form of US Treasury bonds. When demands for withdrawal exceed a bank’s cash and liquid assets, the bank becomes insolvent—unless it can get other larger banks to give them some “bridge loans” at higher interest rates, which they just did for First Republic Bank. But they won’t be willing to do if the problem bank’s balance sheet contains too many weak performing loans. Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank both ran out of the foregoing options this week and collapsed, but what was different this week was that the Federal Reserve and FDIC stepped in and decided to bailout all depositors, most of which far exceeded the $250K cap on federal deposit insurance, in order to stave off a larger bank panic. While this may work in the short term, it sets a very dangerous precedent in that it is 1) illegal, 2) rewards risky bank speculation, and 3) it sets up a double standard for bailouts that the government can’t possible fulfill if more banks default. This week I will discuss the many reasons why SVB failed and why other banks are similarly vulnerable.

First, a Primer on Banking

Check your bank rating at Weiss ratings – How Safe Is Your Bank?

Typing your bank into the search engine can save a lot of time, since thousands of banks are listed here.

– –

Bank Implosion: How Safe Is Your Bank?

Here is how you can find out…

Patrick Wood

The banking system is on the rocks again and is generating a lot of fear and trepidation among ordinary people who are asking, “How safe is my bank”?

Both individuals and businesses should be asking that question.

I can give you some immediate help. A very old acquaintance, Martin Weiss, founded Weiss Ratings to assess safety of banks, credit unions and insurance companies. It has recently expanded its rating service to crypto and stocks.

To see bank ratings on 3,540 US banks, go here.

To see S&L ratings on 2,162 S&L/Credit Unions, go here.

Keynote – Peter Zeihan – 2022 (Sept., Texas)

Definitely worth watching, but I don’t trust some of Zeihan’s analysis. He doesn’t seem to understand the globalists’ plans, and how Russia and China are planning to take the US out with EMPs and nukes. China wants the USA’s land, But he has some ideas that could pan out, based on lots of data!

“I don’t worry about China at all, he says.”


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