[Christian persecution?] Alaska Troopers apologize for unlawfully detaining Mat-Su principal for forced psych. evaluation

“..the Troopers arrived at her door on Jan. 18, a Trooper told Fulp that her family members were worried about her mental health. This occurred shortly after Fulp posted a four-hour video in which she enthusiastically claimed to have received special graces from God, a renewed sense of the Holy Spirit and the ability to speak in tongues – a belief held by millions of Christians around the world. …

“They took everything away from me,” Fulp recounted. “They had an officer watch over me, and had a camera on me for three days straight.”

After being admitted, she said had to undergo an extensive evaluation.

“They took my blood, they found nothing. They did a ct scan, they found nothing. They did an EKG they found nothing,” she explained. “The only thing I left with on the diagnosis is that I do need to have a follow up visit.”

They also gave her anti-psychotic drugs against her will.

“They treated me like I was crazy,” she said. …

“Fulp is the current principal of Colony High School and the 2022 Alaska Principal of the Year. She served 15 years as principal of Colony Middle School, where her work with students and staff earned her widespread respect and honors throughout Alaska’s educational community.
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[Alaska] Alex Gimarc: The lying liars who lied on Ballot Measure 2


Our friends from Alaskans for Better Elections, sensing a disturbance in the Force, have started an ad campaign on local radio in defense of Ballot Measure 2, the rewrite of state election law passed in 2020.

The ad campaign is a purely defensive attempt to change the topic from the failure of Ballot Measure 2 (aka Ranked Choice Voting) by telling listeners that not only is the rewrite a smashing success, but Alaskans are overwhelmingly in support of it.

I suppose that all depends on your perspective, which is where the “lying liars” part comes in. Continue reading “[Alaska] Alex Gimarc: The lying liars who lied on Ballot Measure 2”

Alaska students are a year behind U.S. average in reading, math

Low vitamin D levels is one of the main reasons, and NO ONE is talking about it!

“..reading scores are…approximately a full year of learning behind the national average, and 2.1 years behind Florida, which was third in fourth-grade reading. Only 28% of Alaska’s fourth graders were proficient in mathematics, and only 24% were proficient in reading in 2022. …

Alaska’s fourth-grade mathematics score compared to all states, Alaska ranked ahead only of New Mexico and the District of Columbia and tied with West Virginia and Delaware. …

Alaska was second to last in fourth-grade reading nationwide, ahead only of New Mexico. … For every Alaskan fourth grader proficient in reading, three are not. 


Alaska: Senate Democrat-dominated majority announces formation

#Cathy Giesell

STORY: Senate Democrat-dominated majority announces formation, and Sen. Stevens, incoming Senate president, says he doubts they’ll overturn ranked choice voting

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Alaska State Senate announces bipartisan majority coalition

For the first time in a decade the Alaska State Senate has formed a bipartisan majority coalition. Tune into watch their announcement at a press conference at the Anchorage Legislative Information Office.

Alaska Covid data shows sharp increase in youth suicides — “on our way to Alaska being ranked #1” – President of VOA Alaska

Julia Luey, president and CEO of VOA Alaska speaks with Mike Porcaro about Alaska’s mental health crisis caused by Covid procedures (though, she wouldn’t say specifically why when asked).

1:26:30 “…Covid just kind of hit the peddle to the metal. … Our call volume has increased 190%.”

“Data is starting to emerge now that highlights the crisis we have here in Alaska. One of the things that really shook my soul was the sharpest increase in suicide attempts was between the ages of 11 and 14 years old. … And we’re on our way to Alaska being ranked #1 in the country for youth suicide.”

Starts at approximately 1:25:40

The Mike Porcaro Show 11/16/22

Could McConnell have saved Blake Masters’ campaign in Arizona with funds he wasted battling Tshibaka in Alaska?

In Alaska, McConnell spent those millions not attacking Democrats, but smearing the name of Republican Kelly Tshibaka, to the point that several districts of the Republican Party issued resolutions of censure and condemnation of McConnell and told him to butt out of Alaska, if he was not going to support the Alaska Republican Party’s endorsed candidate, Tshibaka.


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Evil McConnell:

“The dirty tricks boys in the FBI have incriminating files on about 75% of Congress. Only about a dozen Congressmen are both clean and willing to fight the system.”

Joel Skousen: 75% in Congress are Blackmailable, while only about a dozen congressmen are both clean and willing to fight the system

Nick Begich II: My Son, Nick Begich III Running for US Congress!

 Flashpoint 2022-10
The Hidden Monks – Earthpulse Press Inc.
Dr. Nick Begich

Dear Friend,

It has been quite a while since I have talked with many of my friends. I do miss you all. Well, most of you. Just kidding. My last public event was April 30, 2021 when I went “off-line” and stopped most of my public work. My last event was aired on www.thehiddenmonks.com and YouTube. It was 15 hours divided into 28 segments. It was the culmination of 50 years of scholarship and shared public work.

So why come back into view now? Several reasons, but today my focus is on my son who is running for Congress to represent Alaska. I need your help and would appreciate your consideration of my thoughts here.

Many of my friends have been wondering what I have been doing. I will talk about some of this later in another update to all of you in a separate communication. I have been doing a lot of personal internal spiritual work, giving time to my close relationships and carefully considering when and where the work goes forward – while the future unfolds before us.

My son is a Republican, Nick III comes from a family of leaders within the Democrat Party. My family members are very different in our politics coming from both organized political parties and independent traditions. Believe me our family events are the fireworks everyone looks for on the 4th of July! The “Great Begich Debate”, happens every holiday and family gathering. Sorry no tickets, only invitation. Yet, as I say this, I want to express the deepest part of the debate and the fire that resides within it. The fire is simply Love, compassion and passion poured out. The most powerful thing to hold in the center of all relationships, Love. The foundation of family and the hope of nations. The challenge of this time in history is to find the core of respectful disagreement and passionate, well-articulated and thoughtful solutions. My family is trained in it. We live it every day. Nick III is a living example of it, which is true leadership. To Love within family, state and nation in the midst of turbulent times is what we need.

The three Nicks. Dr. Nick Begich, Nick III and my grandson Nicholas IV. Primary Night Aug 16, 2022. Continue reading “Nick Begich II: My Son, Nick Begich III Running for US Congress!”

Alaska Constitutional Convention Debate — Sen. Robb Meyers & Rep. Kevin McCabe –Matt Shuckerow –Ira Siomski-Pritz

Streamed live on Nov 3, 2022

Two events in one night. ConCon & US Congress Candidates Debate Alaska Resources. Schedule times below has been changed ConCon is now first & Congress Resources Candidate Debate is Second. …

Tonight Dr. Forrest Nabors moderating: 7:30-9:00pm Candidates Nick Begich Ill and Chris Bye will duke it out on stage. …

From 6:00pm – 7:30pm Senator Robb Myers and Representative Kevin McCabe will have a conversation why Alaskans should be overwhelmingly Voting “YES on Ballot Measure #1!”

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Strange bedfellows: Former Sen. Cathy Giessel endorsing, campaigning with Democrat Matt Claman

By Suzanne Downing – October 25, 202

Former Sen. Cathy Giessel, a Republican trying to win back her seat in the Alaska Senate, is appeared at a shared event with Matt Claman, who is a hardline Democrat running against Republican Sen. Mia Costello. The event is taking place in Girdwood on Monday evening at a private home.

This is not the first betrayal of the Republican Party by Giessel, who is also a campaign co-chair for former Gov. Bill Walker, who is not currently registered to vote in either major party. Continue reading “Strange bedfellows: Former Sen. Cathy Giessel endorsing, campaigning with Democrat Matt Claman”

As Assembly begins to curb free speech, Anchorage newspaper joins ‘racist’ fray, and university professor suggests ‘people’s brains have been polluted’

Select comments:

“..if you go back a couple years and do the research you can see that the Villages get rid of the drunks and problem children. It’s called Banning and they do it quite frequently. Just think. Your Banned from you booze free village and come to Anchorage and there is booze on almost every street corner. Like going to heaven and we the people are paying them to be here, What a shame.”

https://icalliances.org/alaska-communities-dashboard filtering out all data except for ANCHORAGE, AK states that Anchorage homeless clients self-identified as:

– American Indian/Alaska Native/Indigenous at 45% and
– identified themselves as White at 38% (A snapshot in time for 2022-sure to change daily, weekly, yearly). They can identify as more than one race (i.e. mixed race AK Native/White) and get counted in each.

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ABC TV series ‘Alaska Daily’ portrays our destructive Anchorage Daily News as a force for good — virtue signaling, claiming police are racists

ABC is airing a fictional TV series, Thursday evenings, called ‘Alaska Daily,’ based on our extreme leftist and woke newspaper, the ‘Anchorage Daily News. ADN President Ryan Binkley and staff reporter Kyle Hopkins are executive producers. Continue reading “ABC TV series ‘Alaska Daily’ portrays our destructive Anchorage Daily News as a force for good — virtue signaling, claiming police are racists”

Anchorage Assembly eliminates public participation at start of meetings

Mike Porcaro and Crash discussed this on the Mike Porcaro Show on 9/28, snarked that the Assembly will now surround the dais with a moat, and will sit on Kings and Queens chairs.

Dan Fagan read this article during his 9/29 show, calling pompous Christopher Constant, who pushed this, “King Christopher.”

– –

Shutting the public down: Anchorage Assembly eliminates public participation at start of meetings

By Suzanne Downing -September 28, 2022

The half hour that has been reserved for audience participation during the early part of the Anchorage Assembly meetings is no more. The Assembly majority has killed it with a stealth move.

AO 2022-82 passed on Tuesday night, with a surprise amendment from Assemblyman Chris Constant, removing the “initial audience participation” that was given one half hour after some early business was taken care of by the Assembly. There will be a limited time for a member of the public to speak if that person has made an appearance request in advance. At this point, the reservations for those appearances are limited to three people, for three minutes each.

The title of the ordinance didn’t suggest that audience participation would be limited. That came from the surprise amendment by Constant, which passed. Assemblyman Felix Rivera, who usually votes with the leftist majority, broke from the majority to vote against the amendment. Continue reading “Anchorage Assembly eliminates public participation at start of meetings”

Alaskan Town That Lives In One Building – Isolated From The World 🇺🇸

Whittier is a fascinating and gorgeous town 60 miles from Anchorage on Prince William Sound, accessible by tunnel and ocean only. I’ve been there many times, and have thoroughly checked out his WWII building where almost everyone lives, because it’s literally bombproof tough.

I once experienced 80 mph winds in winter there. Parked cars were visibly moving back and forth. Whittier gets a lot of wind because of the location between Prince William Sound and Turnagain Arm, where the wind funnels through. When it’s calm in summer, it’s a gem. I photographed a nearby waterfall, and made a big print, when I was still doing photography.

Video says:

1.5 hours southwest of Anchorage is a town accessed only through a tunnel under a glacier or by sea. A place where almost all of the residents live in one self-contained building with a school, store, church, USPS, and everything it takes to live under one roof. Join me as we meet some of the interesting people who live there.