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Anchorage Photo 1972-74: Boniface & Debarr


How many times does your state fit into Alaska?

From: Must Read Alaska

Joe Miller Discusses the Vote Fraud Problem with Dr. Douglas Frank

The nation’s foremost expert on vote integrity discusses with Joe Miller why American voting cannot be trusted, why Alaska’s voting system is one of the worst, and how you can help fix the problem.

Why ‘Bronson 2024’ is Impossible in Anchorage – unless…: Amy Demboski vs. Mayor Bronson Overview & More: (1/23) Amy’s 11-page complaint released by Kendall | Ads run & letter sent to voters | (9/23) Amy files lawsuit w/ additional complaints | The Solution!

Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson defeated RADICAL leftist Forest Dunbar in 2021 by only 1.3%. Bronson was able to ride on his no-lockdown and no-mask-mandate position during Covid. [Afterward, Anchorage Assembly masked citizens again anyway, taking away mayoral powers that RADICAL leftist Mayor Quinn-Davidson had, and also Mayor Berkowitz.]

All of what’s shown below has happened since, which will be weaponized against Dave in ad after ad.

On top of that, the liberal press has continually blamed Dave only for the homeless problem and deaths, and many residents are upset with Dave’s headship of the snow removal street issues.

Nonetheless, Dave is still running, which seems to me will guarantee a leftist winning in 2024. Dave needs to do the right thing, please.

Key articles below tell the Amy/Dave story.


NOTE: both Amy and Dave are openly Baptists. The Apostle Paul says “Christians” are not supposed to sue Christians in secular courts (1 Cor. 6:1-8). The main problem in America is a lack of REAL Christianity. The main solution is REAL Christianity, which can start in Anchorage — Jesus’ prayer fulfilled in John 17 and His clearly stated goal in Ephesians 4:11-16!

Town Hall on Anchorage’s snow plowing failure – Alaska Landmine 11/18/23

Anchorage Baptist Temple’s Jerry Prevo in trouble: Falwell Jr. lawsuit targets Prevo, Liberty board members

Falwell Jr. lawsuit targets Prevo, Liberty board members

In new complaint, Falwell alleges LU payments ‘have appearance of kickbacks’


Interview with former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines – Alaska Landmine (Jeff Landfield)

Homeless vagrants stealing from Natural Pantry in Anchorage

Midtown, Muldoon businesses feeling the impact of more homeless people in Anchorage

Midtown business owners, community council react to delayed abatement of Cuddy Park

Anchorage ice skater’s mishap shows the best rescue might be one you can do yourself

Crazy! But fit and prepared enough to survive.

“As Helander passed a section of the lagoon between the small island and the shoreline along West 15th Avenue, the ice gave way, immediately submerging him. An Anchorage Daily News journalist, who was at the lagoon for another reason, witnessed the mishap.


Razor blades found on an Eagle River park slide

The Anchorage Police Department is investigating the placement of razor blades this month at Schroeder Park in Eagle River after learning of a 3-year-old’s close call on playground equipment.


Amazon is launching a hiring spree for its new Anchorage distribution center. Will there be enough workers?

The company will offer $20 an hour starting pay plus benefits. But there are two job openings for every job hunter in Alaska, a new report found.

The company said it will offer a starting wage of $20 an hour, and eligible workers will get health care, vision, and dental insurance, a 401(k) retirement-savings opportunity with a match from the company, and up to 20 weeks paid parental leave with six weeks for supporting parents.


New Alaska regs say cannabis shops can give free samples starting Sunday

Comment by Trig:
“Drug dealers have been using this method for years. Doctors as well, in regards to opiates for that matter. Enticement has always been a great tool to sell a product to people who would be less interested in a product. And a product that gives you relief from reality has increased in popularity of late. Soon reality becomes a blur and less desirable. As much as a person thinks that they can solve all problems under the influence, mean old reality creeps in and is not desirable any longer. An occasional trip to happy land can be enjoyable but people who wish to stay there soon become nonproductive. Encouragement of such products by making them easier to obtain is equal to a ship’s captain unlocking the rum stores and expecting his crew to be able to do their jobs. What the government’s role in all of this seems to only be in collecting revenue from an otherwise untaxed source. It certainly isn’t that they are interested in our well being or public safety.

Mike Porcaro Show 10/4/23: Porcaro berates caller Carl | Crash hated his HS teacher “running his mouth off” (also called ‘teaching’)

Mike & Crash waste an entire segment talking about toile paper at the start

Mike blows up at Carl, because Carl pointed out he was held on hold because of another stupid segment they made Anchorage suffer through — at 18:20

Crash explains how he was delinquent in HS, how he hated his HS teacher “running his mouth off” for 45 minutes every day at 1:58:00


[Alaska] Fish and Game kills over 100 bears and wolves to boost Mulchatna caribou numbers

June 21, 2023

The Mulchatna herd was once among the largest in Alaska, with a historic range spanning from Dillingham to Bethel to Lake Iliamna. Today, the herd has dwindled to roughly 12,000; the Department of Fish and Game estimates a healthy population would range from 30,000 to 80,000 caribou.

10 killer whales caught this year by trawl vessels off Alaska, according to federal fisheries agency


Progressive Comedian Jimmy Dore: “Building 7 Was a Hoax” – Mentions University of Alaska’s Study

Censored Jimmy Dore, a well-known comedian, progressive-leftist, political commentator calls out Building 7 issue on his popular podcast.

“People are now finally being allowed to question the narrative… the official narrative of 9/11. The University of Anchorage [Alaska]… their engineering department already proved Building 7 was brought down on purpose. I saw a meme the other day… it had the Twin Towers… it said ‘never forget,’ and then right next to it, it had Building 7. It said ‘forget.”

“So, they took down Building 7 and I said this since… I don’t know… 2008 when we started our comedy podcast with Todd Glass. It’s obvious! It’s obvious they did that. Again, who are you going to believe– the government or your lying eyes? I’m going to believe my lying eyes, and I’m going to believe the University of Anchorage [Alaska].”

Sep 14, 2023


Anchorage on track to break annual wet-day record — 109 days with measurable precipitation so far this year, more than ever before. Highest temp recorded this summer was 73 degrees


If you’ve been bemoaning what has felt like a cold and wet summer, you are not alone.

“Anywhere you go in this state, it’s like every single person is complaining,”…

In the 263 days between Jan. 1 and Sept. 20, Anchorage had 109 days with at least 0.01 inches of precipitation. The second-highest year was 1965, which had 99. It has been a soggy year so far. …

On that list: It was “probably the cloudiest summer on record for Southcentral Alaska” — meaning the region lost out on the solar energy it typically gets.

In 92 days of summer between June and August, Anchorage had some amount of rain during 48 days. Only 2010 had more summer days with measurable precipitation. …

On top of that, the highest temperature recorded this summer was 73 degrees, well below the average high of 78. And Anchorage had only 10 days with temperatures at or above 70 degrees. On average, the city gets 18.


Nick Begich III w/ Jeff Landfield: Alaska Landmine Radio 9/15/23


Ted Stevens Was Previously In 1978 Plane Crash That Killed Wife

By Eric Kleefeld August 10, 2010

In December 1978, Ted Stevens and his wife Ann Stevens were on a small chartered plane that crashed while attempting to land. Ted Stevens survived — but his wife Ann, and four other people, were killed. Ted Stevens suffered head, neck and arm injuries, but was conscious when two of his daughters visited him in the hospital.

As The New Republic noted in 2007, Stevens long blamed the accident on his then co-Senator, Democrat Mike Gravel:

Ben Swann: University of Alaska Study Proves Gov. Wrong on 9/11 and WTC- 7, Third Building Collapse

Anchorage Assemblyman Felix Rivera protests with militant Marxists against ban on males in girls’ sports

From: Alaska Watchman

Anchorage Assemblyman Felix Rivera joined a hard-left Marxist and socialist organization to protest the Alaska Board of Education’s decision to limit girls’ high school sports to biological females.

On Sept. 2, an Alaska’s News Source clip [I fixed the Watchman’s link] showed Rivera speaking at a rally sponsored by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) Anchorage, which is part of a national network that seeks to engage local battles across the nation to advance socialist causes like free housing, higher minimum wages, abortion on demand, union growth, climate change legislation and LGBTQ political goals. The PSL national website endorses the use of “militant” tactics to further its causes with the ultimate plan of toppling capitalism and establishing a new socialist government.

“Homeless Camps In Alaska” Area Six the Return – Railroad Station Downtown Anchorage — Near fatal incident filmed; tent sliced on camera

Anchorage homeless violently knifes a homeless person’s tent live on camera. The man who was inside the tent jumped out and pulls what looks like a gun in response. He probably didn’t use it because he saw he was being filmed by Politadick.

This could have been a fatality.

Video should start at this incident, 38:11


“Homeless Camps In Alaska” Area Six – Railroad Station Downtown Anchorage

“Homeless Camps In Alaska” Area Three – Chester Creek Trail, starting at Sullivan Arena

1:19:50 Smoldering tree stump

1:36:00 syringes

2:12:05 Bark stripped from birch trees to start fires; will kill the trees

Homeless Camps In Alaska” Area Five – Behind the Peanut Farm

“Homeless Camps In Alaska” Area Four – Russian Jack Springs Park Anchorage

Camps first appear at 27:10

New research shows tsunamis pose ‘rare but real’ threat to Anchorage

Upending previous understanding of Anchorage’s tsunami vulnerability, researchers said Wednesday that a “rare but real risk” exists that a confluence of conditions could lead an earthquake-produced tsunami to inundate parts of coastal Anchorage, including the Port of Alaska and much of Ship Creek.

Clueless Americans Not Aware Russia & Chinese Warships off Alaska’s Coast

The largest foreign flotilla to approach American shores patrolled the coast of Alaska last week. Nearly a dozen Russian and Chinese warships came dangerously close to the Aleutian Islands. The warships were shadowed by four U.S. naval destroyers and a P-8 Poseidon aircraft.

A spokesman for the US Northern Command confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that Russia and China carried out a combined naval patrol near Alaska. Russia’s Defense Ministry in Moscow said the Russian and Chinese vessels had carried out drills that involved communication training, and helicopter landings and takeoffs from the decks of each other’s ships. They also conducted a joint anti-submarine exercise in the Bering Sea where a mock target was destroyed.


Homeless Camps In Alaska Area One – Behind Walmart on East 10th

Homeless Camps In Alaska Area Two – Willawa Elementary on DaBarr Road

Woman high on something yelling and smashing things

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