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Mom & Me at Larry Austin’s ‘Farewell Dan Fagan’ Party 12/2022

I just posted this on Facebook.

– –

Friend in real life, Larry Austin graciously hosted this Farewell to Dan Fagan party.

I’m in the VITAMIN D SHIRT (since I called into Dan’s show talking about D), and MOM is wearing my TRUTH MATTERS shirt. Larry bought us all pizza to compel people to come. How WONDERFUL!

Larry and I have stayed in touch since. I consider those of us in Anchorage to be extremely blessed to have a real-life peacemaker as an ambassador of God operating in his gift here.

Jesus said: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”

Thank you, Larry!

Dan Fagan: “The left destroys everything they touch”

“The left destroys everything they touch.” – Dan Fagan

Dunleavy advisor Dave Stieren justifies governor’s silence on the tyrant Mayor Berkowitz

Aug. 27, 2020

Dunleavy advisor Dave Stieren justifies governor’s silence on the tyrant Mayor Berkowitz. Stieren claims that’s his job.

Dan Fagan: We must speak the truth no matter what the demonic left says

“Their only path to victory is our fear based silence.” – Dan Fagan 12/1/22

Bernadette Wilson & Suzanne Downing co-hosting the Dan Fagan Show 11/11/22 on 650-KENI




Playing dumb: Democrat Les Gara tells Dan Fagan Show he doesn’t know what puberty blockers for children are


Dan Fagan: “It’s not a game anymore. The path we’re headed down in this country….”

 “It’s not a game anymore. The path we’re headed down in this country….” – Dan Fagan, Oct. 14, 2022

Anchorage Assembly eliminates public participation at start of meetings

Mike Porcaro and Crash discussed this on the Mike Porcaro Show on 9/28, snarked that the Assembly will now surround the dais with a moat, and will sit on Kings and Queens chairs.

Dan Fagan read this article during his 9/29 show, calling pompous Christopher Constant, who pushed this, “King Christopher.”

– –

Shutting the public down: Anchorage Assembly eliminates public participation at start of meetings

By Suzanne Downing -September 28, 2022

The half hour that has been reserved for audience participation during the early part of the Anchorage Assembly meetings is no more. The Assembly majority has killed it with a stealth move.

AO 2022-82 passed on Tuesday night, with a surprise amendment from Assemblyman Chris Constant, removing the “initial audience participation” that was given one half hour after some early business was taken care of by the Assembly. There will be a limited time for a member of the public to speak if that person has made an appearance request in advance. At this point, the reservations for those appearances are limited to three people, for three minutes each.

The title of the ordinance didn’t suggest that audience participation would be limited. That came from the surprise amendment by Constant, which passed. Assemblyman Felix Rivera, who usually votes with the leftist majority, broke from the majority to vote against the amendment.

Dan Fagan: Sarah Palin – Very gifted politician — but without humility, the damage…

Sarah Palin: A once in a generation gifted politician


Dan Fagan: For the woman – the cost is high



Sarah Palin videoed herself *not* “ranking the red,” unlike Nick Begich who did vote for her as his 2nd choice. Is Sarah still more about Sarah than doing what’s right?

Sarah could end up being a spoiler: entering the race late, splitting the conservative vote, and now not ranking the red (in rank ‘stinky’ choice voting), which could give us liberal Mary Peltola as Alaska’s only congressperson.

“For Palin to rank herself and herself only tells me everything I need to know about her, when you’re debating on whether she’s in it for country or is in it for herself.” – Dan Fagan on the Dan Fagan Show, 8/15/22, minute-1:42:00

Must Read Alaska August 13, 2022

Palin voted on Thursday in the Valley. An anecdotal sampling of voters is showing that Palin voters are voting for her and not ranking anyone else on the three-person special general election ballot. As Palin marked her ballot on the video she posted, she, too, only voted for herself and did not rank either Nick Begich or Mary Peltola. There was no “rank the red” on her ballot.

Dan Fagan Show: Rep. Kurka justifies his vote against the PFD

Rep. Kurka justifies his vote costing each Alaskan $2,000

August 10th, 2022


Sen. Reinbold on Dan Fagan’s discussion with Rep. Kurka — “He is a good person; has great potential, but he’s not quite ready for the governorship”

I do like Christopher Kurka. I think he is a good person, and he has great potential, but he’s not quite ready for the governorship. –Sen. Lora Reinbold

While Christopher Kurka tried to explain to Dan Fagan why he didn’t vote for the PFD, on air, minute-2:02:30 below, Lora Reindbold was on hold, waiting to be next, so she heard the entire Kurka/Fagan discussion. Dan asked Lora if he was right in holding Kurka’s feet to the fire. I transcribed what was said.

Dan Fagan: “Murkowski is a general in the movement to promote the culture of death through abortion in America”

Related: Lisa Murkowski on Abortion

Murkowski is a general in the movement to promote the culture of death through abortion in America.

Murkowski, who has been a champion of abortion, can still do the right thing

Sept. 20, 2020

By Dan Fagan

Planned Parenthood President Cecil Richards praised Murkowski in 2017 when the Alaska senator cast the deciding vote that blocked President Donald Trump’s attempt to repeal Obamacare. Murkowski voted against the repeal because the bill called for defunding Planned Parenthood. Imagine being so loyal to Planned Parenthood you’re willing to save Obamacare for it.

In 2018, Murkowski was one of just two Republicans to vote against a federal ban on abortions after 20 weeks and up to the day of birth. But Murkowski’s most consequential move to preserve the barbaric killing of millions of American babies came when she refused in 2018 to vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Dan Fagan: Sarah Palin’s Legacy if pro-CRT & pro-abortion Peltola wins

“If Sarah Palin will have handed this seat to Mary Peltola, that will add to her legacy as the single most destructive Alaskan ever elected into office.” – Dan Fagan

Dan Fagan: Non-profits can be more of a force for bad than good – Rasmusson Foundation example

Wealthy people often start tax exempt foundations to shelter their money so they don’t have to pay taxes.

“The non-profit community is always looking for tax dollars,” which they then give matching grants to. [To push their agenda – ed.]

“I personally believe the Rasmusson Foundation is a force for bad more than a force for good. I’m not saying all they do is bad, but as the general overall picture, I would say they cause more harm than good because they enable that bad behavior.”

“It’s the non-profit community that drives much of that government bloat and waste.”

Dan Fagan: “They raided Trump’s home! The games are over! It’s no longer an option to watch Netflix all night”

Dan was on fire this morning, 8/9/2022. Some quotes I transcribed:

“8/8/2022, yesterday will be the day that we moved closer to a banana republic than imaginable when the FBI raided Donald Trump’s home.”

“Do not dismiss the significance of what happened in America yesterday.”

“We are at war. The games are over. They raided Donald Trump’s home!”

“It’s no longer an option to sit on our couch and watch Netflix all night, and not pay attention to what’s going on in the world.”

Antidepressant destroys marriage after wife takes Cymbalta — Blocked her feelings, couldn’t cry anymore, became a combat driver

Monte @ 33:20:

“My wife got on the Cymbalta. Before that, she followed me anywhere, and did anything I said. It was always my idea to lead. I brought us up here. … When the doctor gave her that Cymbalta, it blocked her feelings. She didn’t cry no more. Her father died, and she didn’t even cry when her daddy died. I saw right then how much it changed her.

Also, in her driving, she was a slow driver, mellow. When she took that Cymbalta, buddy, she was the first one away from those red lights. She was a combat driver. She just turned into a different person with that Cymbalta.

That’s why she’s no longer here anymore, Dan.”

Dan Fagan: Joe Biden’s America – Disincentivized! – “The less you work the more benefits you get”

Why so many “Help Wanted” signs?

People can only get Obamacare, Obamaphone, food stamps, housing vouchers, etc. if low enough income.

“The less you work the more benefits you get. … That’s Joe Biden’s America.” – Dan Fagan, 7/28/22

“The people who are carrying the weight are getting fewer and fewer.” – Dan Fagan, 8/5/22

Dan Fagan: Do what’s right despite the hate!

“If there was a pill that you could take so you wouldn’t care what people thought about you; you would only do what you believe is right…. I would take that pill every morning.”

“If you want to be formidable, if you want to make a difference, if you want to leave a mark, if you want to advance the cause of freedom, you have to be able to say: I’m going to do this; people will hate me; don’t care, going to do it anyway because I believe it’s the right thing to do.”

Dan Fagan: “If you’re full of hatred, truth is invisible to you”

A leftist called into the show, using profanity. Dan’s response at 2:11:00:

“Leftists are so full of rage. … Your rage and your hatred so consume you that you no longer have the capability of seeing truth. Because when you’re full of hatred, truth is invisible to you.”

Dan Fagan: Palin’s false accusation against me. I’m setting the record straight — “Palin is a serial liar and a con artist. Her unhealthy political ambition and her lust for fame and fortune has seared her conscience”

Related: Palin goes ‘me too,’ accusing talk show host Dan Fagan of having crush on her that she had to ‘rebuff’

– –

“Palin is a serial liar and a con artist. Her unhealthy political ambition and her lust for fame and fortune has seared her conscience.”

“Palin is known for often saying odd things. But this is a serious time in which we live, and we need sober leadership. Alaskans get only one representative in Congress.

We are at war. Marxists, swamp creatures, and media elites are firebombing all that is good about America. Now is not the time to vote for childish, stars in their eyes, kooky drama queens like Palin.”

Dan Fagan: Palin made a false accusation against me. I’m setting the record straight — there was no crush

July 19, 2022


Dan Fagan: The heavens will REJOICE when Lisa Murkowski looses this election — GLORIOUS beyond description!” – Dan Fagan, 6/28/22

“Oh, it’s going to be such a GLORIOUS day when Lisa Murkowski looses this election! I’m telling you the heavens will rejoice. It’s going to be GLORIOUS beyond description!” – Dan Fagan, 6/28/22


Budget analyst Donna Arduin calls Dunleavy out on his budget deceptions

Entire interview starts at 41:00 here

June 28, 2022 • 6 min

The Dan Fagan Show airs weekday mornings between 5:30 and 9 am on Newsradio 650 KENI.

Dan Fagan: Loving our enemies, Chris Constant, etc. — No Hate

I transcribed some of what Dan Fagan said on his June 13th show (audio below).

Dan was going through Alaska’s election results for Congress, and came across Christopher Constant’s few percent. Dan explains the proper response.

“Now Christopher Constant. … I know it’s easy to hate the left. … They make our lives harder when they get into power. [He mentioned grocery store prices now.] So it’s easy to say ‘I hate these people….’ But we have to really guard our hearts.

Dan Fagan: Dunleavy appoints Alice Rogoff’s daughter to Alaska Permanent Fund Board of Trustees

There’s no single individual alive today who has hurt the financial bottom line of Alaskans more than former Anchorage Daily News publisher and owner Alice Rogoff.

The ignoring of the statutory formula Permanent Fund dividend calculation that is on the books has cost Alaska families’ tens of thousands of dollars over the past several years. The vision to raid the Permanent Fund Earnings account shrinking Alaskans yearly dividends was birthed in the heart of Alice Rogoff.

Back in 2014, with her vast wealth, Rogoff vaulted herself into a kingmaker. She was instrumental in creating the so-called “Unity Ticket” in the governor’s race. Rogoff, behind the scenes, worked with Big Labor bosses and other swamp creatures to create the Bill Walker-Byron Mallott ticket to run against Republican incumbent Gov. Sean Parnell.

Dan Fagan: The War is Between Sanity and Insanity

“You have to count your victories. You have to cherish them. You have to credit people when they have the boldness to advance the cause of sanity. Because that’s the war we’re fighting. It’s insanity verses sanity. This idea that boys can compete with girls is insane. Last night in the Mat-Su school district, they voted you must be a female to participate in female athletics.” – Dan Fagan, 6/16/22

Nick Begich: Many of the left are first order thinkers — don’t consider unintended consequences

Related: Second Order Thinking & Why Its Important — Ask: “And then what…?”

– –

“So much of the left is first order thinkers — meaning they never get past step one. The goal is ‘hey, wouldn’t it be great if we were all equal?’ Therefore, they’ll print money and hand it out? They don’t get past that step. What’s the unintended consequences? What’s going to happen next? ‘Well, we don’t know. We just think this is a good social justice outcome.’ That’s the left.

It sounds good at the surface, and it completely breaks down when you move to the next step.” – Nick Begich at minute-33:

Sarah Pain mortally wounded the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ — the Knik Arm bridge greatly needed now!

Sarah killed the Knik Arm bridge which could now be greatly helping Anchorage and Alaska!

“Every bridge is a bridge to nowhere; that’s why you put a bridge up.” – Michael Droege

Dan Fagan tells the story at 1:26:30

Dan Fagan Show 5/20/2022


Fagan on Palin: “No one has caused more harm to the state of Alaska than her other than Bill Walker, and she gave us Bill Walker”

“No one has caused more harm to the state of Alaska than her [Sarah Palin] other than Bill Walker, and she gave us Bill Walker.” – Dan Fagan on ‘The Dan Fagan Show,’ 5/13/22 @ 1:26:30


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