Dr. John Campbell: Lab leak conspiracy theory — “I wish I hadn’t been as trusting of the scientific authorities and the scientific publications in 2020”

Dr. Campbell: “Personally, I wish I hadn’t been as trusting of the scientific authorities and the scientific publications in 2020. Well, you live and learn, I suppose. It’s a pity that it makes you become more cynical and more doubtful of authority, as a result of this.”

“I feel let down and apologise if I have misled anyone.”

Separating Climate Facts from Fiction with James Corbett — “This is not about science, but the agenda”


“This is not about science. This is about the agenda.” – James Corbett

– –

On this episode of The Activation podcast Derrick Broze interviews returning guest James Corbett regarding his work on climate change. James has been researching the claims about climate change since 2007 and has produced dozens of reports and podcast dissecting the various claims about anthropogenic climate change. Derrick and James discuss what the climate change propagandists have right and what they have dangerously wrong. They also discuss the agenda behind the climate change movement.

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Rick Beato: Is Performing With A Backing Track Cheating? Entire ‘live’ show is pre-programmed; no variation from show to show. Most contemporary bands do it

Most musicians/bands play live with backing tracks. “The whole set is programmed. The drummer is playing to a click. Everybody is hearing the click in their In-Ears. They’re hearing a mix of what they’re doing, and they’re hearing all of the backing tracks, and the peddle changes are happening. … They’re not using real amplifiers.”

“So there is no variation from show to show typically, unless they reorder the set.” The light show is pre-synched.

From prog metal to metal bands, to pop acts, they all do it. A lot of the old bands don’t do it. Jeff Beck, Pearl Jam, for instance. Aerosmith does. “Most contemporary bands play with backing tracks.”

Song Meanings: “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters

Powerful motivational song to stand up to the liars; though, Dave Grohl seems to have swallowed some of their lies; is being used to help promote the deep state’s tyranny: RNA vaccine mandates, ‘save the planet’ tyranny.

“The Pretender” reveals the activities of people in authority who in a bid to stay in power use all forms of lies and pretense to control the beliefs and emotions of citizens. The speaker explains that these Pretenders, due to their thirst for power make sure that they keep their followers in the dark so they can continually control them.

As the narrator reveals the destruction these bad people cause by keeping most people stuck, he distinguishes himself by stating that he will no longer be controlled by them. In the chorus, the writer further presents himself as a person who is willing to speak against them, expose them and fight for change while doing what is right. Despite the fact that these pretenders in authority may have not faced any opposition for a long time, he is ready to challenge them. And in doing so, he will reveal their deceptive secrets and start a revolution which will open the eyes of the majority. (source)

Song Video

Fact check: Murkowski ads against Kelly Tshibaka tell lies about her position on birth control pills through the mail


A super PAC supporting Sen. Lisa Murkowski claims in several TV ads that her top challenger, Kelly Tshibaka, “wants to ban birth control in the mail.” Tshibaka has said she would ban the sale of the morning-after pill via the mail, but the ads leave the misleading impression she would ban all forms of birth control. Continue reading “Fact check: Murkowski ads against Kelly Tshibaka tell lies about her position on birth control pills through the mail”

Navy TWA 800 Shoot Down & Coverup Confirmed

Introduction by Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief, August 12, 2022


Jack Cashill who has written more about the downing of TWA 800 than anyone else has finally revealed the identity of his whistleblower source in the Navy who fed him information all these years about how the Navy accidentally shot down the civilian airliner TWA 800, and then enlisted the force of the US government to cover it up. The CIA spent millions recreating a false scenario blaming the explosion on a fuel tank fire.

August 8, 2022
The TWA 800 Whistleblower Is Legit
By Jack Cashill

In the past few weeks, I have received numerous inquiries about ten-year Navy veteran William Henry Teele III. After years of quietly providing information to me and other investigators into the July 1996 destruction of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island, Teele has gone public and is naming names.

I shared some of Teele’s information in my 2016 book, TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover-Up, The Conspiracy. Teele did not claim to be on the ship that fired the missile. He was on the USS Carr, a guided missile frigate that was one of the “combatants” in the battle group that destroyed the unfortunate 747 and killed the 230 souls on board. Everything that I could verify about Teele’s account back then checked out. … Continue reading “Navy TWA 800 Shoot Down & Coverup Confirmed”

Biden plays Orwell, tries to redefine what ‘recession’ means – during this recession

“All rulers in all ages have tried to impose a false view of the world upon their followers,” George Orwell wrote in “1984.”

On Thursday, the federal government is expected to release statistics revealing that the economy contracted in the second quarter. Since this will be the second quarter in a row that the economy shrank, that fits the established definition of a recession.

So true to Orwell, Team Biden is going to change the meaning of words.

Biden’s Council of Economic Advisors launched a preemptive strike against bad news with a blog post on the theme: “What is a recession?” Despite decades of top economists concurring on a definition, Biden’s appointees treat the topic like an arcane metaphysical dispute that requires a “holistic look at the data.”

Instead of admitting the economy is shrinking, Team Biden touts a test indicating that a recession is not underway unless “the three-month moving average of the unemployment rate rises by at least half a percentage point (50 basis points) relative to its lowest point in the previous 12 months.”


MAKE 1984 FICTION AGAIN! 6 doublespeak terms reinterpreted by JP Sears

“‘Give up your freedoms for your protection’ is doublespeak for ‘give up your freedoms so you’re not protected from us.'”

“‘Censoring to save democracy’ is doublespeak for ‘censoring to destroy democracy.'”

“‘Racial equity’ is doublespeak for ‘racism.'”
“Racism = Division, and a divided society is a controllable society.”

“‘Misinformation’ is doublespeak for ‘truth.'” The thought police, labeling things as ‘misinformation’ protects them from you being empowered by truth.”

“‘Conspiracy theories’ are doublespeak for ‘reality.'” ‘We can use that on any truth we don’t want people to believe.’

“‘Go to war to create peace’ is doublespeak for ‘go to war to eliminate peace.'”

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Murkowski ‘birth control pills’ ad lies about Kelly Tshibaka. Kelly MUST counter with the TRUTH!

Tyrant, Anchorage Assemblyperson Meg Zaletel WON her re-election by RUNNING an ad with LIES about Cathy Henslee, who didn’t counter with an ad that told the truth. Kelly needs to counter Murkowski’s ad NOW, showing Alaskans that Murkowski is openly lying and slandering her, or Murkowski could win by lying. If Murkowski doesn’t see Kelly standing up to her, she may run even more lying ads.

Kelly was recently on the Dan Fagan show and didn’t even mention this. Why not? She should be clearing her name in every way possible.

Truth Matters!

– –

Gimarc: Sen. Murkowski shares Anchorage hallway with Alaskans for Lisa and Ballot Measure 2 author Scott Kendall. There’s nothing fishy about that?

Alaskans for LISA is pro-Lisa Murkowski Super PAC currently running ads attacking Kelly Tshibaka for wanting to shut down by-mail birth control pills, something Tshibaka vehemently denies.

The only thing in question regarding birth control is distribution of morning-after pills by mail and without prescription. Essentially, those drugs induce a miscarriage, complete with blood and passage of the fetus. Miscarriages typically lead to a hospital visit. Proponents of artificial ones aren’t mentioning this little fact.


Is This Why Pfizer Wanted Trial Data Buried for 75 Years?

19:00 “Why hasn’t the mainstream media taken this up at all? I would have thought this is a complete scandal.” – Dr. John Campbell

21:10 “To actually do something that does harm to people who are otherwise healthy, you could argue is a breach of the Hippocrates idea of ‘first, do no harm.'” – Dr. John Campbell

• • •

Did Pfizer Commit Huge Fraud in Its COVID Vaccine Research?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola | Fact Checked

Among the tens of thousands of Pfizer documents released by the FDA so far, we now also have clear evidence of harm. For nurse educator John Campbell, featured in the video above, these documents appear to have served as a “red pill,”18 waking him up to the possibility that the jabs may indeed be far more dangerous than anyone expected, including himself.

In the video, Campbell reviews the documents listed as “5.3.6. Postmarketing Experience,” which were originally marked “confidential.” They reveal that, cumulatively, through February 28, 2021, Pfizer received 42,086 adverse event reports, including 1,223 deaths.

To have 1,223 fatalities and 42,086 reports of injury in the first three months is a significant safety signal, especially when you consider that the 1976 swine flu vaccine was pulled after only 25 deaths. [And they’re still using it on healthy people with Omicron!]

As noted by Campbell, “It would have been good to know about this at the time, wouldn’t it?” referring to the rollout of the jabs. Campbell has been fairly consistent in his support of the “safe and effective” vaccine narrative, but “This has just destroyed trust in authority,” he said.

158,000 Recorded Side Effects — A World Record?

The first really large tranche of more than 10,000 Pfizer documents was released March 1, 2022. (You can find them all on PHMPT.org.19) In this batch were no less than nine single-space pages of “adverse events of special interest,” listed in alphabetical order20158,000 in all! (Article or Here)

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(video) Rand Paul: “Dr. Fauci has Normalized UNTRUTH”

“I think that Dr. Fauci has promulgated untruth. He has normalized untruth. The biggest purveyor of untruth right now is public health is Dr. Fauci.” – Rand Paul

Dr. Paul Joins Fox News Primetime to Discuss the Danger of Regulating Speech – May 9, 2022

Rand Paul: ‘Once Upon a Time Anthony Fauci Could Tell the Truth’ About Natural Immunity

2004 C-SPAN Clip

ANCHOR: “But she said the flu for 14 days, should she get a flu shot?”

FAUCI: “Well, no. If she got the flu for 14 days, she’s as protected as anybody can be, because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself. If she really has the flu, if she really has the flu, she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine. If she really has the flu.”

ANCHOR: “She should not get it again?”

FAUCI: “No, she doesn’t need it because it’s the best — it’s the most potent vaccination, is getting infected yourself.”


(Anchorage) Weddleton says everything is fine in city government

What if all liars would always be this vividly exposed?

Weddleton is a master liar, writing in his ADN article:

“How about those overrides of the mayor’s vetoes [They override all]? Even those are not signs of the Assembly working against the mayor.”

Weddleton doesn’t live in reality; owns a dark-comic store in which he sells games to children that teach them witchcraft, so they can also deceptively rule over people too.

– –

Weddleton says everything is fine in city government

By Suzanne Downing -March 30, 2022

According to Assemblyman John Weddleton, running for reelection, everything is fine in Anchorage government.The go-along, get-along Assembly member, feeling pressure from a credible challenger, told voters they shouldn’t be too concerned about what they read. It’s all under control. Everything is going to get better, he said. Continue reading “(Anchorage) Weddleton says everything is fine in city government”

Who is OAN’s Pearson Sharp? — Trying to save America for his one-year-old!

I could first tell Pearson was an honest journalist when I watched his coverage of the claim that Assad gassed his own people. Pearson was there, on the ground, and told the truth, as he does again here at minute-17.

Since then, I’ve seen him tell the truth about Big Pharma, the election steal, etc..

39:00 He lived for a year in China. “Everybody was indoctrinated… totally obedient. They don’t question anything, and they have this doctrine of saving face.” They know they’re lying, others know, but no one says it.

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Brian Williams, famous-for-lying presstitute quits without coming clean — warns us now that it’s too late

Brian Williams, one of the most famous-for-lying presstitutes of all time now has the audacity to warn us, having lied throughout his career, telling us what his TalmudVision bosses wanted us to hear, so people would continue to sit in the boiling pot as it gets closer and closer to boiling, unaware they needed to jump out long ago, disbelieving their propaganda. And now he says we’re in trouble, after it’s too late to remedy.

In this, his last statement, he had the opportunity to apologize for all of his years of lying, so he could be right with God and people, but instead acts like he’s above reproach, like most of the pastors do today, fearing man more than God.

Most pastors won’t even come clean, like Paul always made sure he did:

“..I also practice ALWAYS having a CONSCIENCE VOID OF OFFENSE toward God and men” (Acts 24:16).

Williams was caught lying so badly that memes about his lying went viral: Hilarious memes of historic moments Brian Williams may have ‘misremembered’ after lying about being shot down in Iraq

How Williams chose to go out, instead:

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Facebook Admits in Court That ‘Fact Checks’ Are Just Opinion

Such “fact checks” are now shown to be simply an agenda to supress free speech and the open discussion of science by disguising liberal media activism as something supposedly factual, noble, neutral, trustworthy, and based on science. Continue reading “Facebook Admits in Court That ‘Fact Checks’ Are Just Opinion”

FACEBOOK FACT CHECKER owns $1.8 BILLION Stock in Vaccine Company J&J – “People’s Lives are Endangered”

Congressman Thomas Massie tweeted a bombshell claim about factcheck.org:

“Who pays the paychecks of the factcheckers? The vaccine fact checkers a @factcheckdotorg, who claim to be independent, are funded by an organization that holds over $1.8 billion of stock in a vaccine company, and is run by a former director of @CDCgov.”

According to their own source, Factcheck.org is funded in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. According to the foundation’s 2019 financial statement, the project holds over $1.8 billion of stock in the COVID-19 manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson.

What’s more, the CEO of the foundation is Richard Besser, the former acting director of the CDC under Obama and ABC News’ former chief health and medical editor.

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Dr. Anne Zink Lies to Alaska! Vaxxing Children Completely Safe – “no signs of serious side effects” — No mention: deaths from myocarditis, etc.?

David Boyle on The Dan Fagan Show today:

“The DHSS website on Covid [state of Alaska] has nothing regarding prevention from Covid” — nothing on “vitamin D.”

“It’s not even available on their website regarding the serious risk and the preventative care such as the vitamins.”

Zink setting up Alaska for lawsuits from parents of vaccine injured?

– –

From: Anchorage Daily News

Alaska coronavirus Q&A: Answering parents’ questions about vaccinating children

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