Psychiatrist Reveals What Alcohol ACTUALLY Does to Your Brain | Immediate & Long Term Effects

10:30 “We’ve seen that alcohol, marijuana and magic mushrooms all suppress mitochondrial function and brain function.”

12:20 “Every system in your body gets worse with alcohol”: kidneys, liver, microbiome in intestines, brain, thyroid

“When you drink, you’re more likely to be hungry, and to not know when you’re full.”

17:35 “It decreases REM sleep, the most restorative part of your sleep cycle.”

19:45 Can correct erectile disfunction and increases blood flow to the brain.

9 Indicators of a Severe Vitamin D Deficiency – Fatigue, Depression, Bone Density, Chronic Pain/Inflammation, Muscle Loss, Fat Gain, High Blood Sugar, Respiratory Infection [Covid], Skin Issues

Look at this list:
1:20 – Fatigue
2:26 – Depression
3:37 – Bone Density
4:11 – Chronic Pain/Inflammation
5:55 – Muscle Loss
7:38 – Fat Gain
9:13 – High Blood Sugar
10:42 – Respiratory Infection
11:58 – Skin Issues
12:57 – Sources of Vitamin D

Video is good, except: We CAN’T GET ENOUGH D from cod liver oil (1 tsp = 400 iu) or food. And the sun has to be 45° HIGH IN THE SKY to get vitamin D. Our shadow has to be shorter than we are tall. We can’t get D when the sun is low during the day or for the MAJORITY OF THE US anytime in winter. In Anchorage, Alaska, we already can’t get any D, even if it wasn’t cloudy and raining.

People need at least 5,000 iu daily when not in the sun. Most do best on 10,000. And obese and others often need more.

People in southern California have no idea what it’s like to live in low sun states in winter.

DeLauer avoided Covid completely. Only said how good D is for other respiratory infections.

Dr. Berg: Vitamin D and Long Covid

Growing evidence shows that this problem is strongly associated with an alteration in the vitamin D genes.

If someone has a predisposition to a vitamin D deficiency, they may experience more COVID symptoms and have a higher risk of symptoms long after the original infection.

Vitamin D is the most essential vitamin to support the immune system, and vitamin D deficiencies increase the risk of viruses.

Many different things can decrease your absorption of vitamin D, and getting plenty of sun or taking a vitamin D supplement is crucial.

Vitamin D also controls folate, and a lack of folate is associated with the severity and duration of symptoms from the COVID-19 virus as well.

There are a few things you can try to increase your vitamin D, including:
Vitamin D3 supplements (minimally 10,000 IU per day)
• Topical vitamin D (nanoemulsion technology)
• Semi-activated vitamin D
• Light therapy

Additional things you can do to help increase the effectiveness of the above options include:
1. Taking vitamin D3 irregularly
• You might take 50,000 IU of vitamin D3, then wait a few days, and take 20,000 IU of vitamin D3

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Costco stops selling toxic Apeel coated produce, but sold Apeel “organic” apples starting in 2018

In 2018, Costco sold “organic” limes, avocados and apples sprayed with toxic Apeel coating, but no longer sells products with Apeal.

Now we know why those “organic” Fuji apples in clear plastic containers never got brown or spoiled.

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PATRICK MCKEOWN THE OXYGEN ADVANTAGE How To Rethink The Way You Breathe Part 1 2

Mouth breathing keeps the tongue from pressing on the roof of the mouth, which extends the jaw.

If your tongue is in the back of the throat, instead, the airway is compromised.

“Breastfeeding develops the muscles of the face.”

“No child who is mouth breathing is reaching their full potential.”

“We need nasal breathing to harness nitric oxide.”

“We need nasal breathing for diaphragmatic breathing, diaphragmatic breathing for increased lung volume, and increased lung volume for stiffening the pharyngeal airway.”

Big Pharma isn’t interested. Many dentists are though.

37:15 Slow down the breathing to the point of air hunger

39:28 “What do you think of Wim Hof?” I wrote this comment:

Regarding McKeown’s claims about Wim Hof, something doesn’t add up. Wim Hof’s deep breathing actually kills pathogens because of the increased oxygen, similar to nebulized hydrogen peroxide, hyperbaric oxygen and ozone. Maybe oxygen is getting into the cellular level or something. There is a HUGE benefit that McKeown doesn’t seem to understand.

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Mercola: How Long Have You Been Consuming Gene Therapied Pork? By Dr. Joseph Mercola April 21, 2023

How Long Have You Been Consuming Gene Therapied Pork?
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

April 21, 2023

For the last couple of years, I’ve recommended not eating pork due to its high linoleic acid (LA) content, but there’s an even bigger reason to avoid it now. Since 2018, pork producers have been using customizable mRNA-based “vaccines” on their herds, and this has slipped completely under the radar. I myself just found out about it. …


..I recommend avoiding all pork products, including organic ones, as they not only have high levels of the omega-6 fat, linoleic acid, because of the grains they are fed, but virtually all have been contaminated with the mRNA vaccines for the past five years.

Entire Article

Vitamin D is an essential steroid and hormone, not technically a vitamin

The body produces vitamin D in the skin after exposure to ultraviolet light — therefore, it is not technically a vitamin. Rather it is a fat-soluble steroid hormone, similar in structure to other hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. Vitamin D, like other steroid hormones, can enter a cell’s nucleus and regulate numerous genes. Vitamin D serves as a major regulator of immune function and may play a particularly important role in preventing respiratory tract infections. In this clip, Dr. Roger Seheult explains how vitamin D is a misnomer and how it fulfills many critical roles in the body.

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Effectiveness of 50,000 IU of Vitamin D weekly – Henry Lahore, VitaminDWiki in Iceland March 4, 2023

Henry Lahore, creator of the most comprehensive vitamin D website,, which has 174 diseases listed in alphabetical order on the left side. He’s speaking in high latitude Iceland, 64°. Anchorage, Alaska is 61.2° latitude.

2.5 times the weekly 50,000 iu dose if obese.

Helps 100 illnesses, 48 proven with peer reviewed studies.

55:50 Some health problems like MS solved with 50-150,000 daily.
Cluster headaches, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and others need much higher amount than 50,000 once a week.” (transcript)

Almost 2 months to respond to 50K weekly unless start with loading dose.

Typically 90% of the people are somewhat low or very low. Only 10% are above 30 nanograms.

1:50:15 Autism reversed with high vitamin D

Recommends 300 mcg of K2 every three days. Best to not take at the same time as D. Can decrease D absorption.

Henry takes 100,000 iu every four days, and he’s thin.

Starts at 21:49
Q & A Continues at 1:50:15

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New Fat Loss Foods at COSTCO | 22 Items to Eat & AVOID Right Now


25:15 Organic A2 Whole Milk (small bottles). Really good and healthy. It’s my second choice. Mom and I are getting Alaska Range Dairy’s Whole Milk Non Homogenized in returnable glass bottles at Natural Pantry. Has an AMAZING flavor even better than these Costco bottles. Spendy. [Homogenization wrecks the fat globules. This does not.]

Haig’s Tzatziki sounds great, but don’t know if our Costco has it. Will check.

27:15 is interesting. I got this organic yogurt a few days ago. It’s not as thick as regular yogurt, but it’s made from grass fed cows, which Thomas doesn’t mention. Grass fed makes the fat excellent.

I get and eat a lot of Costco’s grass fed beef patties in the frozen section — very healthy and great flavor (as long as they’re *not overcooked*. Since they’re frozen, there’s no danger of eating if not cooked long enough, since all of the critters are dead.


How Vitamin D Benefits the Lungs

Vitamin D functions in the respiratory system to:

Protect against infection
Support immune cell function (white blood cells) in the throat, airways and lungs
Help regenerate the protective endothelial barriers
Regulate the inflammatory response and prevent cytokine storm

Respiratory Diseases associated with low vitamin D include:

The “Common Cold”
Infectious mononucleosis
Pneumonia and ARDS


The Clear Eye Guide: How to Improve Your Vision Naturally

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™…
… natural vision expert Claudia Muehlenweg shares interesting knowledge and practical solutions about how you can take better care of your eyes and improve your vision. In this longer episode,

You’ll discover ways you can improve your vision through natural methods that start with root causes in your body, including nervous system regulation.
You’ll explore bodywork, breathwork, rest, light and movement healing methods.
You’ll find out the essential Dos and Don’ts for good eyesight.
You’ll get practical suggestions for things you can do right now to offset the effects of screen time.
You’ll learn how you can keep your vision sharp throughout your life span.
Claudia began wearing glasses at a young age and always disliked them. She even got bullied for wearing them in a time when glasses were not considered cool or in any way fashionable.

After working to improve her own eyesight, Claudia founded Holistic Vision LLC to help others. Her work is based in the Bates Method. She focuses on finding the root cause of blurry vision instead of using symptomatic treatments like glasses, contacts or surgery that actually can make eyesight worse in the long term.

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