The REAL Cause of Alzheimer’s Is NOT Amyloid Plaque in the Brain

“Alzheimer’s is NOT about getting rid of plaque.”


Early Covid Study (April 2020) Proved Vitamin D the Key! — “Why isn’t this on the front page of the news?” – Dr. Berg

“Why isn’t this on the front page of the news? … I don’t see doctors using vitamin D probably because it’s very inexpensive. … Vitamin D puts out the cytokine storm like a water hose on a fire. If you don’t have enough vitamin D and you’re going into this infection, you are really, really at risk.” – Dr. Berg, May 4, 2020

This early study, April 2020 already showed vitamin D the key to low severity from Covid! Had the study’s threshold been more optimal, 50 ng/ml instead of 30 ng/ml for ‘normal’), deaths would have been closer to nil.

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Low Vitamin D Linked to Depressed Teens – Simple Solution to a Very Big Problem — Many put on antidepressants instead

1:50 “This is a very simple solution to a very big problem. Unfortunately, a lot of kids are put on antidepressant medication, when I think they should just take some vitamin D.”

DATA: Depressed adolescents in a case-series were low in vitamin D and depression was ameliorated by vitamin D supplementation…

A study I read recently talked about how vitamin D levels could be linked to depressed teens. A few symptoms linked to a vitamin D deficiency are sadness, hopelessness, loss of interest, loss of concentration, and even thoughts of suicide.

Potential causes of a vitamin D deficiency in teens:
Not getting enough sun
• Not consuming enough vegetables (not enough magnesium)
• Snacking (insulin resistance blocks vitamin D)
• A high carb diet (fructose blocks vitamin D)
Obesity (increases the need for vitamin D)
Darker skin blocks vitamin D absorption

Other symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency:
• Achy joints
• Low back pain
• Lethargy
• Insomnia
• Anxiety

Natural remedies:
Vitamin D (10,000 IUs)
• Magnesium
• Vitamin K2

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Dr. Berg: Could Vitamin D Help You Lose More Weight? – 20,000 IU

“The ideal scene is to get a lot of sun, but if it’s winter, take vitamin D. I would recommend routinely taking 20,000 IU.”

How to lose weight with vitamin D:

• Get more sun
• Take a vitamin D supplement (20,000 IUs with vitamin K2)


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How Vitamin D Affects Every Organ and Tissue — Simple deficiency test: sternum or shin bone pain when pressed

17:45 “One indication to know that you are deficient in vitamin D is just to press on your sternum, your breastbone here, or on your shin, and if you have pain, it’s a good way to know you are deficient, because lacking vitamin D causes bone pain — and especially pain in your lower back.”

“Vitamin D is not really a vitamin. It’s a hormone, and it’s been extensively studied. Just doing a real quick search on PubMed, there’s over 64,000 studies or reviews on vitamin D.”

Vitamin D affects certain organs and tissues, including the:
1. Brain
2. Hair
3. Scalp and skin
4. Sinuses
5. Thymus gland
6. Immune system
7. Eyes
8. Thyroid
9. Teeth
10. Lungs
11. Muscles
12. Adrenal glands
13. Pancreas
14. Heart
15. Liver
16. Kidneys
17. Gut
18. Prostate
19. Reproductive organs
20. Joints
21. Bones

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Dr. Berg: 7 Ways to Boost Vitamin D — 10,000 IU/day average person; many need more

Vitamin D is essential to support a healthy body, but most people are low in vitamin D.

The RDAs for vitamin D are 600 IU. These RDAs are based on preventing bone loss. However, vitamin D has many other functions that go way beyond bone health.

I believe the average person should have around 10,000 IU of vitamin D daily. This could be a good maintenance dose, but if you have certain conditions, you may need more.

It’s nearly impossible to get the amount of vitamin D you need from your diet alone. You have to be largely dependent on the sun for vitamin D.

Factors that can negatively affect vitamin D absorption:
• Low stomach pH
• Gut inflammation
• Kidney problems
• Liver problems
• Bile deficiency
• Insulin resistance
• Polymorphism
• Gastric bypass surgery
• Low diversity of microbes
• High stress
• A low-fat diet
• Certain medications
• Inability to swallow large capsules
Darker skin types
Living further from the equator
• The winter months
• Low magnesium, zinc, or K2
• Not spending enough time outdoors

The best ways to boost vitamin D:
1. Get one hour of sun per day [if sun angle is above 45°]
2. Take vitamin D with fat or a meal that contains enough magnesium and zinc
3. Do keto and intermittent fasting
4. Consume more fatty fish or cod liver oil
5. Take vitamin D in liquid form
6. Consume more vitamin D (if a genetic factor is preventing absorption)
7. Increase your bile

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Forever chemicals: The threat of PFAS in our water

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (known as PFAS) are long-lasting compounds that are showing up in soil, ground water, drinking water sources, even rainfall, and have been linked to cancer, liver damage, thyroid disease, and other ailments. By some estimates, this toxic family of chemicals can be found in the blood of nearly every person on the planet. Correspondent Lee Cowan looks at how the chemicals got here, and talks with families, farmers, and health advocates fighting for clean, safe water.


What causes Hair Loss and How to Regrow it

Rob’s website:

For the technique Rob talks about:…

00:00 – Intro
01:05 – Who is Rob English?
02:30 – Unanswered questions in hair loss research
03:58 – (1)What’s going on in a balding scalp?
05:49 – (2) Enter Scalp Tension
10:49 – (3) What if you relax the tension?
15:23 – (4) What causes the tension?
17:34 – (5) Where does DHT fit in the model?
22:16 – (6) How Rob regrew his hair based on this model
25:00 – A study launched on results from the model
27:55 – It takes time

I Didn’t Eat Food for 7 days. This is what happened to my body

00:00 – What we tracked during the fast, why we did it
1:31 – Day 1 – Stay busy … or else
2:50 – Day 2 – Mood roller coaster
4:37 – Day 3 – Where’s my super powers??
6:04 – Day 4 – Abraham’s downfall
7:19 – Why was Abraham feeling so bad?
9:40 – Mental benefits kicking in?
10:33 – Day 5 – The upswing
12:27 – The power of salt
13:42 – Day 6 – Fasting better than Caffeine
14:17 – HUNGER
15:26 – Day 7 – Finally…
17:04 – Before After Footage, Weight Loss, Pushups
18:05 – EATING
20:00 – CT Scan, Sleep
21:50 – Electrolytes, Fasting Course

Mercola: Hospital Study Shows H2O2 Prevents COVID-19

  • A hospital study published in June 2022 revealed that hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mouthwash, gargle and nasal rinse protected against COVID-19 better than the jab
  • When food grade H2O2 is nebulized for approximately 30 minutes in normal saline it also reaches your sinuses and lungs where it can kill the virus, augment your natural defense system and may help stop an ongoing infection in the lungs and upper respiratory tract

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95% of People are Vitamin D Insufficient (< 30 ng/ml), while toxicity is rare – Dr. Berg

‘Normal’ vitamin D blood level is now considered to be 30-100 ng/ml, with 80-100 ng/ml optimum for overall health, all-cause mortality, resistance to serious Covid and depression. – ed

– –

Amounts of vitamin D you may want to consider taking:
• For maintenance: 10,000-20,000 IUs
• For therapeutic purposes (short term use): 20,000-50,000 IUs

Vitamin D toxicity is very rare. But, vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency is extremely common. 65% of the population has a vitamin D deficiency, and 95% of the population has a vitamin D insufficiency.

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Dr. Ryan Cole w/ Mercola: The Great Cover-Up of Post-Jab Disease Explosion

Pathologist Speaks Out About COVID Jab Effects

Post-Jab Cancer Explosion

Cancer Spike Is Being Covered Up

Excess Mortality Has Dramatically Increased

Why Was the Most Toxic Part of the Virus Chosen?

Neurological and Vascular Chaos

IMPORTANT: COVID Shots Are Not Pharmaceutical Grade

“These aren’t pure products, and I think this is a very important point. When Pfizer submitted vials to the European Medicines Agency to look at purity … they were in the 50% range … The TGA in Australia looked at it and said, ‘Look, these are only about 60% pure.’

This means you have a lot of fragmented sequences of mRNA that don’t have a stop or a start code on. They’re not coding for what you think they’re coding for. They’re coding for other tinier, shorter fragments. Are those mitogenic? Probably, but we don’t know. Can those reverse transcribe into our own DNA? Studies out of Sweden … show yes, they can …

And then, when they manufacture, they can’t spin and agitate these, so you get all these lipids that collect at the top of these big vats. So now you get some batches that are hyperconcentrated and some are hypoconcentrated. It appears about 5% of the batches are responsible for about 80% of the harms.”

Autoimmune Diseases of All Kinds Are To Be Expected

Reactivation of Latent Viruses

Fertility Under Attack

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Report: States that legalized marijuana are seeing a rise in teen mental health disorders

States that have legalized marijuana have seen increasingly strong THC products and a rise in mental health issues among teenagers, a newly released nationwide study reports.

The Drug Free America Foundation authored the study, given first to The Center Square, which reports on “an association between adolescent cannabis use, the use of high potency cannabis products, and increased risk of psychosis.” …

“The research results presented in this study demonstrate that for each one percent increase in overall monthly cannabis use, self-reported major depression increased by 0.45 percent for adolescents and 0.21 percent for young adults,” the report said. “For every one percent increase in overall monthly cannabis use by young adults, severe mental illnesses increased by 0.12 percent and suicidal thoughts increased by 0.11 percent. Continue reading “Report: States that legalized marijuana are seeing a rise in teen mental health disorders”

Dr. Ryan Cole: The Long-term Damage of Covid Vaccines

From Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief, 6/24/22


Over the recent past, I’ve covered a lot of information about the dangers of the Covid mRNA gene therapy “vaccines.” Sometimes the volume of information becomes overwhelming and overly technical. So, this week, I was excited to view a recent interview with Dr. Ryan Cole, a renowned pathologist from Idaho.

I myself don’t like most video interviews which take forever to get to the point. But this video is different. It’s only 20 minutes and is succinct, definitive and presented in Dr. Cole’s fine rational demeanor. I know all of you have friends or loved ones that succumbed to the propaganda and took the jab, and perhaps even boosters. If there’s one video I can recommend you give to people to watch it is this one. Most honest people would think twice about taking another mRNA vaccine after seeing it, and will never take another booster shot.

[INTERVIEW] A Lipid Nanoparticle + A Gene Is a Nuclear Bomb -Dr Ryan Cole, MD

As a pathologist analyzing diseased body tissues, Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, (Twitter @drcole12) has seen an alarming and wide-ranging increase in injuries from Covid-19 injections…what he calls a “nuclear bomb.” Miscarriages, heart conditions, cancers and compromised immune function are just some of the harms that Dr. Cole ( is fighting to make the public aware of.

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Vitamin D pioneer Dr. Michael Hollick: Vitamin D & Sun Exposure Facts (2022) — Most can’t get enough D from sun in summer

24:00 “A black individual would need to be in a sun tanning bed probably more than ten times longer to make the same amount of vitamin D.”

26:00 Aging: “A 70-year-old will make about 25-30% of vitamin D that a 20-year-old will make.”

28:00 Toxicity: Canadian study showed taking 20,000 iu/day no toxicity and 60-80 ng/ml: “We did a study with a group up in Canada, and showed that taking up to 20,000 units a day, blood levels with 60-80 ng/ml; there was no toxicity.”
100,000 iu/day for extended periods can cause toxicity.

Holick takes 6,000 iu/day year-round with 70-80 ng/ml.
Says to keep taking D in summer.

34 Breast milk has “no” vitamin D unless mother has enough D, about 6,000 iu/day.

C-section reduced with enough D.

38 2,000 iu for infants shows less type 1 diabetes

39 Immune system improvement, cancer, DNA repair effecting gene expression:
600 iu/day = 150 genes affected
4,000 iu/day = 300 genes
10,000 iu/day = 1,200 genes

Most can’t get enough D from sun in summer — unless life guard.

44 [This amount seems to low compared to what he says in the rest of the video] 3300 iu reached 80 ng/ml — 50,000 iu every two weeks after attaining sufficiency

Those who need more: obese, pregnant, anti-AIDs meds, seizure meds, steroids, sarcoidosis

Sunshine also gives nitric oxide, beta endorphins, ACTH, CO (said earlier)

Altitude in November in Agra India: Taj Mahal, no D; at 5,000 meters, lots

“In my opinion, there should be no reason not to get some sensible sun exposure for overall health and well being.” “…minimal risk, and a lot of upside to improving health and well being.”

51:20 Chart: Avoiding sun exposure INCREASES mortality

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Tony Robbins w/ Dr. Mercola: Exciting Emergence of Regenerative Medicine

Tony’s new book: Life Force

42:50 type II diabetes can be cured with weight loss, average of 22 pounds; caused by fatty liver

48:50 Sauna is only second in importance to exercise
Heat shock proteins: shocks so proteins fold properly. 1/3rd of proteins misfold
20 minutes of high heat sauna, fully sweating 4 times per week. Too much depletes minerals. 160-170°

Electrolytes before workout, celery: most effective pre-workout ergogenic

58:25 Walking in the sunshine when the sun is high enough, UVB radiation* increases testosterone. Mercola says it can be doubled or tripled. People have low testosterone in winter.
*May to August in Anchorage, Alaska

1:02:10 Excess iron a huge problem as we age!
People gain 1/3 gram per year. Can lose 1 gram giving blood 4 times per year. Sauna helps.

1:03:50 The mind believing we can do it: mind over matter positivity
Placebo example in a study.

Article link:


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Dustin Sherman w/ Michael Hanifen DC – Forgotten Freedoms episode 13

On this Episode Doctor Michael Hanifen and myself discuss the changing political landscape in Anchorage. With covid in the mix, it’s anybody’s guess as to what we will see next.

4:30 Studies show that people with low vitamin D levels had bad Covid outcomes

8:50 Covid affected Black and Brown communities more because dark skin protects body from the rays that produce vitamin D, and nobody is talking about it! Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Media claim to care about Black lives, then don’t say a word to the Blacks about the need to take vitamin D at all for Covid. Blacks have died at twice the rate of Whites with Covid. Almost all of the Whites who died were severely vitamin D deficient also. Continue reading “Dustin Sherman w/ Michael Hanifen DC – Forgotten Freedoms episode 13”