Shining New Light on the Kosher Scam

Shining New Light on the Kosher Scam

The Jewish umbrella group, which includes the world’s largest kosher certification company, the Orthodox Union, is having serious internal leadership problems. The problems are allowing Gentiles to get a much better glimpse of just how the secretive organization is ripping them off through their very profitable kosher scam. …
The secretive Jewish organization is estimated to bring in over $20 million annually, much, if not most, of which is generated by selling the “right” to put their kosher label which is a U (it can be either standing alone or inside of a circle) to not only food companies but also to manufacturers of products ranging from tin foil to soap and shampoo to plastic sandwich bags. The companies pay the rabbis for the use of their kosher symbol and then pass that overhead cost on to their customers, you and me. That is how Gentiles end up putting cash in the pockets of rabbis. And, sadly, most Gentiles are not even aware of this kosher scam which is picking their pockets.
The kosher scam is often defended as being harmless. has a page which does this. They take issue with the scam being called a “tax.” Technically they are right, it is not a tax since it is not a government agency charging the extra cash. However, it is without question a hugely profitable scam for rabbis at the expense of Gentiles. The only way for the rabbis to continue it without it being a scam is to have the cashiers at the grocery stores ask each customer if they’d like to donate an additional 1 cent to 10 cents or more per item that will then be given to the rabbis who will keep some for themselves and use the rest to promote Judaism. (The kosher article has a factual error which is that it claims the money the rabbis take in by selling the right to use their kosher symbols is only used to keep the business going and to pay the rabbis for their services [which is bad enough since the bulk of the money is from unsuspecting Gentiles] and that none of the money flows “off into some special Jewish fund used to advance Zionist causes.”  The Orthodox Union openly brags about using its considerable amounts of cash to promote Judaism and their own logo contains the slogan “Enhancing Jewish Life”! [they should add “At the expense of Gentiles!”].)
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(vid) Jim Rizoli: Holocaust Remembrance Day 2018 — Talmudists are not good at math


Students should plan a Holocaust Truth Walkout to protest forced indoctrination through scientifically disproven materials on ‘Holocaust Remembrance Day’

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How Shanghai Became A Refuge For Jews During Hitler’s Reign — Jews controlled the money

From: The Forward (a Jewish publication)

… At the top of the Shanghai social pyramid were the Baghdadi / Sephardic Jews who had established businesses in Shanghai since the 1840’s. They played an active role in financing various programs for the refugees. Entire educational and cultural activities, theaters, arts, music, sports and schools were supported by the Sephardic Jews. Numerically they were in the minority, only about 700 members, but they were the largest benefactors to the refugee community. They also constituted one-third of the 99 members of the Shanghai stock exchange.

In their footsteps came the White Russians, including many Ashkenazi Jews who had fled the Communist Revolution in 1917. They were the “lucky” ones as the League of Nations issued them “Nansen Passports” recognized by most nations, granting the holders certain rights within the members of the League of Nations. In addition, the French Concession issued travel cards to the Russian emigres. No such passport or travel cards were issued to European refugees. The Russian expats capitalized on their status by opening pawn shops side by side with “Chinese moneylenders” and preyed on the refugees who had few belongings and no money. …

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Audio leaked of Netanyahu’s son bragging about dad’s shady gas deal outside strip club

An audio recording of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son is leaked in which Yair can be heard drunkenly bragging about his father’s efforts to pass a shady gas deal outside a strip club.
Yair can also be heard talking about strippers and how much money he and his friend have spent on them.
In the past, Yair had drawn media criticism over his lifestyle which is financed at the expense of taxpayers.
The recording was leaked at a time when Netanyahu is involved in two separate corruption cases, and investigators have questioned him multiple times.
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The cases involve allegations that Netanyahu received lavish gifts from wealthy businessmen and negotiated a deal with a newspaper owner for more favorable coverage.
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Apple Admits They Are Slowing Down Your Older iPhones On Purpose

“Think Different’s” Other Meaning: APPLE Computer’s overt ANTI-GOD propaganda — The Macintosh logo: an Apple with A BITE TAKEN OUT OF IT – what Adam and Eve were NOT supposed to do. | The real operating system hiding under MacOS X, *Darwin* has a cartoon mascot, dressed as a devil named *Hexley* (from Thomas Huxley, known as ‘Darwin’s Bulldog’ and the word ‘hex’) | “Daemons” (how Pagans write “demon”) HIDE in the background, DOING THINGS without the user’s notice… | First Apple sold for $666.66!
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