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‘Tucker’: Every congressman has a Talmudic handler except Thomas Massie!

Rep. Thomas Massie: Israel Lobbyists, the Cowards in Congress, and Living off the Grid

00:00 Intro
03:19 Where Does US Debt End?
10:32 Why Massie Voted 15 Times Against Funding Israel
14:53 AIPAC
34:04 Mitch McConnell
42:25 Area 51
50:32 Massie’s Relationship with Trump
57:09 Kill Switches in Cars
1:05:58 Mike Johnson and the Deep State
1:14:34 How Massie Got Into Politics
1:18:29 Living off the Grid

How Kristi Noem’s “Phony” Exploitation of Identity Has Been Happening For Years, with Buck Sexton

Tucker and Joe Expose Evil on JRE

Alleged MK Ultra Rape SURVIVOR Jennifer Guskin SPEAKS OUT! Claims Bernie Sanders RAPED Boy

Stew Peters Network


Joe Rogan Experience #2138 – Tucker Carlson (FULL) — The theory of evolution is NOT true | ‘DON’T LIE ABOUT ANYTHING’ would solve everything! | ADMITTING YOU’RE WRONG is LIBERATING! | Weak people are easily CONTROLLED BY EVIL — “We’ve reached a time in history where every leader is either a weak woman or a weak man”

Quotes by Tucker unless noted, transcribed by me:

“It’s wrong to drop nuclear weapons on people. If you find yourself arguing that it’s a good thing to drop nuclear weapons on people, you’re evil.”

“There is no evidence at all, none, zero that people evolved seamlessly from a single cell ameba. … There’s no chain of that in the fossil record at all. … The theory of adaptation [within species] is clearly, obviously true.”

ROGAN: “What is your theory?”

“GOD CREATED PEOPLE distinctly, and animals.”

“Maybe a simpler and more useful way to think about it is: truth or falsehood, lying or honesty. … You can’t participate in lying. You can’t lie. PERIOD! Just don’t lie about anything. Tell the truth all the time. If you can’t say something that’s true just don’t say it. You don’t have to say everything you think. You shouldn’t say everything you think. But you should never lie. If you just stick with that you get pretty quickly back to reason and order.”

“There’s nothing more liberating than admitting you were wrong. That is the moment of liberation. ..honestly admitting to other people, not just to yourself that ‘I got that wrong.’ Then you’re FREE! Because then you don’t have to hide it anymore.”

Evil forces act on people, getting them to do evil things they wouldn’t otherwise do.
Good forces can act on people, compelling them to do good things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

2:34:20 9/11

2:51:15 How WEAK and/or compromised Congressmen are controlled by the deep state

“Evil is an independent force that exists outside of people that acts on people. I really believe that. I’ve experienced it a lot. And what vessel do they choose? The weak. … The weaker the leader, the more evil that leader will be. We’ve reached a time in history where every leader is either a weak woman or a weak man, pretty much.

Hidden Camera Catches Bohemian Grove CONFESSION: Hollywood Stars Perform SATANIC Rituals

Kyle Clifton, AKA Kyle-Undercover, is here to expand on his latest undercover video showing a member of the Bohemian Grove talking about satanic rituals.

The Cremation of Care ritual “is very similar to some of the Talmudic rituals that the Jews practice. In Judaism, they’ll transfer their sins to a chicken once a year. They’ll beat and kill this chicken. So in a way it wipes their sins away. That’s what they believe.

That’s similar to what they’re doing with this Cremation of Care. They’re placing their sins on this care doll. And like you saw that old man say, they kill care. They put him on this altar. They burn it, sacrifice it. … Alex Jones filmed it. You can hear screaming. … Very similar to Freemasonry and Judaism.”

Stew Peters Networ

Child Rape Victim Testifies ‘Michelle Obama Raped Me When She Was a Man’

The People’s Voice

State GOP Chair CAUGHT ON TAPE Trying To Bribe Senate Candidate, Kari Lake! (Live from Two Roads Theater)

Jimmy Dore is waking up the left with comedy!

Some crude language.

Excellent breakdown!

The Jimmy Dore Show

Anneke Lucas: I Was Sold Into An Elite P_dophile Network

Cathy O’Brien | The Roseanne Barr Podcast #21 — Trauma-based mind-control, gov’t level, sex slave survivor speaks out!

The strength of the human spirit — what Satan tries to break.

People allowed TalmudVision to mind-control them after 9/11, glued to the TV, getting programmed with the horrible images over and over, so they were easily convinced to support our wars and let our rights be removed via the Patriot Act.

“Repetition is the most basic form of mind-control.”

– –

You asked for it and you got it! The most requested guest in our podcast’s short history, Cathy O’Brien finally joins the podcast! Cathy has been a lifelong whistleblower on child sex trafficking, MK Ultra and trauma-based mind control. She also happens to be one of Roseanne’s best friends. The two have been fighting to expose the deep state since they first met at a conference where Roseanne opened for her in 2007.

Cathy O’Brien:

  / realcathyobrien     / realcathyobrien  

Report: Nikki Haley Serial Adulterer: Affidavits Reveal Haley’s Brazen Extra Marital Affairs

Nikki Haley is blackmailable like most:

Joel Skousen: 75% in Congress are Blackmailable, while only about a dozen congressmen are both clean and willing to fight the system

Joel Skousen just updated his 75% blackmailable percentage to 80%, October 2021: Skousen: 80% of Top Level Gov’t Leaders Controlled by Deep State

Israel Blackmailed Bill Clinton — Netanyahu said to have offered Lewinsky tapes for Pollard

Times of Israel, 23 July 2014
Netanyahu said to have offered Lewinsky tapes for Pollard

New critical book on the Clinton family claims that Israel tapped White House phones, blackmailed president with recordings of intern

Lauren Witzke

How did Netanyahu have access to the Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky tapes?

Because Jeffrey Epstein was Mossad collecting video evidence against politicians, and used those blackmail tapes to help Israel push through American policy that Israel wanted.

Jimmy Dore: Judge Rules Epstein’s List Must Be Released! — but will NOT BE THE CLIENT LIST?!!

Will NOT be the client list though? The MANY US politicians and famous people whom Epstein blackmailed for the Mossad!

The list of “alleged victims and associates” only is said to be made public in 2024.

Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips : ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security – The Opperman Report 4/30/2016

#wayne cox #gerald ford #hillary clinton #bill clinton #mormon church #catholic church #country music #most dangerous game

Cathy O’Brien is a recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation.


Jason Bermas interviews Nick Bryant: Epstein Justice And The Franklin Scandal

Nick Bryant: Federal Scandal – Epstein Coverup – John B Wells LIVE

The Franklin Scandal is also covered, in which many Republican leaders were compromised, including at the highest level, mostly with boys.

Democrats compromised mostly with girls, Bryant says.

John B. Wells Live

Jason Bermas: Another Summer At The Bohemian Grove — Truth ignored by MSM

The DISTURBING Truth Behind the Media’s Attack on ‘Sound of Freedom’ — Why is the mainstream media PRO-PEDOPHILIA?

Join me for a deep dive into the disturbing truth about the media, the CIA, and child sex trafficking.

Whitney Webb On Jeffrey Epstein’s Connection With Elon Musk & Bill Clinton | PBD Podcast | Ep. 270

41 No evidence Elon Musk is compromised sexually — blackmailable; though, he knew Epstein.

– –

PBD Podcast Episode 270. In this episode, Patrick Bet-David is joined by Whitney Webb, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana.

0:00 – Start
1:59 – Whitney Webb on Investigating Jeffrey Epstein
6:58 – Shocking Revelation About JP Morgan and Epstein Revealed
14:48 – Google Founder Sergey Brin Linked To Epstein
20:08 – What’s Elon Musk’s Connection To Jeffrey Epstein?
41:50 – Shocking Revelation About Bill Clinton and China’s Past Revealed
57:15 – Whitney Webb Reveals Shocking Story About The Death of Martin Luther King
1:05:34 – Why The Deep State Hates Trump And Kennedy Family
1:27:24 – Will Politicians And Fake Media Ever Be Held Accountable?
1:51:21 – Horrifying Details About Woody Allen Abusing His Kids

Purchase Whitney Webb’s book “One Nation Under Blackmail – Volume 1”:
Purchase Whitney Webb’s book “One Nation Under Blackmail – Volume 2”:
Check out Whitney’s work at

I Was Sold Into An Elite P*dophile Network | A Child S*x Trafficking Story

Today’s guest is Anneke Lucas, a survivor of child s*x trafficking. Anneke was just six years old when her mother sold her to an elite ped*phile network that abused and killed children. Listen to her story of how she rose from slave to victorious lady!

BlackRock Recruiter Who ‘Decides People’s Fate’ Says ‘War is Good for Business’ Undercover Footage

Says it’s easy to buy senators for just $10,000.

– –

In the footage, a BlackRock Recruiter named Serge Varlay describes how BlackRock is able to ”run the world” in about 7 minutes of riveting undercover footage. The footage was captured over the course of several meetings in New York by one of OMG News’ rockstar undercover journalists.

BlackRock Inc is the world’s largest asset management company that’s gained more notoriety as of late due to its large acquisitions. Varlay says it’s easier for BlackRock to do things when “people aren’t thinking about it” and the asset giant “doesn’t want to be anywhere on the radar. This story is a peek into why.

Epstein’s Client List – Ryan Dawson

Ryan’s list at 14:10

Epstein tried to blackmail Bill Gates too?

Epstein Knew Something We Didn’t


One Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb | The Nick Bryant Podcast

10:00 JFK blackmailed by Judith Exner

FBI head J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailed himself, before blackmailing many others

CIA head William Casey was also compromised — homosexual escorts.

50:05 Casey became born-again Catholic late in life; regretted much of what he did, and they offed him.

53:40 Epstein

1:03:35 CIA controlled airlines: Southern Air Transport, Aero Air, Polar Air Cargo. [Evergreen also, but not mentioned].

Sexual blackmail isn’t needed as much now, because mass surveillance technology makes it easier than ever to blackmail people.

Joe Rogan: SHOCKS Roger Waters about EPSTEIN ISLAND

‘Conspiracy of Silence’ with Tim Tate | The Nick Bryant Podcast

Without explanation, Discovery Channel USA pulled the production before it was completed, so wasn’t aired on TV; though, many have seen the rough cut of the film in other ways.

Tim Tate is a UK-based author and filmmaker who produced Conspiracy of Silence.

Conspiracy of Silence:…

One Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb

Solid! Thousands of footnotes!

One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein: Volume I, Volume II

27:00 Trump and the gang

– –

Whitney Webb of joins James once again, this time to discuss her new, epic, 900-page, two-volume tour de force, One Nation Under Blackmail. In this conversation, Webb and Corbett dive into the sordid tale of Epstein and his compatriots and begin to unravel the incredibly complex web of the intelligence/organized crime/blackmail syndicate.

Could McConnell have saved Blake Masters’ campaign in Arizona with funds he wasted battling Tshibaka in Alaska?

In Alaska, McConnell spent those millions not attacking Democrats, but smearing the name of Republican Kelly Tshibaka, to the point that several districts of the Republican Party issued resolutions of censure and condemnation of McConnell and told him to butt out of Alaska, if he was not going to support the Alaska Republican Party’s endorsed candidate, Tshibaka.


– –

Evil McConnell:

“The dirty tricks boys in the FBI have incriminating files on about 75% of Congress. Only about a dozen Congressmen are both clean and willing to fight the system.”

Joel Skousen: 75% in Congress are Blackmailable, while only about a dozen congressmen are both clean and willing to fight the system

Former Israeli Spy Exposes the Blackmail of Epstein and Maxwell | The Nick Bryant Podcast

“The people that did this had no ethical boundariesThis is what saddens me about Israel. Israel started out as a nice, socialist home for Jews that were persecuted in Europe and other countries. Then as time passed, it became something else.” – Ari Ben-Menashe

1:00:55 “So essentially, we have to be governed by ethical eunuchs that will use children to blackmail people.” – Nick Bryant

That’s right, that’s right, that’s right, that’s right.” – Ari Ben-Menashe

Cathy O’Brien – Mk Ultra Mind Control Victim (Granada Forum 1996)

Longer version including Mark Phillips (first 37 minutes): Cathy O’Brien Mark Phillips MKULTRA Survivor Granada Forum


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