Ron ‘Peacemaker’ Paul: Will Biden’s Syria Attack Help ISIS? — USA acting like ISIS’ Air Force

USA acting like ISIS’ Air Force. Details laid out, starting at minute-5.

Nobel Peace prize winner, Obama started this immoral and illegal conflict in 2014.

9:45 Biden’s and his current spokesperson’s tweets criticizing Trump bombing Syria in 2017!

“…what is the legal authority? … Syria is a sovereign country.” – Jen Psaki

“No president should order a military strike without fully understanding the consequences. We don’t need another war in the Middle East, but Trump’s actions toward Iran only make that more likely.” – Joe Biden

The Covid Karens — people turning on each other: “We have to have more people understand the basic concept of liberty.”

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Obama ordered CIA to train ISIS jihadists: Declassified documents

Posted by Alec Cope | May 28, 2015

U.S. intelligence documents released to a government watchdog confirms the suspicions that the United States and some of its so-called coalition partners had actually facilitated the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as an effective adversary against the government of the Syrian dictator President Bashar al-Assad. In addition, ISIS members were initially trained by members and contractors of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at facilities in Jordan in 2012. The original goal was to weaken the Syrian government which had engaged in war crimes against their own people, according to a number of reports on Sunday. The non-profit, non-partisan Judicial Watch — a group known for its investigation of government corruption and abuse — had obtained more than 100 pages of classified documents from both the US Department of Defense and the State Department through a federal lawsuit.

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Obama did NOT give Iran $150 billion: He returned *their own money* & unfroze *their assets*

Jake Morphonios on Twitter

Fact: In the 70s, #Iran paid the USA $400 million to buy weapons – which the USA never delivered b/c of the Iranian Revolution. The Iran Deal required the USA to finally pay back the $400M + $1.4B in interest. It was a valid debt. Don’t fall for Trump’s dishonest spin.

Fact: Obama didn’t give #Iran $150 billion US dollars. The USA had frozen $150B in overseas Iranian assets for leverage. After signing the Iran Deal, Obama released the hold on Iran’s accounts. Trump is lying when he spins the story to whip up his base (who don’t fact-check him).

US Navy begins construction on ship named in honor of homosexual pedophile Harvey Milk

People need to know the truth about Barack and Michelle (‘Michael’) Obama being the first homosexual couple in the White House, who commissioned this ship. It’s not just “her” 3-head-wide shoulders, Barack calling her “Michael” in a speech, Joan Rivers’ statement before suddenly dying…. The undeniable proof was when she came out swinging on Ellen.

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US Navy begins construction on ship named in honor of homosexual pederast Harvey Milk

Dec 19, 2019

SAN DIEGO, December 19, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The U.S. Navy has begun construction on a ship that will be christened the “USNS Harvey Milk” after the murdered San Francisco Supervisor who made history in the 1970s as the California’s first openly homosexual elected official.

The man the U.S. Navy has chosen to honor was also a homosexual pederast.

Despite Milk’s reputation for sexual predation, he has been lionized by the media, by Hollywood, and multiple times by former Democrat President Barack Obama.

Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone were assassinated by Dan White, a former police officer and former city supervisor, on Nov. 27, 1978. Although his homosexuality had nothing to with his murder, the implication that it did has led to Milk becoming a gay martyr, icon, and even a saint.

Omitted from most accounts of Milk’s life are his alleged sexual relationships with underage boys. …

The decision to name a ship after Harvey Milk was made by President Obama’s Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, who signed a Congressional notification in 2016 to commission the now-under-construction Military Sealift Command fleet oiler.

In 2009, President Obama posthumously awarded Milk with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. In 2014, Obama again honored Milk, this time with a commemorative U.S. postage stamp bearing his image.


(video) Michelle Obama a Man – Comes out swinging on ‘Ellen!’ – updated

Disgusting, but people need to know. Irrefutable proof! Clips from and the entire official ‘Ellen’ video:

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Michelle Obama’s swinging nuts on the Ellen DeGeneres Show


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Ben-Nun: “Israeli intelligence told me they want to cause civil unrest inside this nation” • “Netanyahu has broken practically every commandment” • “If impeachment doesn’t work, maybe they’ll collapse the economy”

Steven Ben-Nun quotes transcribed by me:

4:08 “When Obama was president, one of his secret service agents shared with me then that they had been looking for a way to get civil unrest in the nation in order to disarm the nation, to have a reason to disarm the nation.

Israeli intelligence shared with me that they want to be able to cause a civil unrest inside this nation so that we can run out of bullets on each other.”

Ben-Nun @ 5:25

“Face it, Prime Minister Netanyahu has broken practically every commandment there is, even within the 10 commandments. He certainly doesn’t love his neighbor as himself, doesn’t keep the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ when it comes to homosexuality, he’s certainly breaking that as well; though, that’s not one of the 10 commandments, but it is an abomination before God, openly does that; kills all the babies. They allow up to a 9 month gestation period, third trimester abortions there. That sounds more like to me… King Herod in power in the middle east than a true Bible believing Jewish man.”

Ben-Nun @ 16:45

“I think what we’re seeing is going to come to our nation very, very soon. After all, that’s what they’re trying to do. In all this impeachment stuff…, if that doesn’t work, maybe they’ll collapse the economy, and maybe that will make people go berserk.”

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Top CIA analyst explains Israel’s destructive role in US policies – Ray McGovern!

I really like Ray McGovern. He has such a sweet spirit. You’d never know the hardship he’s gone through while boldly standing up for what’s right. He must have a forgiving, loving heart!

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Dude Who Claimed Sex With Obama Is Livid At Media’s Obsession With Stormy Daniels

“Why didn’t the press give any time at all to the explosive sex allegations against Obama but gave legs to virtually every sex scandal involving Trump (and Roy Moore, for that matter)?” – Joe Miller on Facebook

• • •

The man, who once claimed without evidence to have had sex with former President Barack Obama, is now livid the media and public are believing adult film star Stormy Daniels’ relationship with President Donald Trump.
Larry Sinclair, a 50-something-year-old man, alleged he had sexual relations with Obama in 1999. The story included a limousine, cocaine and a host of other interesting tidbits.
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(video) Gender Is Illegal in the New World Order — Also the First Trans-Family in the White House

Gender Is Illegal in the New World Order

Transgender Voice Feminization Surgery — Some claim that Michelle Obama cannot be Michael because of her feminine sounding voice

Some claim that Michelle Obama cannot be Michael because of her feminine sounding voice. Enter this seldom mentioned procedure that I couldn’t even find with Google. Used search engine instead.
Related: Irrefutable & Scientific Proof Michelle Obama Is Indeed A Man… — Her shoulder width, in relation to the size of the head, is not compatible with that of a woman, etc.
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Voice Feminization Surgery

Voice Feminization Surgery (VFS) is changing one’s voice to a higher voice tone. …Voice Feminization Surgery (VFS) is mainly performed to the GID (Gender Identity Disorder) patients, which is a male to female transgender.
Male to Female Voice Rhinoplasty is a procedure that changes the voice of a male into a female voice to help establish the sexual identity.
Females usually differ significantly from males in the fundamental frequency and resonance. The primary frequency of male voices typically ranges from 100-150 Hz while ranging from 170-220 Hz in females. Men produce low voices because they have bigger chambers of the throat and mouth. Thus, by altering the larynx, pharynx, and the chambers which produce the sound, a male sounding voice can be changed to a female-sounding voice.


Voice feminization is the desired goal of changing a perceived male sounding voice to recognized female sounding voice. The term voice feminization is used to describe what the outcome you want of surgical techniques, speech therapy, self-help programs and a general litany of other techniques to acquire a female-sounding voice. The methods used for voice feminization vary from professional techniques used for vocal training, speech therapy by trained speech pathologists and several Pitch altering surgeries.



(video) Trump – Obama Wire Tapped Trump in Last Month of Campaign

Trump – Obama Wire Tapped Trump in Last Month of Campaign, 1531

(video) Obama Wiretapped Trump Phone Before Election?

Obama Wiretapped Trump Phone Before Election?

Obama Quietly Signs The "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act" Into Law – on Friday afternoon, Dec. 23 — Just like that, the US Ministry of Truth is officially born

From: Zero Hedge

Obama Quietly Signs The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” Into Law

by Tyler Durden
Dec 26, 2016 4:01 PM

Late on Friday [Dec. 23 – ed.], with the US population embracing the upcoming holidays and oblivious of most news emerging from the administration, Obama quietly signed into law the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which authorizes $611 billion for the military in 2017.

In a statement, Obama said that:


And so, with the likes of WaPo having already primed the general public to equate “Russian Propaganda” with “fake news” (despite admitting after the fact their own report was essentially “fake“), while the US media has indoctrinated the public to assume that any information which is not in compliance with the official government narrative, or dares to criticize the establishment, is also “fake news” and thus falls under the “Russian propaganda” umbrella, the scene is now set for the US government to legally crack down on every media outlet that the government deems to be “foreign propaganda.”

Just like that, the US Ministry of Truth is officially born.

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Obama’s Bombing Legacy — Over 100,000 bombs and missiles striking 7 countries, surpassing the 70,000 unleashed on 5 countries by Bush/Cheney


Obama’s Bombing Legacy

January 18, 2017

Exclusive: President Obama has joked he still doesn’t know why he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, but his record of waging war was no joke to thousands at the receiving end of U.S. bombs, says Nicolas J S Davies.


Obama’s Model

Obama’s doctrine of covert and proxy war was modeled on the Phoenix Program in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s and Ronald Reagan’s proxy wars in Central America in the 1980s. It involved a massive expansion of U.S. special operations forces, now deployed to 138 different countries, compared with only 60 when Obama took office.

As senior military officers told the Washington Post in June 2010, the Obama administration allowed, “things that the previous administration did not,” and, “They are talking publicly much less but they are acting more. They are willing to get aggressive much more quickly.”

Wherever possible, U.S. forces have recruited and trained proxy forces to do the actual fighting and dying, from the Iraqi government’s Shiite death squads to Al Qaeda splinter groups in Libya and Syria (supporting “regime change” projects in those countries) to mercenaries serving Arab monarchies and seemingly endless cannon fodder for the war in Afghanistan.

Obama’s ten-fold expansion of drone strikes further reduced U.S. casualties relative to numbers of foreigners killed. This fostered an illusion of peace and normality for Americans in the homeland even as the death toll inflicted by America’s post-9/11 wars almost certainly passed the two million mark.

The targets of these covert and proxy wars are not just guerrilla fighters or “terrorists” but also the “infrastructure” or “civilian support mechanism” that supports guerrillas with food and supplies, and the entire shadow government and civil society in areas that resist domination. …

Bloody Iraq

In Iraq, the targets of such operations have included hundreds of academics and other professionals and community leaders. …

As Obama’s murderous proxy wars in Iraq and Syria have spun further out of control, U.S. special operations forces and U.S.-trained death squads on the ground have increasingly been backed up by U.S. and allied air forces. Four years ago, as Obama was inaugurated for a second term, I wrote that the U.S. and its allies dropped 20,000 bombs and missiles in his first term. In his second term, they have dropped four times that number, bringing the total for Obama’s presidency to over 100,000 bombs and missiles striking seven countries, surpassing the 70,000 unleashed on five countries by George W. Bush.

Obama inherited a massive air campaign already under way in Afghanistan, where the U.S. and its allies dropped over 4,000 bombs and missiles every year for six years between 2007 and 2012. Altogether, U.S.-led air forces have dropped 26,000 bombs and missiles on Afghanistan under Obama, compared with 37,000 under Bush, for a total of 63,000 bomb and missile strikes in 15 years.

But the new U.S.-led bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria since 2014 has been much heavier, with 65,730 bomb and missile strikes in 2 1/2 years. Iraq has now been struck with 74,000 bombs and missiles, even more than Afghanistan: 29,200 in the “Shock & Awe” assault of 2003; 3,900 more before the invasion and during the U.S. occupation; and now another 41,000 in “Shock & Awe II” since 2014, including the current siege and bombardment of Mosul.

Obama’s total of 100,000 air strikes are rounded out by 24,700 bombs and missiles dropped on Syria, 7,700 in NATO and its Arab monarchist allies’ bombing of Libya in 2011, another 496 strikes in Libya in 2016, and at least 547 drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

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"Obama Returns to His Chicago Jewish Roots" – Title of this article in America's leading Jewish newspaper says it all

Christopher Bollyn linked to this article on his Facebook page, saying:

“The title of this article in America’s leading Jewish newspaper says it all.”


The Forward (Yiddish: פֿאָרווערטס‎; Forverts), also called The Jewish Daily Forward,[2] is an American newspaper published in New York City for a Jewish-American audience. The organization publishes two newspapers, weekly in English (The Forward) and biweekly in Yiddish (Yiddish Forward or Forverts) and websites updated daily in both languages.

The first issue of Forverts appeared on April 22, 1897 in New York City.[3] The paper was founded by a group of about 50 Yiddish-speaking socialists who organized themselves approximately three months earlier as the Forward Publishing Association.[3]

Obama was the Talmudic, anti-Christ, socialist, NWO, globalist Jews’ man they groomed and installed to CHANGE America.
Trump clearly was not their choice; though, they’re trying to control him through any way they can, including through his Jewish son-in-law — pulling out all of the stops.

What Does It Mean That Jared Kushner Might Be the Most Influential Jew in the World?

We need to pray for Donald, and those who want to destroy him and US.
– –
From: [The Jewish Daily Forward]

Obama Returns to His Chicago Jewish Roots With Audacity To Hope

Lana Adler January 10, 2017

With only ten days remaining in his presidency, Barack Obama will take the stage tonight back home in Chicago and bid farewell to the American people. Among those present for the speech will be Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, two main supporters of Obama’s presidential campaigns and crucial movers in his administrations. …

Obama — supported by many Jewish friends and funders, most notably Penny Pritzker, during his time as junior senator — will speak on the very day that Jeff Sessions underwent questioning about allegations of racist affiliations and other things that make him a highly problematic choice for Attorney General.

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