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‘Tikkun Olam’ is Talmudic supremacy, not “repair the world”


Michael Hoffman | Israel-Palestine, Judaism Discovered, and Hate Speech Hypocrisy

Michael discusses ‘Talmudic egotism.’

Michael’s morning prayer: “Not my will be done, but Yours be done.”

LEAKED: How Israel Calculates the Non-Value of Civilian Life in Gaza

“Where’s Daddy?” — killing entire families at home, instead of militants in action

• Okay to kill 15 civilians to kill 1 junior Hamas — 15:1.

• Okay to kill 100 civilians to kill 1 senior Hamas — 100:1.

• Hamas’ ratio on 10/7 was only 2:1.

Talmudic justification:

Ted Pike: The Jewish Kabbalah – Root of Mideast Violence — Kabbalah’s description of Gentiles as ANIMALS who must be slaughtered before “ORDER” can be restored helps explain not only Israel’s notorious MISTREATMENT of her Arab neighbors but also JEWISH POWER worldwide in *government*, *finance*, and *media*!

Glenn Greenwald

Guest CALLS OUT “The View” Hosts For Pushing Racial Division!

The Jimmy Dore Show

How I See Race

America Is Following in China’s Footsteps. Here’s How We Stop It — The cultural revolution is here. Just ask Xi Van Fleet. She’s lived it twice.

Having Fun with Google’s New WOKE AI Image Generator “Gemini”

Nikki Haley Play Race Card: Claims She Was Teased For Being Brown

National Epidemic: Black Crime Against Whites SURGES: Two Black Women ABUSE Elderly White Man

Vivek Owns Reporter After Asked the Most Ridiculous Question in History of Politics

Times of Israel: CHIEF RABBI calls black people ‘monkeys’ — Has said “non-Jews are in Israel only to serve Jews,” and “non-Jews could live in Israel only if they observe the seven Noahide Laws… prohibitions against idolatry, blaspheming God” [worshiping Jesus]

Related: (video) Chuck Baldwin: If You Think the Koran is Bad, You Should Read THE TALMUD, IF YOU CAN STOMACH IT — “Jesus addressed the Talmud and the Zionists when he addressed the Pharisees” • “They believed the writings of the Mishnah were SUPERIOR to the writings of Moses. They still believe that today in the modern state of Israel” • “Benjamin NETANYAHU is a Talmudist” | “All these PROPHESY ZEALOTS on TV and radio think it’s wonderful that they’re talking about REBUILDING THE TEMPLE: ‘preparing the way for Christ!’” • “This is PREPARING THE WAY FOR THE ANTICHRIST who will deceive the world”

John B Wells on Netanyahu: “Who is the racist?”

(13 min video) What is wrong with Israelis?

This extreme, Talmudic supremacist mockery, seeing others as dogs finally woke me up 15 years ago to what’s really going on in this version of “Israel.” Then I saw Ted Pike’s biblical analysis, showing how the true Judaics (most of these are not) are only entitled to return to the land when they’re obedient.

This is counterfeit, not condoned or brought about by God, but by the Rothschild globalist kingpins and extreme terrorism from the start.

We’ve all been told a whitewashed, false narrative that it’s the “holy land.” I felt no holiness at all when I visited twice 30 and 40 years ago. Study what the Talmud says about Christians, Jesus and all non-them. They call us the Goyim.

What’s wrong with the Israelis?

The Talmud.

Talmudist racism supported by ‘Christian’ Zionism

Many Palestinians are descendants of Judaics who converted to Islam after the Muslims invaded – Scott Horton

Steven Ben-Nun recently said that 50% of Palestinians are Jews.

We also know that the majority of Israelis are not Judaics, not Semites: DNA Study: Ashkenazi ‘Jews’ Not Semitic, but Turkish Origin

Scott Horton says: when Jerusalem was sacked in AD 70, the Judaics stayed in the region, and later converted to Islam.

– –

Scott Horton joins Paul Harrell to talk about the idea that modern day Palestinians are the descendants of ancient Hebrews that converted to Islam after the Muslims invaded.

Kevin McCarthy Admits What He Was Really Doing to The Republican Party as Speaker of the House

McCarthy was discriminating against white males in who he supported and funded as future RNC leaders.

BLM Arsonists Given NO JAIL For TORCHING Building To The Ground, CORRUPT Judges PROTECT Far Left

VIRAL RACIST HATE VIDEO! Israelis mocking Palestinians in Gaza for having no electricity or water and dying in droves

One of the many Hebrew language viral videos featuring Israelis in blackface mocking Palestinians in Gaza for having no electricity or water and dying in droves.

NURIT PELED (Israeli founding general’s daughter): Palestinians do not exist in Israelis’ consciousness

Holocaust education used to promote hatred against possible enemies.

School textbooks show only backward Palestinians, never any doctors, etc..

Nurit is Miko Peled’s sister. They are children of a founding IDF general.

Free Derek Chauvin

American-Israeli soldier’s speech before invading Gaza: “I will burn their city to the ground!”

Israel vs. Palestine – Norman Finkelstein w/ Candace Owens — “The lies and lies and lies about Gaza” – Ousted from their homes in 1948, imprisoned by the ‘Jewish supremacist state’ – Israel’s eradication goal and history of ‘mowing the lawn’

FBI ALTERED George Floyd Autopsy Report Claims Documentary To Implicate Derek Chauvin In SHAM TRIAL

Rabbi: “THE ‘MESSIAH’ WILL RETURN ONLY once Edom (Europe, Christianity) will be TOTALLY DESTROYED. So I ask you, IS IT GOOD NEWS that ISLAM INVADES Europe? It’s excellent news! It means the coming of the ‘messiah.'”

“The ‘messiah’ will return only once Edom (Europe, Christianity) will be totally destroyed. So I ask you, is it good news that Islam invades Europe? It’s excellent news! It means the coming of the ‘messiah.'”

Have you ever read the Talmud? It promotes pedophilia, deceit, killing Christians, blasphemy against Christ, racial supremacy over ALL “animals”! Netanyahu wanted to overthrow the judicial system so that Israel can operate by Talmudic Law

Have you ever read the Talmud? It promotes pedophilia..and [Netanyahu] wanted to overthrow the judicial system so that Israel can operate by Talmud Law, and his right wing cabinet members are the pressure behind him to do it…

“Even the best of the Gentiles shall be killed.” – Abhodah Zerah 26b

Many Talmud quotes in these 4 pages:

Israeli law maker calls for genocide of Gaza: “Do not leave a stone upon stone in Gaza. Gaza needs to turn to Dresden. Complete incineration. Annihilate Gaza now” – Moshe Feiglin

Watch: Israeli children sing “We will annihilate everyone” in Gaza – ‘In another year there will be nothing there / Within a year we will annihilate everyone’

Related: False Flag: Israel Let Hamas Attack Happen On Purpose So Israel Gets the War Mandate… – 21 POINTS — Problem > Reaction > Solution


Texas Schools ‘Some of Worst in Country’ in Teaching Critical Race Theory


Tucker Carlson: The whole George Floyd story was a lie – Ep. 32

Ep. 32 You’ll be shocked to learn this, but it turns out the whole George Floyd story was a lie.

Grace Elizabeth: What Christians Aren’t Taught About Zionism

An overview of lessons not taught in government schools or churches

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