“If Sarah Palin will have handed this seat to Mary Peltola, that will add to her legacy as the single most destructive Alaskan ever elected into office.” – Dan Fagan

Sarah seeing an opportunity when Congressman Don Young died is using this “as a stepping stone;” though, her entrance could put leftist Mary Peltola in instead of herself or Nick Begich.

Why could this happen? Popular Sarah splits the Republican vote, so Peltola will likely get more votes initially (ranked choice voting), and Sarah is so polarizing that many won’t vote for her as their second choice in this new voting scheme, while many of her supporters refuse to list Nick second, because they see him as the enemy keeping their hero from winning; though, Nick has been pounding the pavement, campaigning every day for almost a year. Sarah only entered after Don Young died, and is rarely seen in Alaska campaigning.

Dan – “This will be Palin’s legacy”:
• Gave us ACES
• Doubled the size of the budget
• Appointed Planned Parenthood board member to the Supreme Court
• Gave us Bill Walker who destroyed the PFD
• Causing Mary Peltola to represent all of Alaska

Starts at about 1:14:00 (times can be off a few minutes with this app)