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George Janko “You Can’t Be Anxious And Grateful At The Same Time” 🙏🏼❤️

“There’s a study that I found pretty exciting. They said the part of your brain that you get anxiety from is the same part of your brain that has gratitude.

You can’t be grateful and anxious at the same time. So then in the Bible, where it goes: instead of being anxious, be grateful, it’s so crazy to think that they were calling out legitimate things that scientists have found out.”

A Children’s Book on Forgiving Others: ‘The Fox, The Fair, The Invention Scare’ with Kirk Cameron – OAN

One America News Network

“My father was abusive…how do I forgive him?” | JLP

POP from CA had an abusive father. According to Pop, his mother protected him from his father and he is having a hard time with the concept of forgiving his father.

Jesse Lee Peterson

The First Time I Was Sold for Sex, I Was 11 || Lexie’s Story

Alaska Sen. Shelley Hughes: Working WITH legislators WITHOUT holding grudges, PRAYING FOR those who have done questionable things!

Sen. Shelley Hughes @ 9:00 – “Another thing I have employed in my role is to really try to work with everyone in the legislature without holding grudges, even if someone has done something that maybe is questionable, is to really have a good attitude, even when it would be easy to get resentful about things. And my trick for that — I am a person of faith — if somebody has done something wrong, instead of letting that resentment build up, I actually pray for that person. And it really changes my mindset, and keeps my attitude. I think having good relationships has paid off.”

– –

Must Read Alaska Live with Senator Shelley Hughes talking constitutional convention and much more

‘Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words’ — Fully Vindicated! (book and film)

The truth about Clarence Thomas as told by:

Michael Pack and Mark Paoletta, authors of Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

And movie of the same name. Trailer:

“I asked God ‘if You take anger out of my heart I’ll never hate again.'”

Dan Fagan: Loving our enemies, Chris Constant, etc. — No Hate

I transcribed some of what Dan Fagan said on his June 13th show (audio below).

Dan was going through Alaska’s election results for Congress, and came across Christopher Constant’s few percent. Dan explains the proper response.

“Now Christopher Constant. … I know it’s easy to hate the left. … They make our lives harder when they get into power. [He mentioned grocery store prices now.] So it’s easy to say ‘I hate these people….’ But we have to really guard our hearts.

Officer Tatum’s Story: How He Woke Up To the Racist Lies — Why So Much Hate!


Nick Begich: A New Vision for Change — I will live a transparent life as a fool for Christ; I start my day singing in the Spirit

5:05 “I start my day singing in the Spirit [raises his hands]. It’s a concept some people understand. Others don’t have a clue. I do some things in my prayer life in the morning. I spend about an hour in it.”

11:15 “…as we move into this next phase of what’s happening in our world, we need to draw down now [pulls down his hands from above] a different way of seeing that allows us to be calm when everything around us is falling apart. Calm in the middle of the storm, the peace in the middle of the moment, the breath that flows through us….”

22:00 “Lift and drag…. Try and catch yourself when you’re in the drag mode. … Notice when you’re dragging, and just decide to in the moment just stop. Take a breath. It will teach you what to with that breath, once you get it back, and how to turn that anger into something that solves, lifts, and does not hurt anyone.”

31:20 Nick’s pledge to personal reconciliation!:
“I’m not afraid to face myself in the public. We’ll have a feed where if I’ve sinned against any man, they’ll have a way to feed that in. And when that show’s over I’ll admit anything someone wants to put on my plate.

I will live a transparent life. I will encourage you to do the same, by being an example of a transparent man. I’m not afraid to face anything in my past, anyone I’ve hurt. I ask for forgiveness. You want to bring it on the air, I’ll do it publicly if it’s required. Not a day goes by where I’m not going to say we can lift ourselves to a higher place.

33 Willing to prove he’s not taking drugs in the day-long speaking marathon.

34:45 “I’ll be a fool for Christ, a fool for me in my religion.”

Every Night…

Every night FORGIVE those who hurt you, PRAY FOR those who need it, and THANK our Heavenly Father for everything you have.

AwakenWithJP: HOW TO VICTIMIZE YOURSELF! — “Feeling significant because you made yourself into a victim is a lot easier than feeling significant because you did something significant” / “Everything about you and your life is their fault” / “Form a group to cancel people. Form a culture. Call it ‘cancel culture’ if you want” / “As you cancel them, now is the time to virtue signal” / “The more victim you are the more significant you feel, which makes you feel more powerful”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske:

“We want to help you embrace personal power the only way that’s socially acceptable today by victimizing yourself.”

“Feeling significant because you made yourself into a victim is a lot easier than feeling significant because you did something significant.”

“…the more victim you are the more significant you feel, which makes you feel more powerful.”

“To victimize yourself, find someone else to blame for how you make yourself feel. … Everything about you and your life is their fault.”

“The more pain you have the more significant you feel.”

“Victimize yourself even further by canceling them. … Canceling a whole group is even better. Ruin their lives because your life already feels ruined. Hate them and hurt them because you hurt inside.”

“As you cancel them, now is the time to virtue signal. Do this by accusing them of being something horrible. This will set up a manipulative, psychological trick where you plant yourself to be the opposite of that horrible something, which is always something virtuous.”

“And don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if they’re not racist. This isn’t about them. It’s about you. And you’re about hurting others for your gain of a heightened degree of significance.”

“Always remember to virtue signal. That way, people won’t see what you’re really doing: abusing others to position yourself as the victim.”

“And we can’t do it alone. We need to ban together with other people who victimize themselves. Form a group to cancel people. Form a culture. Call it ‘cancel culture’ if you want.”

The worse a person feels the more justified they feel when they attack someone else: “That’s why we’re here to help you be better at making yourself feel worse so you can feel better about yourself when you attack someone else.”

“The world needs less self-responsibility and more safe space for people to be un-self-responsible.”

Best watched at .75% speed

The Psychology of Racism, Jerry Mungadze: “We cannot hang onto the pain of discrimination and slavery forever, carrying the bitterness to where you suspect every white person looks down on you when they really don’t”

Jerry Mungadze tells some of his experiences where he was discriminated against, and how he handled it. Then says:

10:10 “To my people, the biggest thing I have to say is: we cannot hang onto the pain of discrimination and slavery forever, because if we do, we get stuck, because it’s not going to hurt them. They’re not going to lose sleep over it. It’s us who carry that bitterness to where you suspect every white person to look down on you when they really don’t.”

14:10 “In our community as black people, we can’t keep saying ‘white people, you need to change; you need to change the way you treat us. We have to change ourselves. Because we do have our racist thoughts too, and we have to overcome those.”

(vid) JP: How to Get Angrier at People You Disagree With — We run the risk of becoming united if we can’t find more ways to get even angrier

“When you feel absolutely certain about something, you need to confuse your sense of certainty with the truth.” – JP Sears

“Now you’ll want to disrespect him because he’s not using his free will the way your free will thinks he should. And you do this by insulting his character while correcting him.” – JP Sears

– –

Learn how to get angrier at people you disagree with in this video. Instead of learning, listening, and understanding their different point of view, it’s best to get as angry as possible at them. This teaches them that they have no right to have a different opinion than you. With politics and social issues, we run the risk of becoming more united if we can’t find more ways to get even angrier at people. This video will teach you how.

Vengeance is always wrong, regardless who was wronged. God will repay.

Vengeance is always wrong, regardless who was wronged or by how much:
Don’t seek revenge yourselves, beloved, but give place to God’s wrath. For it is written, “Vengeance belongs to me; I will repay, says the Lord.” – Paul in Romans 12:19

Rich Roll: Forgiveness — Just drop it already

As the adage goes, resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. The escape hatch is forgiveness — of self and others. Never easy. But always worth it.

(vid) Trump challenged to abide in Christ and love his enemies | “When we refuse to forgive, our sins are not forgiven” – Rick Wiles, leads by example!

16:55 Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small reads John 15 to Donald Trump, who heard the abiding part, and what happens to those who don’t abide, but then Trump talked with the man next to him, missing Jesus’ desire that our joy would be full, when we abide in the Vine, walking in love.

21:43 Trump challenged to love his enemies. His reaction shows he heard and understood the challenge.

24:44 Rick Wiles’ example: loving and forgiving our enemies — ‘no hate.’

29:30 “I’ve seen people needlessly suffer. I’ve seen them go to the grave with their diseases, unwilling to forgive.” – Rick Wiles

“When we refuse to forgive as a Christian, our sins are not forgiven by God the Father. … Forgiveness of others is mandatory, required if you want God to forgive your sins. … If you are unwilling to forgive even one person in this life, your sins that you have committed since you’ve been born-again, your sins aren’t forgiven. Jesus said if you won’t forgive your brother God the Father will not forgive you.”

31:25 “So it’s a sad thing to watch President Trump and Nancy Pelosi sit there at the prayer breakfast fume and steam, and have hatred and bitterness and unforgiveness in their hearts towards each other. It’s sad.”

Jesse: “Apologize To My Ex-Husband?” | Caller Realizes What Went Wrong In Her Marriage

(vid) Jesse: Caller Says She Can Finally Submit To Her Husband – After Forgiving Mom

WONDERFUL, except Jesse’s advice at 5:08. The Holy Spirit gives Christians thoughts too, not just demons. And we can get totally FREE of those demonic thoughts, so there is only One Voice left: the Holy Spirit.

– –

“She apologized to her kids for all the hate, she apologized to her husband for fighting him AND she forgave her mother.”

(VID) Jesse Lee Peterson w/ Lana from Red Ice: How Should White People Respond to Anti-White Attacks? – "See evil, speak up, but don't hate, or evil will overtake you and control you"

Excellent discussion!
I transcribed at minute 17:00:

“You should discern, but not be angry. You should see evil, but not be angry at what you see because evil will overtake you and it will control you. Discern it without the anger. So see evil, speak up, but don’t hate.” – Jesse Lee Peterson

• • •

(video) Kung Fu: Master Po on Vengeance

Related: All of my Kung Fu – No Hate ’70s Series videos at my personal blog
– –

(vid) Man FORGIVES His Mother and Gets FREE!

(video) The Rape of Germany After World War II

 After World War II, 12 to 14 million German people—including women and children under the age of sixteen—were brutally driven from their homes.[8] Some historians place the figure as high as fifteen million.[9]
During the expulsion, thousands lost their lives from starvation, disease, and ill-treatment. Some died in wagons without food, water, or heating during long trips; others collapsed by the roadside. The death estimate is between 500,000 and 1.5 million.[10] Other historians estimate that the figure amounts to 2 million.[11]
Moreover, thousands upon thousands of children were separated from their families.[12] Historian R. M. Douglas notes that many of these issues are not discussed among popular historians and even ignored in some scholarly circles.
By June 1945, ordinary Germans were forced out of their homes and made to walk hundreds of miles with no food and water. One survivor wrote,
“Many weak and sick people, old folks and children had to be left on the road dead. It was a lamentable procession of utmost misery…Heaven only knows how often we were plundered by Poles or Russians and how many times the women were assaulted again and again.”[35]
Yet even after all these events, the vast majority of the ordinary Germans remained servile.[47] Catholic priest Josef Neubauer, who was in one of those camps until November 1945, wrote:
“On June 27, 1945, I was suddenly ordered to the guard-room. There I was made to strip completely naked and was beaten with sticks and fists. As a result, one of my ribs was broken and my teeth were knocked out.
“I then received at the hand of my two tormentors another 50 strokes with a length of steel cable, the thickness of my thumb, on my stomach, back, chest and buttocks. I was made to count the blows myself. At the end of this beating, my entire body was bleeding.
“I told my tormentors that I forgave them and that God should not count it as a sin against them. They were baffled by this statement of mine and from that moment onward left me in peace.”[48]
Most of the German men could do nothing, and those who tried found themselves bleeding to death while their wives were raped in front of them.[30] Following the rapes were countless unwanted babies. Ruth Friedrich observed that “there would be an epidemic of babies in six month’s time ‘who don’t know who their fathers are, are the products of violence; conceived in fear; and delivered in horror.”
Text source from Jonas E. Alexis: Raping German Women and Children as a Form of Revenge After WWII (Part I)Sexual and Predatory Magnitude of the Allied Forces After WWII (Part II)

• • •

(vid) Jesse Lee: RICHARD SPENCER Returns! UF Speech, Antifa, and Forgiving his Father!

Rand Paul: Health Bill a ‘Fake Repeal’ – “I’m not willing to be bribed” • Doesn’t resent Trump’s tweets against him: “I’m a big boy and willing to go back and forth with the president”

Rand Paul: GOP’s ‘Fake Repeal’ Health Bill Is Setting Up a ‘Perpetual Food Fight’

(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump used Twitter Friday to slam Sen. Rand Paul and other Republicans who might oppose the GOP’s last-gasp effort to topple the Obama health care law. …

It was Trump’s second attack in three days on Paul, R-Ky., for so far being the only GOP senator to say he’ll vote against the bill….

In an interview with The Associated Press, Paul said the measure was “fake repeal” because it would leave in place most of the near $1 trillion in taxes President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul imposed to finance its expansion of coverage. He said all the bill does is set up a “perpetual food fight” over how that money is distributed to states.

The White House “just wants a legislative victory, they’re not as concerned with the policy,” Paul said. …

“I’m not willing to be bribed or do any kind of quid pro quo,” he said.

Paul, who was a Trump rival for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, said he doesn’t resent Trump’s tweets against him.

“I’m a big boy and willing to go back and forth with the president,” he said.

Full Story

(vid) Jesse Lee Peterson w/ Stefan Molyneux: FORGIVE & BE FREE!!  — “When you fall from the light with anger you fall into darkness. Satan starts to work. You hear VOICES – yourself talking to you, telling you to do things. He leads you down the wrong path • A *spirit* made a home within you • Once you see that and forgive, in that very moment that spirit is taken away from you, and it’s as though you have never gone through anything. It doesn’t play over and over in your mind. Your soul is NOT FEELING THE PAIN of it anymore because it has reconnected to the Tree of Life • Drop the anger so you can overcome the voices of the deceiver • Return to the quiet, still voice of God, and you’ll be guided in the right way all the time • Perfect love makes you free, gives you authority over the enemy • Once you realize ‘IF I’M THIS WAY,’ then the person you’re mad at must not have been able… • This will help you to forgive others • “God has it set up so when you forgive He will forgive you and make you free! He will take the *spirit of anger* away from you and give you perfect peace” • Perfect love is the way to go! • The only thing that will SOOTH the SOUL is forgiveness

In this video, Jesse has a heart of gold, and lays out to Stefan exactly what happens if we’re hurt and stay angry — and then how freedom and the power to overcome happens when we forgive — and why.

How Persecuted, Extraordinary Truther/Scientist Germar Rudolf Stays Grounded with No Hate

From: (vid) Germar Rudolf: The Ugly Truth Interview — Forensically disproved gas chamber myth • Imprisoned for telling the truth • No-hate attitude • Rabbis use ‘Holocaust’ story to frighten Jews so they see non-Jews and truthers as enemies and do not assimilate

QUESTION by Ron Hall (08:25):

“How do you get your patience and your calming demeanor…?”

ANSWER by Germar Rudolf:

(1) “Part is probably a matter of personality: not to bear grudges. And always try to look forward, because that’s where life is. If you have a backward view of life you’re not getting anywhere. That’s probably the most important thing.”

(2) “What balances my life is my family. That’s very important to me to keep me grounded.”

(3) And he “blows off steam” through cycling, swimming, rowing and working out.

(vid) Jesse Lee: Black Rapper XXXTentacion ‘Lynches’ White Boy — “They can quote the Bible, but in their hearts they’re angry • “Had it been the other way around…”


Most black people are defending it.”

My Notes:

They can quote the Bible until the cows come home, but in their hearts they’re angry. …and it’s of their father the Devil. …if you have one iota of anger you’re disconnected from love, from God. You cannot have anger and have love. You cannot ride two horses at the same time.”

“Had it been the other way around….”

• • •

9/11 Upside-Down Priorities: ‘FORGET’ the Million+ We Killed, ‘REMEMBER’ Our 3,000 Killed

“It’s normal for the kingdom of the world to consider the boys in body-bags on our side more important than the boys in body-bags on their side. But from a kingdom of God perspective, we would consider all body-bags to be equally tragic.

The kingdom of the world is always involved in conflict, because it’s a power-over kingdom, and if you’re getting in the way of my power-over we’ll have to go to war over this. And usually in the kingdom of the world you demonize your enemies to rally up power against them.

But in the kingdom of God, we are not allowed to have any enemies. We’re forbidden to have enemies of flesh and blood. The ones who think that they are our enemies, we are commanded to love them, to serve them, to lay down our life for them.

While the kingdom of the world is about conflict, the kingdom of God is about reconciliation.”

– Gregory Boyd
Pastor of Woodland Hills church in Minneapolis

“Never forget” = Never forgive


(Video) Greg Boyd on ‘Charlie Rose’: How the Quest for Political Power Is Destroying the Church

Godly US Calvary officer rebuked by Robert Duvall for not hating the enemy: “I just think you’re a real sad case. YOU DON’T HATE who you’re fighting against” — ‘Geronimo: An American Legend’ (1993)

I really like this movie, largely because of the outstanding sensitivity and leadership by Lt. Charles B. Gatewood, played by Jason Patric.

Here, he’s rebuked by Robert Duvall (Al Sieber, Chief of Scouts) for not hating the Indians and Geronimo.

Later in the movie, he gives the cross he hung from his neck to Geronimo.

It’s rare for Hollywood to give a Christlike character a leading role.

– –

Geronimo: An American Legend (1993)

Al Sieber, Chief of Scouts: I just think you’re a real sad case. You don’t love who you’re fighting for, and you don’t hate who you’re fighting against.

1st Lt. Charles B. Gatewood: Perhaps I could learn to hate with the proper vigor from you, Al.

When offended, choose the path of forgiveness, for it will set you FREE!

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