Sarah could end up being a spoiler: entering the race late, splitting the conservative vote, and now not ranking the red (in rank ‘stinky’ choice voting), which could give us liberal Mary Peltola as Alaska’s only congressperson.

“For Palin to rank herself and herself only tells me everything I need to know about her, when you’re debating on whether she’s in it for country or is in it for herself.” – Dan Fagan on the Dan Fagan Show, 8/15/22, minute-1:42:00

Must Read Alaska August 13, 2022

Palin voted on Thursday in the Valley. An anecdotal sampling of voters is showing that Palin voters are voting for her and not ranking anyone else on the three-person special general election ballot. As Palin marked her ballot on the video she posted, she, too, only voted for herself and did not rank either Nick Begich or Mary Peltola. There was no “rank the red” on her ballot.