How Russia's Nuclear Depth Charges Can Take Out USA's 4 Nuclear Submarines

Excerpt from Popular Mechanics’ article: What Putin Would Nuke — A hypothetical first strike scenario on the United States showcases Russia’s current and future nuclear arsenal.

Fishing With Dynamite

… For Putin to “win” a nuclear war, the campaign against American subs has to unfold as the warheads are dropping.

The Ohio-class submarines exist because they are hard to spot. They hide within range of their targets, waiting for a Very Low Frequency radio transmission telling the crews to fire, and what to target. They carry 24 Trident II missiles. Each carries up to eight warheads of at least 100 kilotons each. They are formidable weapons of war. …

By 2025, the Ohio fleet is impressive but aging—and shrinking. Budget cuts have reduced the number of nuke-carrying Ohios to just eight by 2020  [Joel Skousen often points out that the USA has agreed to dock half of our fleet of 8 subs, so only 4 will be at sea at any given time], creating a retirement schedule of one boat a year between 2015 and 2020. Their replacements are not due to be deployed until 2030. “Fewer submarines would make it easier for a potential adversary to track and target U.S. forces,” the Congressional Budget Office reported in 2013. “The operating areas for those submarines would be more predictable because missiles must fly a certain trajectory to hit key targets.”

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We came ‘to let US know’ about close military ties with Russia – Chinese defense minister in Moscow

Beijing has sent a delegation to Russia to show Washington the unity of Russian and Chinese military forces and “support” Russia at the 7th Moscow Conference on International Security.
Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe voiced strong support for Russia during the talks with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Shoigu. While stressing “the united position” on the international arena, the minister said that one of the main goals of the visit was to send a message to Western powers.
“The Chinese side came to let the Americans know about the close ties between the Russian and Chinese armed forces,”Wei said.

Russia Routed Millions to Influence Clinton in Uranium Deal, Informant Tells Congress

The so-called Uranium One deal in 2010 handed Russia control of 20 percent of the U.S.’s uranium supply. Hillary Clinton served on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which unanimously approved the partial sale of the Canadian mining company Uranium One to Russian nuclear giant Rosatom.

FBI agents and the confidential informant made secret recordings, gathered records and intercepted emails dating back to 2009 that showed that Russian officials had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks.


(2 min vid) Putin Threatens Instantaneous Nuclear War If West Attacks Allies — US is defenseless

America is defenseless against Russia’s most advanced weapons. Joel Skousen has been warning US for decades, which I’ve been posting for almost 20 years.
Joel Skousen has been warning about this since the ’90s, but the US won’t even protect the power grid, which alone will kill most of us, once they EMP US, as they nuke our military bases, which we won’t defend, because of PDD 60. They can also take out our nukes, while we can’t touch theirs. All the church seems to care about is Talmudic Israel’s takeover of the Middle East, called the Greater Israel Plan.
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Skousen: Russia Claims New Military Capabilities — Current evidence of recent technology transfers to the Russians by Hillary Clinton donors that may have contributed to the development of these hypersonic weapons

World Affairs Brief, March 2, 2018 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (
In a major speech that has both domestic and international ramifications for Vladimir Putin, who will seek a fourth term in the upcoming controlled election, the Russian president outlined the latest Russian offensive weapons that are directly aimed at countering US claims of military superiority. The UK Guardian had this summary:

Speaking in a nationally televised address to the country’s political elite weeks before a presidential election, the president showed video and animations of ICBMs, nuclear-powered cruise missiles, underwater drones and other weapons that he said Russia had developed as a result of the US pulling out of the 1972 anti-ballistic missile treaty signed with the Soviet Union.

Leave it to the Russians, who have cheated on every disarmament treaty, to bring up the ABM treaty—which was a major mistake for the US when it was signed. Only the Soviets had significant ABMs at the time and they didn’t want the US developing new ones. The US did develop sophisticated anti-ballistic missiles after backing out of the treaty, but they were woefully flawed by design, having no explosive warheads, and being few in number. The US uses “kinetic” kill vehicles—large pointed hunks of depleted Uranium—that must make physical contact with an incoming warhead. This is nearly impossible with the new class of maneuvering hypersonic warheads and missiles Russia and China are developing.

Putin issued a message of defiance. “I would like to tell those who have been trying to escalate the arms race for the past 15 years, to gain unilateral advantages over Russia, and to impose restrictions and sanctions … The attempt at curbing Russia has failed,” he said.

Yes, it has, but, in fact, Russian rearmament and modernization has been going on for over a decade and no one in the media has given it any notice until Russia came to the aid of Syria and blocked US intervention there. Russian advancements in weaponry have always been aided and abetted by globalists going back to the Wilson, FDR and Truman administrations, which gave aid to the Russian Revolution (in gold), transferred nuclear weapons plans to Russia and even gave them their first load of enriched uranium to facilitate Russia’s first atomic weapon. Here’s the current evidence of recent technology transfers to the Russians by Hillary Clinton donors that may have contributed to the development of these hypersonic weapons. Continue reading “Skousen: Russia Claims New Military Capabilities — Current evidence of recent technology transfers to the Russians by Hillary Clinton donors that may have contributed to the development of these hypersonic weapons”

(audio) Joel Skousen w/ Richard Syrett — Trump’s failure to drain the swamp • Role of North Korea as ‘trigger’ for WWIII • Nuclear showdown between Russia, China and US inevitable • Treasonous actions taken during the Clinton administration that secretly changed the United State’s nuclear response doctrine, leaving America vulnerable to a nuclear first-strike


Skousen: Russian and Chinese Military Technology Threatens US Superiority — Can sink any US aircraft carrier • Hypersonic weapons up to Mach 10 (10X the speed of sound) | Two Myths: US military superiority • US invulnerability

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PDD 60: Abandonment of “Launch on Warning” — US policy to “Retaliate after Absorbing a First-strike” is an unwinnable policy that does more to invite attack than deter it

PDD 60: Abandonment of “Launch on Warning”

In 1997, President Bill Clinton issued Presidential decision directive (PDD) 60.  This directive radically changed US stratigic nuclear policy from “launch on warning” to “retaliate after absorbing a first strike”.  President Clinton’s justification for this change was based on the false premise that in the so-called “Post-Cold War Era”, Russia and China are no longer nuclear threats.

Robert Bell, senior director for defense policy and arms control at the National Security Council, verified information about PDD 60 in an interview on December 23, 1997.  Bell pointed out that while the United States has always had the “technical capability” to implement a policy of launch on warning, it has chosen not to do so. “Our policy is to confirm that we are under nuclear attack with actual detonations before retaliating”.

Hello? Are you serious? The whole strategy that makes nuclear weapons a deterrent is that under a “launch on warning” policy, whichever nation launches first looses and whichever nation launches second wins.  If you take US nuclear missiles off “launch on warning” and switch to a policy of “retaliation after absorbing a nuclear first-strike”, there won’t be anything left over to retaliate with.  You loose.  Especially since 1. most all US nukes are sitting in vulnerable fixed silos, and 2. the US has been unilaterally downsizing our nuclear arsenal.

“Launch on Warning” means the US would launch its nuclear missiles after it has been varified that a country like Russia and China have premptively launched on the US but before enemy warheads have arrived. Under “Launch on Warning” the US would retaliate while the enemy ICBMs are still in the air, and before they have detonated in the US.

The reason  “Launch on Warning” assures that whomever launches first looses and whomever launches second wins is that a country would likely only launch 50% of its nukes during a first-strike.  Most of the incoming nukes will be targeting our nukes here in the US to prevent a retaliatory counter-attack. However, how “Launch on Warning” works is the launch-second country can simply track the incoming ICBMs and predict which silos are being targeted.  The US would then launch the nukes only in those targeted silos.  The “launch on warning” ICBMs would then target the remaining unlaunched ICBMs back in the attacking nation.  When Russia’s ICBMs arrive, those nukes strike empty silos.  When the US nukes arrive on the other end, they target and destroy remaining ICBMs in Russia.

If the US only uses 50% of its nukes to target the remaining Russian nukes, then the US is left with 50% remaining ICBMs and Russia is left with 0% ICBMs.  This is how the “Launch on Warning” strategy assures that whomever initiates a nuclear firstrike looses and why the “Launch on Warning” policy is the only real and effective nuclear deterrence policy.

The new and current nuclear policy to “Retaliate after Absorbing a First-strike” is an unwinnable policy that does more to invite attack than deter it.

Unfortunately the only thing the public thinks it knows about nuclear stragedy is from the movie “War Games” which equates Global Thermonuclear War with a game of tick-tack-toe.


(vid) Ron Paul: Trump UN Speech Was “Neocon Heaven” 😈 — Paul minimizes the greatest threat to America though

I love Ron Paul — having 900 Ron Paul posts here!! But Joel Skousen would completely disagree with what Ron says @ 12:02:

“The invasion by a foreign power to destroy our liberty is not going to come in our lifetime.”

Joel shows how Russia/China will be completely ready by about 2023, but they could do it sooner. They’ll probably EMP US, and nuke only the military bases, which are EMP hardened, according to Joel. Many have had dreams of Russia and/or China nuking US too.

Joel has been against all of our reverse-Christian wars. This time though, he actually believes we should take out North Korea’s ability to attack US while we still have the chance, before Russia and China can use North Korea as the “trigger” and excuse to then bomb, bomb, bomb America.

Amazingly, Joel has been saying for many years that North Korea will be the globalists’ trigger, the perfect excuse for Russia and China to then take US out, after we attack Korea.

I don’t like the idea of preemptive war myself. We do have anti-missile missiles that can take out North Korea’s. Couldn’t that be good enough to protect US?

Russia and China’s nukes are maneuverable though, so we cannot stop them. They have state-of-the art everything, while we’re sitting ducks doing almost nothing to defend US.

It seems to me that protecting our power grid from an EMP should be our top priority, which could postpone the coming invasion. The cost has been said to only be the price of one stealth bomber, about $2 billion, which is peanuts.

Even a strong magnetic storm on the sun could take out our power for about a year. 90% of all Americans would die, the experts predict.

The media ignores this, and hardly any of the truthers even talk about hardening the grid (including Joel, surprisingly), which is probably our #1 threat, and would be easy and inexpensive to fix.

How can Ron Paul say an invasion is not going to happen in our lifetime, perhaps because he’s 82? Ron is so awesome, but I don’t know how he can be so ignorant of Russia and China’s preparations to take US out so overwhelmingly, that we may not even respond at all — due to PDD 60 especially, which Trump could rescind with the stoke of his pen.

PDD 60: Abandonment of “Launch on Warning” — US policy to “Retaliate after Absorbing a First-strike” is an unwinnable policy that does more to invite attack than deter it

Power to the Peaceful!

‘Christians’ in America should have humbly hit the floor on their knees long ago, following the HOLY Spirit instead of FOX News, the war channel.

Instead, most evangelicals continue to support the Zionist neocon, power-over-others agenda without ever admitting they were wrong, helping to take out the countries that would oppose the one-world government, including US.

What we’ve been doing to others will happen to US!

We even nuked Japan while they were trying to surrender. FDR baited Japan to invade Pearl Harbor with the 8-step, covert plan, proven by James Perloff, who shows that virtually all of our wars were immoral, and have been false flag driven.

We can’t continue to be cold hearted and not suffer the consequences — as America falls into decadence. Only people of high moral character can keep a nation strong to survive.

Much of the world now sees the US as the bully, and will cheer when Russia and China take US out, sadly.


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(video) 10 Secret Submarine Bases Hidden in Plain Sight, Including Yalong Bay, Hainon Island, China

@5:35 Yalong Bay, Hainon Island, China

I’ve heard that China has a submarine base in which the entrance is about 1,000 feet below sea level. We don’t know how many nuclear subs they have, because apparently, everything they do is underground and top secret.

Joel Skousen and others predict that both Russia and China are preparing to take US out with an EMP and nuke strikes of our military bases, which could be as soon as 5 years from now.

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10 Secret Submarine Bases Hidden in Plain Sight

Published on Aug 1, 2017

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Skousen: US Missile Defense Lacking

World Affairs Brief, May 19, 2017 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (



Finally, another article on the latest missile defense technology is pertinent to the US ability to stop Kim Jong-Un from following through with his limited ability to send a missile to Hawaii or Alaska. The British Daily Mail takes a look at the new “state-of-the-art Navy vessel that’s designed to shoot down Kim Jong-Un’s ballistic missiles before they start World War Three.” There are errors in this article, which I will point out.

A state-of-the-art navy vessel designed to intercept ballistic missiles is set to be tested later this month. The MV Pacific Collector detects the missile via GPS [This is in error. GPS doesn’t detect missile launches, although other military satellites can.] and shoots out a vehicle which smashes into a warhead in mid-flight to disable it. Known as ground-based mid-course defense, the ship is in port at Aloha Tower in Hawaii for a key upcoming ballistic missile defense test.

The news comes as North Korea test-launched a ballistic missile that flew for half an hour and reached an altitude of 1,240 miles before landing in the Sea of Japan – a flight pattern that could indicate a new type of missile.

The only thing new about this is that US experts are saying this latest ballistic missile is the first fully home developed rocket by North Korea that doesn’t rely on foreign rocket engines. How they can tell that from photographs or rocket telemetry is a mystery to me.

Admiral Harry Harris, head of US Pacific Command, warned Congress that the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, ‘is clearly in a position to threaten Hawaii today’. Currently, the US has 36 ground-based interceptors placed in Alaska and California to theoretically protect the US from a nuclear missile attack. That number will increase to 44 this year.

However, in December, a Pentagon weapons testing office rated the $40 billion system as having low reliability. The ground-based system has a record of nine out of 17 successful intercepts since 1999, or a 53 percent success rate.

One of the problems with this kind of missile system is that it uses a “kinetic” warhead— essentially a big hunk of highly dense material (depleted Uranium, etc.) which has to make direct contact with the incoming missile to destroy it. It is not an explosive warhead that can disable a target even during a near miss. [like Russia’s – editor]

I suspect the US continues using these kinds of “hit vehicles” because they don’t want to really stop a pre-emptive strike by Russia and China, who are developing maneuvering warheads. I do think, however, that current US ABM interceptors could stop several of North Korea’s plain Jane ballistic missiles.

(4 min video) North Korea Satellites ‘IN PLACE For Devastating EMP Attack On U.S’

Can North Korea Attack The U.S. Power Grid?

(4 min video) EMP Attack: How Vulnerable is the United States?

Congress Finally Taking EMP Attack Seriously

Skousen: Trump Backing Down on North Korea, For Now — This indicates war isn’t imminent but it’s coming sooner than when China will be ready to join NK. Whether or not they will becomes the big question. If they do, we’ll have WWIII early than I expected, if not, there will have to be another trigger event for WWIII later on when China and Russia are ready

World Affairs Brief, April 28, 2017 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

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News Shorts

Preparedness Tip: Vitamin C



Naive US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, claims that Chinese pressure on North Korea is working. She’s merely repeating what was presented at the Senate briefing at the White House South auditorium this week. It was an hour briefing led by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford, and Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats. None are high level intelligence officials so it was all second-hand information.

Senators who oppose Trump, like John McCain and Lindsey Graham and all the Democrats claimed they learned “nothing new.” Many Senators on certain committees get constant intelligence briefings as a matter of course, so obviously they aren’t going to learn much new.

But despite the disparaging remarks from Democrats, there was something new in the briefing, which was highlighted by the anti-Trump The Daily Beast.

“We want to solve this through political or economic measures,” a senior administration official [said] ….any unilateral strike would likely lead to a North Korean counter-strike on U.S. allies South Korea and Japan—both within artillery or missile range of North Korea—as well as threatening tens of thousands of U.S. troops stationed in the Pacific.

“We want to bring Kim Jong-Un to his senses, not to his knees,” said Adm. Harry Harris, Commander of U.S. Pacific Command, at a House Armed Services Committee hearing Wednesday. He repeated the administration mantra that “all options are on the table,” but the tone had decidedly shifted from President Donald Trump’s earlier provocative tweets.

The U.S. might lobby to put North Korea back on the list as a state sponsor of terror as one of many options to isolate the defiant Asian nation. It had been removed in 2008 under previous negotiations with the Bush administration.

“It’s clear we are in a phase where unless North Korea takes a more provocative action, attacks our allies, attacks us directly, this is a diplomatic phase,” Democratic Sen. Chris Coons, of Delaware, told The Daily Beast outside the White House after the meeting.

This means Trump is backing down from his vow to disarm North Korea and stop its constant provocations. However, in a wide ranging interview with Reuters, Trump seemed to hint that he thought war with North Korea was a very real possibility:

“There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely,” Trump said. “We’d love to solve things diplomatically, but it’s very difficult,” he added.

Trump continued to promote his naive assessment of China’s Premier Xi Jingpin as a wonderful person, and repeating the assurance that China has told NK not to do any more nuclear tests. My takeaway from this is that Trump is going to let this play out diplomatically, but that he’s skeptical (as he should be) and fully intends to use military action to stop NK’s nuclear and missile development, even if that means NK will respond by going to war with SK—which would draw in the US.

That means that war isn’t imminent but that it is coming sooner tha[n] when China will be ready to join in. Whether or not they will becomes the big question. If they do, we’ll have WWIII early than I expected, if not, there will have to be another trigger event for WWIII later on when China and Russia are ready.

The sanctions Trump is proposing are tougher than ever before, but only in stages, which indicates it’s going to take time to play out: cutoff of oil supplies and isolating NK from all international banking and internet connectivity. There won’t be any food or medical sanctions as they put on Iran, for “humanitarian reasons.” Wasn’t Iran worthy of humanitarian exceptions?

Heretofore, NK has relied on China to bypass any sanctions, but for now at least China appears to play along with the sanctions. But I’m still skeptical. Either China plans to cheat, which would be hard for the US to detect, or it will comply for a period of time to buy more time and try and get Kim to shut down the hostile rhetoric.

I think this does confirm that China really isn’t ready to go to war on behalf of NK, and is determined to make sure NK remains in check for the next few years. Frankly, I’m surprise at just how reactionary Kim Jong-Un has been lately. In response to Trump’s interview, NK said it has no intention of stopping its nuclear and missile programs. Kim seems to be aiming for a bruising war. If it’s all bluster in order to save face with the communist party radicals in NK, that’s one thing, but no one’s going to believe Kim is capable of compromise is he doesn’t tone down the threats. Personally, I think Trump is being suckered into a delay in taking out Kim. I feel the conflict with Kim is inevitable and the sooner he is removed, the better. For each year’s delay, NK only gets stronger.

The bottom line: War with NK is inevitable, but it may or may not lead to WWIII depending on China. There is now a shorter window to prepare….


As for an EMP blast, which will proceed a nuclear attack, nuclear plants will go off line and some cannot operate again without grid power to absorb their output. But an EMP would not affect the military’s ability to get diesel fuel to backup generators at a nuke plant to keep them from melting down.

(video) Chuck Baldwin: The Crime of Aggression — ‘Christians’ the biggest cheerleaders! The more people we bomb, the louder ‘Christians’ shout ‘Amen!’

“No nation can continue to flaunt the laws of God and violate the laws of God and get by with it forever. It can’t happen.

This country is on a collision course with the judgment of God. And the thing that disturbs me personally the most about it is that the ‘Christians’ of this country seem to be the biggest cheerleaders for this crime of aggression. The more people we bomb, the louder ‘Christians’ shout ‘Amen!'”

– Chuck Baldwin

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

• • •

 Message Highlight – Nations That Continue To Violate God Laws Will Suffer Consequences

Skousen: WWIII Timing: China’s nuclear submarine superfactory soon building 10-12 at one time – “This adds to my prognostication that China isn’t ready yet to fight WWIII with the US”

From: Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief, 4/21/17

It was reported this week by that China is going to start multiple production lines to speed up the deployment of nuclear submarines.

Western production lines for the most part can only build one submarine at a time, and only the US is capable of building two submarines simultaneously, but China is now capable of building four submarines at one time.

China already has at least four type 094/094A ballistic missile submarines and at least five Type 093/093G attack submarines, so it is speculated that the new facility is to build the successor third-generation classes of Type 096 ballistic missile submarines and Type 095 attack submarines. The new submarines will be built using modular fabrication techniques. The projection is made that Chinese nuclear submarine production will double its rate within two to three years.

China currently has about three submarine production lines and can build 5 to 6 submarines at one time. This would mean in three years China could be building ten to twelve submarines at one time.

This adds to my prognostication that China isn’t ready yet to fight WWIII with the US.

Trump’s Recklessness Changes Skousen’s WWIII Timing – Trump Threatens Military Action Against North Korea – Possible Scenario #3: Trump strikes North Korean missile sites, and North Korea invades South Korea in response. The US has to use tactic nukes to stop the massive invasion of over 2 million North Koreans, and China responds in kind by striking the US military forces with a pre-emptive nuclear missile strike, joined by Russia

With Donald Trump being snookered so easily into attacking Syria,
I’m very much worried he will now attack North Korea.

• • •

World Affairs Brief, April 7, 2017 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (

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For years I’ve thought that the US ought to pre-emptively strike North Korea’s nuclear and missile sites before she gets too dangerous to handle without full scale war. No nation has been more aggressive in attacking its neighbors and threatening the world than North Korea, a virtual prison nation. But unlike its aggressive and constant threat toward Iran, which doesn’t even have a nuclear weapon yet, NK has always been treated permissively, for reasons I will explain shortly.

The United States, under globalist advisors, has continued to play the role of the sucker in its weak attempts to induce NK to give up its nuclear weapons program. Signing one agreement after another, the US acted as if it was powerless to make NK dismantle its nuclear program. In each disarmament agreement, the North Koreans have cheated and yet the West fulfilled its part of the agreement, including food aid and oil shipments.

After three major failed agreements you would think the West would finally realize that North Korea’s nuclear program will never be relinquished through negotiations. But it isn’t stupidity or blind optimism that has driven globalist policy—it is the knowledge that NK is China’s trigger for WWIII, a war the globalists want, and that’s why they have never been serious about stopping NK. They want that trigger preserved. And what better trigger than a perceived “crazy man” Kim Jong-un, so neither China or Russia get the blame.

North Korea tested another ICBM this week, landing in the Sea of Japan. That got president Trump’s attention, and Japan’s too. NK is in a state of constant development of solid fueled long-range rockets though they are reluctant to show the West anything but short and medium range launches. Launching a missile into the sea at medium range makes it difficult for the US to determine the missile’s accuracy since only North Korea knows the coordinates of the intended target area.

In advance of his meeting Thursday with Chinese President XI Jinping, Trump told the UK Financial Times, “If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will. That is all I am telling you.” The White House added that “the clock has now run out” on North Korea’s nuclear program and that “all options are on the table” —a not-so-subtle code phrase for “military action.”

What kind of action? General Jack Keane said that bombing North Korea’s nuclear facilities “may be the only option left”. But that’s not true. The US could also shoot down future missile tests, especially ones that are heading toward the Sea of Japan and deny NK the test results.

So the tensions are clearly escalating in the Far East, and China loves to join in and assert its dominance. China responded to the Trump saber rattling with a statement that, “It will safeguard the security and stability of its Northeast area at all costs,” referring to both its territorial claims on all of the China Sea as well as client state North Korea. Tensions between the US and NK are at the highest point ever.

North Korea Serious about Threats to US:

Lester Holt reported to NBC News that

A senior North Korean defector has told NBC News that the country’s ‘desperate’ dictator is prepared to use nuclear weapons to strike the United States and its allies. Thae Yong Ho is the most high profile North Korean defector in two decades, meaning he is able to give a rare insight into the secretive, authoritarian regime.

According to Thae, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is “desperate in maintaining his rule by relying on his [development of] nuclear weapons and ICBM.” He was using an acronym for intercontinental ballistic missiles – a long range rocket that in theory would be capable of hitting the U.S.

The thing which moderates this dire news is that North Korea has not yet successfully tested a full nuclear warhead in operational mode, and many of its missiles have failed in test launches. US military experts, which discounting North Korea as an imminent threat do believe this unstable country is a long-term threat.

How Dangerous Are Kim’s Nuclear Weapons?

Not very, to be frank. North Korea has never tested a nuclear warhead atop a missile, so even the North Koreans don’t know how accurate their technology is. Even if it does work, North Korea does not possess maneuvering warheads [so they can be shot down, unlike Russia’s – editor] and it has a very limited number of warheads and ballistic missiles to launch against medium range US targets in Guam or Hawaii.

While the US has a fairly limited anti-ballistic missile shield, North Korea has so few long range missiles and nuclear warheads that a couple of standard anti-ballistic missiles (THAAD interceptors or Aegis Missile systems) could stop the one or two long range missiles NK could put into the upper atmosphere against US targets. A handful of missiles is pretty easy for the US to detect and destroy. Only nations that have hundreds of missiles firing simultaneously can get through the US protective umbrella—and that means Russia and China.

So it’s not the NK nuke threat that is the real worry, rather what China and Russia would do in support of North Korea.

A New Warning: I have long said that I didn’t think China would unleash NK to start WWIII until the next decade because Russia and China are in the midst of a major rearmament, which won’t be complete until the 2020-2024 range. Obviously, they would prefer to be fully ready before launching a war.

The globalists, on the other hand, would prefer a war earlier rather than later, but they can’t make it look like they started this war, so they have worked for 30 years to simply facilitate our enemy’s arsenals, transferring military and scientific technology to both China and Russia. Much of those transfers have been done courtesy of the US Commerce Department. Much has also been done through Israel. We sell our top technology to Israel and they sell it to the Russians and Chinese.

With the coming of Donald Trump, I suspect that the globalists may try and kill two birds with one stone: First, let Trump start this war by striking North Korea’s nuclear program and 2) let Trump take the blame which will cost him the next election and forever taint him as the guy who started WWIII.

In summary, with Donald Trump being snookered so easily into attacking Syria, I’m very much worried he will now attack North Korea, leading him down a path he vowed not to go—intervening militarily around the world. I suspect his globalist advisors may be setting him up for an attack on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, that could provoke a Chinese nuclear response against the US, which our anti-missile systems could not control.

Here are the likely or possible scenarios:

1) North Korea sees Trump threatening and launches its first nuclear tipped missile at Guam or Hawaii, to make good on his bluster against the US. The US intercepts the missile and retaliates against NK nuclear and missile sites. The world sees this as fully justified and China cannot retaliate. WWIII doesn’t start yet, and the NK threat is temporarily abated.

2) Trump does a pre-emptive cruise missile strike against North Korean nuclear sites and/or missile launch sites. [I’m not against that, except that it should have been done years ago when China was not in a position to retaliate.] Even though China can retaliate, it doesn’t do so because it isn’t ready yet for WWIII. The NK nuke and missile threat is gone for now but NK, with the help of China rebuilds in a more secretive manner. WWIII is merely postponed.

3) Trump strikes North Korean missile sites, and North Korea invades South Korea in response with her ample conventional weapons and army. The US has to use tactic nukes to stop the massive invasion of over 2 million North Koreans, and China responds in kind by striking the US military forces with a pre-emptive nuclear missile strike, joined by Russia. WWIII starts.

The targets will be military bases and communications facilities [Joel has often said this would start with an EMP attack, targeting everyone – editor], not cities per se, although about 12-15 major metros will be affected by the strikes on military bases integral to those cities. It could happen during Trump’s term, and it seems to me that the globalists would very much like to tag Trump with the blame for this war.

The bottom line is that you should accelerate your preparations for relocation, war and survival, rather than count on having more time. If Trump doesn’t attack North Korea pre-emptively, it doesn’t mean war is avoided—just postponed. It’s coming eventually in any case. If he does attack pre-emptively, the North Koreans and Chinese are too proud to let that happen without some form of retaliation. I would give it a 60-40 chance it would blossom into WWIII. If they don’t retaliate enough to escalate into WWIII, its only because they have decided to wait for a better time to take revenge when their military preparations are complete.

In any case, we can no longer depend on Trump to not fall into whatever traps the globalists set for him. I actually found globalist puppet presidents easier to predict. Trump is now showing he is far more dangerous than having a puppet president because he can be so easily fooled and he has this reactionary quality that allows him to be goaded into war far too easily.

Even though I have never thought Trump would really turn things around and save this country, I’ve always said he will “slow down the globalist agenda and buy us more time.” That only turned out to be true in terms of globalist trade agreements and maybe the flooding of this country with illegal alien and refugees (which he hasn’t stopped yet). But in terms of foreign policy and the threat of war, Trump may well give us LESS time, and fall completely into the globalist war trap. I personally am very worried….

-Wish it wasn’t coming but it is.

– –


(6 min video) Joel Skousen: Trump May Start WWIII *Early* by Attacking North Korea!! (Triggering Russia/China to EMP/Nuke US!)

(6 min video) Joel Skousen: Trump May Start WWIII *Early* by Attacking North Korea!! (Triggering Russia/China to EMP/Nuke US!)

Globalists can then blame Trump and his supporters for starting WWIII, which the globalists have been scheming for decades. Ughhh!


Trump’s Recklessness Changes Skousen’s WWIII Timing – Trump Threatens Military Action Against North Korea – Possible Scenario #3: Trump strikes North Korean missile sites, and North Korea invades South Korea in response. The US has to use tactic nukes to stop the massive invasion of over 2 million North Koreans, and China responds in kind by striking the US military forces with a pre-emptive nuclear missile strike, joined by Russia

(video) Joel Skousen: Order Out of Chaos by Design — North Korea to be Used as a Trigger Event for WW III > Russia and China will then EMP & Nuke the USA … — Timeframe 5-12 Years

– –

Military Leaders’ Plan To Trick Trump Into War

The Alex Jones Channel Continue reading “(6 min video) Joel Skousen: Trump May Start WWIII *Early* by Attacking North Korea!! (Triggering Russia/China to EMP/Nuke US!)”

Mike Adams: How North Korea could KILL 90% of all Americans

How North Korea could KILL 90% of all Americans

Secret Russian weapon could wipe out NYC, Boston and D.C. in minutes with a massive radioactive tidal wave — Russia is at least a decade ahead of the U.S. military in weapon systems innovation

Secret Russian weapon could wipe out NYC, Boston and D.C. in minutes with a massive radioactive tidal wave

According to a high-level Russian source with ties to the military (named in the podcast below), Russia not only possesses a devastating secret weapon against the United States; they’ve already apparently put it in place off the East Coast shoreline.
The existence of this secret weapon — which could unleash a massive radioactive tidal wave that devastates cities along the East Coast — has been covered by the BBC in this article:
The Kremlin says secret plans for a Russian long-range nuclear torpedo – called “Status-6” – should not have appeared on Russian TV news. The leak happened during a report on state-run Channel One about President Vladimir Putin meeting military chiefs in the city of Sochi.
One general was seen studying a diagram of the “devastating” torpedo system. Launched by a submarine, it would create “wide areas of radioactive contamination”, the document says.
The “oceanic multi-purpose Status-6 system” is designed to “destroy important economic installations of the enemy in coastal areas and cause guaranteed devastating damage to the country’s territory by creating wide areas of radioactive contamination, rendering them unusable for military, economic or other activity for a long time”, the document says.

Nuclear Moles: Warhead-carrying underwater drones that can be timed to unleash massive, radioactive tidal waves of destruction

The weapon is known as a “nuclear mole,” and it’s an underwater drone that carries a nuclear warhead, then burrows into the seabed floor off the coast of the target country. Once buried into the sea floor, these nuclear weapons can be remotely detonated to cause a massive tidal wave that would wipe out coastal cities in minutes.
I have estimated that a series of these weapons could be detonated in a timed sequence that multiplies the amplitude of the tidal wave, causing a much larger and more devastating wave than any single weapon by itself.
In addition to the physical destruction that could result from such a weapon, the tidal wave would contain radioactive sea water, making it a “dirty bomb” in addition to the physical destruction. The “dirty bomb” aspect of such a weapon would deposit deadly concentrations of radioactive isotopes across the affected cities, leaving behind a toxic legacy of radioactive elements such as iodine-131, cesium-137 and various isotopes of uranium and plutonium, both of which have far longer half lives than iodine (approx. 7 days) and cesium (approx. 29 years).
Washington D.C., New York City, Philadelphia and Boston are all highly vulnerable to this weapon system, as they sit very close to the U.S. coastline and are well within reach of nuclear-initiated radioactive tidal waves.

Russia is at least a decade ahead of the U.S. military in weapon systems innovation

Russia has also developed many other highly innovative weapon systems that are years ahead of the U.S. military, reports Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show. These include the “Plasma Fighter Jet” that fires a plasma weapon, the “Naval Proton Gun,” the Krasuha-4, a mobile electronic warfare system, and the S-400 Triumph, a highly advanced anti-aircraft system that can track 300 airborne targets and fire surface-to-air missiles to almost any imaginable aircraft height, including 40 miles of altitude (essentially low Earth orbit).
The U.S. military, meanwhile, was forced under Obama to focus on transgender rights and twisted, Left-wing social experiments rooted in feminism and LGBT agendas rather than battle readiness. America’s military, in other words, has become a liberal “safe space” while Russians’ military has become a dangerous fighting machine… which is, of course, the entire point of a military force. …
Entire Article

(video) Trump to Boost Anti-Missile Research – Trump especially concerned about an EMP attack!

GREAT NEWS! Trump is concerned about an EMP attack, which definitely is OUR GREATEST THREAT! But the main countries to defend from are Russia and China, perhaps triggered by our response to North Korea, in the next decade perhaps, Joel Skousen shows, and serious man of God, Dumitru Duduman prophesied. Making Iran the bogeyman is not good, while ignoring what Russia and China are really preparing for: an offensive war that will destroy the USA.
– –

Trump to Boost Anti-Missile Research, 1489

Joel Skousen: CFR Misinforms about China Nukes — Our controlled intelligence agencies are following the globalist agenda of downplaying the China nuclear threat

World Affairs Brief, February 3, 2017 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (
This Week’s Analysis:
Trump Versus the Deep State
Attack on Trump’s Partial Muslim Travel Ban
Background on Neil Gorsuch
Berkeley Protests Against Free Speech on the Right
Brexit Passes Parliament
Republicans Bypass Democratic Confirmation Boycott
CFR Misinforms about China Nukes
I really get upset when the media keeps quoting US “intelligence agencies” that maintain that China only has 200 nuclear warheads. How can say that when they have zero access to China’s nuclear arsenal? The US had never had access. They are simply taking China’s lying words for truth because our controlled intelligence agencies are following the globalist agenda of downplaying the China nuclear threat.
But it got worse this week when the Council on Foreign Relations put out a propaganda piece in their magazine Foreign Affairs, not only repeating the bogus 200 nukes claim, but inferring that China isn’t in the least interested in joining the arms race. The piece is chock full of disinformation:

While U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin preen and compare the size of their nuclear arsenals, China has been quite modest on the subject. This macho dance doesn’t interest Beijing. Why? Isn’t bigger always better? For decades, when it comes to nuclear weapons, the answer from China has been a resounding no. The rest of the world would do well to consider their reasons why. [Oh, do tell! I can’t wait hear how this ends.]

In his last defense speech of 2016, Putin argued that his country needed to “enhance the combat capability of strategic nuclear forces, primarily by strengthening missile complexes that will be guaranteed to penetrate existing and future missile defense systems.” It wasn’t clear from the speech whether Putin seeks to improve nuclear warhead delivery systems in order to confuse American missile defense, or whether he will seek to increase the number of weapons deployed to overwhelm them, or even deploy cyber-capabilities to weaken the ability to respond. Perhaps it’s a strategy, perhaps it’s just rhetoric. U.S. ballistic missile defense efforts — particularly in Europe and Asia — have been a sore spot for both Russia and China.

The author makes it sound like the Russians are only thinking about it. Nonsense. The Russians are not only in the middle of production of the Topol M, but they are building new 15 warhead mega-missiles–the Satan-2. As with China, we have no inspectors in Russia, and even in the days when we did, our inspectors were never allowed inside the nuclear warhead plant we built for Russia nor into the huge underground factory-bunker city of Yamantau Mountain.

So why hasn’t Chinese leader Xi Jinping stripped off his shirt and flexed his strategic forces? Well, he doesn’t need to and he knows it. Decades of Chinese leaders have known it. The Chinese think about nuclear weapons in a fundamentally different way than their Western counterparts…. China was content to stick with dozens, not thousands, of warheads.

The reason the Chinese don’t flaunt it is because they want to maintain the lie that they only have a couple of hundred warheads—fodder for “useful idiots” and disarmament addicts at the CFR.

Even today, the United States and Russia believe nuclear deterrence requires thousands of warheads each, and at least three ways to deliver them. But the truth of the matter is that you can annihilate your adversary (or the planet) only so many times. In fact, some in the U.S. Air Force have argued that 311 warheads would provide nine-and-a-half times the destructive power needed to incapacitate the Soviet Union by former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara’s count.

More propaganda. In fact, you could throw all of the nukes in the world at Mt. St. Helens and you would not remove as much earth as it did when it blew off half of its top in the 1980s eruption. All these high quantities of nuclear weapons are NOT for simple deterrence, but to successfully win in a nuclear engagement where many of your weapons may be eliminated before you can launch them. Just to eliminate all of the US military and communications facilities around the world would take almost 3000 enemy warheads. As to enemy targets, many deep underground facilities like Yamantau Mountain and the missile tunnels in China would take tens of nuclear weapons to penetrate—and that’s only two targets. There are hundreds of targets.

For China, it’s not the size of the arsenal that counts, it’s how you use it. About 200 nuclear warheads are “enough.” China’s primary goal has always been to prevent the use of nuclear weapons against them. Beijing figured out that you don’t need 30,000 nuclear warheads to achieve that end — you only need enough that the risk of losing a major city in retaliation holds your opponents back. They have enough for escalation control, they have enough for deterrence, and they only need to mate their warheads to delivery vehicles to signal.

So they keep their strategic forces small and agile. With about 200 weapons, you already have increased the cost of nuclear war enough that nobody wants to start one with you. You don’t even have to spend a fortune to keep those weapons ready to go at a moment’s notice, as Russia and the United States do with their arsenals. Instead, China can invest in its conventional and not-so- conventional weapons, including a growing naval force, hyper-glide vehicles, and systems for both cyberspace and outer space. . Last, China is happy to sit back and wait until escalation is called for, so it keeps its warheads separated from the missiles it predominantly relies on as delivery systems.

More nonsense. If the CFR really thinks the Chinese don’t keep warheads on the missiles, they are idiots. The Chinese have thousands of miles of underground bunker tunnels all with rail road tracks to haul out rail mounted missiles into firing position at a moment’s notice. That said, they know their missiles are safe for now, since the US dismantled 2/3rd of the warheads on our remaining 400+ Minuteman missiles. The warheads on our submarines aren’t capable of penetrating hardened targets.
As for conventional weapons, China is in a major armament building spree, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t building new missiles and warheads in secret. This piece is simply meant to keep Americans asleep about the Chinese threat. Lastly, if China is so disinterested in nuclear missiles why does she keep building new DF-41 missiles? Why did China just test her newest DF-5 intercontinental missile with 10 warheads? See the article here.

(audio) Joel Skousen w/ John B Wells: Caravan to Midnight Ep. 681, 1/31/17 — Trump: "Just delightful to not see a puppet just taking orders. He's got enough gut instincts that he's fighting the powers that be" • Groupthink: "Americans take comfort in the fact that if the government isn't worried, if the media isn't worried, why should I be worried?" • Conscience: "You're never going to get to a real good understanding of what's true unless you listen to those nervous feelings warning you" • Pentagon: "It had to be both" a missile and a plane • WW III: Russia and China will be ready in the middle of the next decade to launch a preemptive strike on the U.S. military, preceded by an EMP strike

[Audio used by permission. Video can be seen by subscribing at Caravan To Midnight.]
Caravan to Midnight Episode 681 – Joseph Meyer & Joel Skousen
Tuesday January 31st 2017

Key quotes by Joel transcribed by Jeff Fenske:
22:19 “They [Americans] take comfort in the fact that if the government isn’t worried, if the media isn’t worried, why should I be worried? It’s a groupthink type of thing.”
37:42 “There’s always something about understanding the workings of conscience. I use that all the time when I’m trying to read stories. I’ll get a warning signal, a little nervous feeling: ‘something is not right about this.’ And it’s kind of a trigger feeling that I’ll go research and find out what’s wrong with it.
But people who don’t have a good sense of conscience — they don’t listen to those nervous feelings, or they constantly disregard them — they don’t get those signals. And some people just are so positive thinking; they don’t want to hear anything negative. They don’t want to hear even conscience warning them about nervous things, because they only want to hear the positive.
So there is a psychological, spiritual aspect towards listening or being open to the truth, especially tough truths. You’re never going to get to a real good understanding of what’s true unless you listen to those nervous feelings warning you, from what I believe is a divine source that something is wrong with the information. And to that extent, John, people are somewhat responsible for being ignorant.”
1:03:10 On 9/11, “it had to be both” a missile and a plane hitting the Pentagon. Half of the fiberglass nose of the airplane was intact inside the Pentagon. So a missile had to hit the Pentagon first. Smoke color and cordite smell. It had to be a special aircraft to withstand the g’s (switched). “As one witness said, the airplane hit the Pentagon wall, and the wall held up like a champ, and then it exploded into a thousand pieces.”
1:08:00 “Civil war, and social unrest, and FEMA camps and martial law, none of that’s coming until World War III comes, when our government allows a preemptive strike on the U.S. military, which will be preceded by an EMP strike, which will take down the electrical grid. … Somewhere, I think, in the middle of the next decade is when Russia and China will be ready to throw that strike.”
1:10:00 “This is just delightful to not see a puppet just taking orders…. But Trump is somebody who maybe doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he’s got enough gut instincts that he’s fighting the powers that be.”
John B. Wells YouTube

Skousen: National Grid Protection System Seriously Flawed — Improvements only aimed at modest protections from solar flares and not the more powerful EMP pulses

Disappointing, but a step in the right direction, if this gets fully implemented.
– –
World Affairs Brief, January 20, 2017 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (
This Week’s Analysis:
Obama’s Attempts to Sabotage the New Trump Administration
Obama Goes Wild on Pardons
More Problems for the Trump Administration
National Grid Protection System Seriously Flawed
Ted Cruz Decimates Democrats on Rule of Law
German Editor who Exposed CIA Journalism Found Dead
Many were heartened that the Obama administration was moving forward to protect the national electrical grid from electromagnetic pulses from either solar flares or EMP. However, as Michael Maloof of WND explains the new improvements are only aimed at modest protections from solar flares and not the more powerful EMP pulses.

The Obama administration, on the eve of its transfer of power, is about to impose new standards to protect the nation’s life-sustaining electric grid from solar storms. However, the new standards by a Democrat-dominated regulatory board, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, will address only solar activities. Pointedly, it will not protect the vulnerable national grid from a man-made, high altitude, nuclear detonation that could create an electromagnetic pulse.

In an email to WND, William R. Graham, who was director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy and chairman of the 2008 congressionally mandated EMP Commission, warned that the FERC has scheduled a ruling on Jan. 19 – the FERC’s planned ruling “is likely to have far-ranging, seriously counterproductive national security implications.”

“It may not be an accident that this action is being addressed on the last full day of the Obama administration rather than at a time when the Trump administration can influence the ruling,” Graham told WND.

The FERC is to finalize standards for only solar storms, or the natural-occurring slow EMP called an E3, ignoring the nuclear-weapon-generated EMP, Graham warned… [but] there is also a substantially higher, intense electromagnetic fast pulse (E1) produced only by high-altitude nuclear weapons.”

“Significantly,” Graham said, “similar commercially available equipment can be used to protect against nuclear EMP and naturally occurring GMD EMP, but comprehensive nuclear EMP protection also requires protection against E1. Graham said he has alerted the incoming Trump transition department appointees and transition-team heads to the impending FERC action.

Graham pointed out the FERC is dominated by three Obama administration appointees, although the Republican appointee slots remain empty. Despite the Trump administration coming into office in a few days, the FERC won’t realize a majority of Republicans until June 30, 2017, when the term of a Democratic appointee is scheduled to end.

Frankly, in light of unilateral disarmament and PDD-60 warning our military to prepare to accept a nuclear first strike and “retaliate afterward,” I’m skeptical the government really wants to protect the grid from an EMP strike, which will be a 20 minute prelude to a real nuclear strike.

Skousen: Year End “Big Picture” Analysis: 2016 – Foreign Threats — "I’m often asked when I think this war is going to start…"

Joel has been closely studying the Russia/China threat since the ’80s. They’re getting ready to take US out, but won’t be fully ready until the middle of the next decade.
We need to get the power grid hardened now!
I bold key statements.
– –
World Affairs Brief, December 30, 2016 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (
This Week’s Analysis:
Year End “Big Picture” Analysis: 2016
Domestic Trends that will get Worse
Update on Foreign Threats
Europe: While US globalists experienced a major backlash in the US by those tired of establishment policies, the globalists in Europe also have a major rebellion on their hands over EU open borders to refugees and the slow increase of EU mandates in social and economic affairs of member countries. The irritation of EU tinkering in member state policies and law has been growing slowly but the motivation to actually break from the growing tyranny was brought to a head by the sudden influx of millions of refugees from Africa and the Middle East.
Nothing was more shocking and threatening to Europeans than to see whole towns overwhelmed by refugees and globalist leaders ousting citizens from government subsidized apartments to make way for refugees. When the young males, which predominated among the displaced, began to prey upon women in Germany and France, the rebellion took hold and nationalist party ranks began to swell.
EU open borders policies allowed thousands of refugees to work their way north to Britain, which turned out to be the catalyst that pushed the Brexit vote over the top. This, combined with the Trump victory in the US, suddenly allowed anti-EU forces in various countries to believe that they too could beat the all-powerful EU at their own democracy game—at least at first.
The EU was successful in beating back an anti-EU challenge from the Freedom Party in Austria. They will attempt to defeat these same nationalist forces in the upcoming elections in Belgium and France. The Germans are just starting to wake up and finally have a growing anti-EU party called “Alternative for Germany,” which has doubled in size in just two years.
In the UK, globalist leaders have been able to delay and sabotage the British exit from the EU, which is still in progress. It started with handing over the reins of British government to Teresa May, (who voted against Brexit) who promptly got a bill passed in Parliament integrating EU law into British law, supposedly so that British politicians and the courts could have full authority to change those laws without going through the EU parliament. Only the most naive Brits failed to see this was a trap. It’s much harder to remove bad law once installed than stop it from becoming law.
Middle East: The other major setback for globalism was the entrance of Russia into the Syria conflict. The globalist agenda in the Middle East is very complex as I have explained recently in the WAB of December 16. Subscribers can access the archives at by logging in and clicking on “Latest Brief.” For new subscribers let me summarize the key issues:
It started with the need to create a war on terror that could justify limiting citizen’s rights to privacy and due process in Western countries, and Muslims were the perfect targets for provocation, having a religion and culture that tended toward a natural hostility to the West, and to both Judaism and Christianity.
Not only was the 9/11 terror attack a false flag attack used to justify the war on terror, but it was then used as a pretense to attack Iraq and Afghanistan which had nothing to do with the attack. What the incursions into those countries did accomplish, however, was generate a lot of hatred among Muslims against America, which then fed the subsequent engineered terrorist organizations like al Qaeda and ISIS—both creations of US, British and Israeli intelligence.
The subsequent Western (Arab Spring) destabilization efforts in Egypt, Libya and Syria were done not only to create more hatred against the West, feeding the ranks of terror, but to make available huge arsenals of weapons from Libya to supply the terrorist forces the West would send into Syria. That’s what the secret Benghazi annex fight was all about—competing forces trying to capture the weapons stockpiles the US was secretly exporting to Syria.
But the long term globalist agenda had nothing to do with enforcing democracy in these tribal areas or making peace. It was mostly about creating waves of refugees which would be corralled into pitiful refugee camps until they were so frustrated and full of anger that they would make a massive push into Europe—forever changing the Western culture and political landscape of the EU. Africa, being a cauldron of ethnic conflict and constant warfare has also provided a steady stream of refugees and terrorists.
Out of the constant security threat refugees and terrorists have provided, France and Germany have been able to justify establishing their own surveillance state with enhance police powers of warrantless searches and indefinite detention. That’s conflict creation at its best.
There’s one additional globalist agenda, and that’s the take-down of Iran. Why Iran? Because it is the only Muslim country trying to become self-sufficient in the full range of weaponry needed to defend itself. All other Muslim countries are beholden to either East or West.
As I have explained before in prior briefings, the globalist attack on Syria is linked to the ultimate take-down of Iran. Israel was tasked by globalist leaders to start the war with Iran, but she insisted first that Syria be taken down first since Syrian rockets and chemical weapons were the main retaliatory threat to Israel.
But US plans for a no-fly zone and attack on Syria were thwarted by Syria’s acceptance of Secretary of State Kerry’s inadvertent offer to “not attack” if Syria gave up its chemical weapons. US, British, and Israeli intelligence then took about half the rebels fighting in Syria and changed their name to ISIS and set them off on a rampage in Iraq, brandishing threats to the whole world. It would provide the West’s an excuse to get back into an attack mode in Syria, using ISIS.
All was going according to plan until Russia intervened and starting turning the tide against the US-backed rebels, and Russia remains an impediment to this global agenda in the Middle East to this day. That’s why the US intelligence has suddenly been doing everything, including inventing Fake News of Russian hacking into the DNC emails, in order to turn public opinion against Russia’s intervention in Syria. Obama has even gone so far as to expel Russian diplomat/spies in retaliation. If this happened during the middle of Obama’s term, the Russians would have retaliated with a like number of diplomat/CIA expulsions, but I don’t think Putin will retaliate. He’ll simply wait for better relations with Trump.
Although Russia is doing us a favor in Syria by blocking the globalist conflict creation agenda, Russia has an evil long term agenda, and the combat training their air crews and special forces are getting in Syria is an essential part of that agenda—to eventually take down the West militarily. RT has even revealed that the Russians have tested over 150 new weapons in Syria. They have a secret pact with China to attack the West (when they are both ready) , and eventually intend to establish their own version of global government under the heavy hand of Communism which still rules both nations under the table.
Russia and China: There are a host of internet commentators on the Right and Left that are hyping the notion that Obama is going to start WWIII by provoking the Russians in Syria, or by NATO holding exercises on the Russian border. None of that is true. Russian won’t be goaded into war before she is ready, and she and China have a lot of military rearmament to catch up on before they are ready to take on the West.
What the premature WWIII hypsters don’t understand is that the globalists want this war, but they can’t start it, or be seen directly provoking it. They have to appear as the victims of Russian and Chinese aggression and that’s why they have to wait until the other guy starts something. In fact, that “something” is a nuclear pre-emptive strike on US and NATO strategic forces. The US knows it is coming and intends to absorb that first strike in order to have the pretext to convince Americans to join in a militarized global government in order to prosecute the next war. The secret Presidential Decisions Directive (PDD-60) confirms this by telling our nuclear forces “not to rely on Launch on Warning,” but to “prepare to absorb a nuclear first strike and retaliate afterward.”
The globalist spies within Russia and China also know that neither country intends to strike civilian cities in the West first, but only military targets, trusting that this will force the West into submission without destroying the economies which China and Russia depend upon for technology and trade.
The US has been unilaterally disarming for decades, even knowing that the Russians are cheating on their end and still building weapons, because they want to feign weakness as a means of inviting an attack. I cringe whenever I hear disarmament experts pontificating in the mainstream media about how the Russians have a certain number of warheads and missiles, proving they are “nearly” in compliance with treaties. That’s pure baloney. The US has never been able to inspect Russia’s secret underground nuclear and missile factories and has no idea how many missiles or warheads are there.
Neither do we have any idea how many the Chinese have in their 3,000 miles of underground tunnel systems. I heard one “expert” say this week that China has about 200 warheads. He would only say those were intelligence “estimates.” Those are laughable given China’s massive militarization effort that has been going on for decades.
But the globalists aren’t stupid enough to absorb a nuclear first strike if that leaves them with nothing to win the war with in the long run. I’m convinced they have secret weapons and defense systems hidden away in area 51 and other secret facilities that are designed to survive this first strike and which can prevent any further attacks until the West regroups around its new global government.
I’m often asked when I think this war is going to start. No one can say for sure, because we are dealing with three separate secretive world powers who are never transparent. But military experts reading satellite data can see when there are increases in military equipment and deployed troops. However, contrary to the experience of WWII, this won’t start with troops massing on a national border.
I believe that neither Russian nor Chinese conventional forces will do any noticeable massing outside of their normal military bases. They will rely on the nuclear missiles to do the initial strike and the lack of movement in conventional forces won’t give it away. Such an attack will be temporarily paralyzing to the West and give the Chinese and Russians ample time to then move conventional forces into the invasion mode afterward.
Next, the Russians intend to do a blitzkrieg-style invasion of the Baltic States and Eastern Europe with heavy armor and infantry troops. The Chinese intend to do a massive series of airborne and naval invasions of the entire archipelago of islands to its west, starting with Japan and perhaps simultaneously occupying Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and finally Australia.
Australia is a key supplier of raw materials and minerals to China—China has already bought up almost all the natural resources in Australia so they must occupy that continent to secure these operating concessions during war. They may also occupy New Zealand because of its close proximity. What would an occupation under the Chinese be like?
The Orientals have a historic reputation of being ruthless as occupiers, and I don’t expect it will be pleasant living under that occupation unless residents there make significant underground (concealed) preparations in advance and are prepared to build a successful resistance movement. This is one of the reasons I discourage Americans from retreating to those two countries. Both have significant rural areas to hide out in, but that’s a hard life when surrounded by snoops and spies looking for foreign nationals to lock up.
The best recent update on Chinese military forces was done by Bill Gertz for the Asian Times. This should leave no doubt about Chinese offensive preparations.
In this planned first strike, the West will have a maximum of 20 minutes advance notice by Satellite sensors. That said, I’m sure the globalists have spies in both countries that will let them know in advance so they can be in their underground bunkers when the missiles fly. But they won’t warn the American people any more than they encourage people to build fallout shelters to ward off the effects of future radiation. They want Americans vulnerable so they are the more easily coerced into giving up national sovereignty in favor of global government.
While I can’t tell you when, I feel strongly that the Russia/Chinese axis won’t strike until they are finished with their current modernization plans, which won’t start coming online in quantity until 2020 and won’t be finished until 2024 or 25.
The first of their newest ballistic missile, the Satan-2 with 15 warheads, won’t be coming off the line until 2018 or 19, and they won’t have the numbers to deploy until after 2020. US Minuteman III missiles are woefully obsolete, and now only have a single warhead mounted instead of three—that’s a three-fold reduction while Russia and China are building new missiles and warheads every month.
But remember that the Russians can’t just win a war with nuclear missiles—which, by the way, DON’T destroy the world many times over. The Russians and Chinese won’t strike until their squadrons of fighters and bombers are multiplied two or three times, and they both need a full blue water navy of Cruisers, destroyers and submarines plus a few aircraft carriers to control the world they conquer. China is building ships faster than Russia and with Russian economic weakness, I don’t think they’ll be able to catch up with China. In any case, a big blue water navy takes years to complete, so my timetable really hasn’t changed, nor can it change because of Western actions. Everyone just has to wait until the enemy is ready to strike and I don’t believe that will be before 2020, and more likely in the middle of the next decade.
I also still believe that North Korea will provide the trigger event; it won’t be in the Middle East. North Korea now has missiles that can reach the entire US and the nuclear warheads to make them lethal. This means that NK can strike the US directly with an over-the-north-pole shot, although I don’t think that’s how it will begin. North Korea, like any aggressor, will seek to have a provocation, and I think that will come when NK attacks South Korea and the US responds in defense of South Korea. If the US uses any of its tactical nukes on North Korea, it could give the North Koreans the excuse to launch missiles at the US. China and Russia, as allies of NK, could then easily excuse their entrance into the war.
So, if you see a full scale invasion of NK into the South, you should expect a nuclear world war within a week or so. Hopefully you will have prepared to NOT be employed by the military when that time comes, or you will be sacrificed by our own government’s failure to Launch on Warning as this attack is ongoing. In addition you should have solidified your plans to relocate out of the major cities. Even if not struck directly, the preliminary EMP strike by China or Russia will take down the grid nationwide and put cities into a panic mode within a day or two as water, electricity and supplies cease to exist. …
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