Freedom from Alaska!

North American Union, Real ID, V-Chip & CFR Candidates





John McCain in “Missing, Presumed Dead”


Romney: Iraq War a Good Idea & “We Ought to Double Guantanamo”


  1. mradwin

    I have the same video on the sidebar of my blog. Keep up the good work because we have to get the word out about these things!!!

  2. What makes anyone think we can stop this mess by electing Ron Paul? I wondered why the other candidates just smile at Ron Paul when he speaks at the debates. I expect that his opposition to such a union of countries would get his influence negated even if he were to be the president. I suspect he would not be able to stop it. This video scares me; I see know way out.

  3. liana

    This is horrifying, Ive seen that movie just recently and am outraged, in a few months a REAL ID card? The worst part is the brainwashing, that people believe they need these things, that they’re “not so bad”, it’s not bout the people, it never has been, it’s been and always will be about money and power, this is extremely frightening and pulls to mind many movies, including minority report. I suppose many people will not be able to comprehend the full meaning of all this and will just equate it to “some hollywood movie crap”. I fear for the worst.

  4. niall

    i’m not a religious man, but i do read the bible. in the book of revelation it speaks of the world falling under the rule of one malevolent leader. it also speaks of people wearing the mark of the beast, a mark which enables them to trade money. only those without this mark will be saved. the truth is we dont need this chip anymore than we need a credit card. jesus told us that god can provide for the birds and the fish and the smallest of his creatures, he can provide for the us, his favoured too, as long as we keep the faith.

  5. Dorothy Halldorson

    I live in California. I was on a conference call with Senator Ron Calvert and a question was presented about the North Alignment and how they want to make an Amero-dollar, etc, etc. He swore that it was all a rumor and it was not true. Just goes to show ya how much our politicians lie to us. So much is going on that the majority of the general public don’t even know about let alone, I don’t think the majority of the people would even believe the truth let alone be able to wrap their heads around it. The government keeps so much secret. PEOPLE…..LISTEN. Turn to Jesus, read your bibles, watch the news on TBN (Trinity Broadcastin Network) or any local Christian based network. We are in the end of times folks. And the government is doing everything they can to sweep the facts under the rug. Our rulers are governed by forces that oppose everything that is good, right and just.. Christians, cling to your faith and surround yourselves with other believers to keep you strong. Spread the word of the gospel NOW. Save those that do not know Jesus. Time is running out. Jesus is merciful and patient. He is waiting for the very last one that he has called to be saved. The sooner we can reach out to those that He has called, the sooner we can all begin our new lives with him and all our loved ones. This world is literally going to hell in a hand basket, and I personally look forward to that wonderful day when we will all be with our Lord.
    God Bless you all.

  6. Jeff Fenske

    Actually, TBN, The 700 Club and most of the other so-called ‘Christian’ media mostly back the reverse-Christian, neocon agenda that is part of what is destroying America.

    And when is the last time you’ve heard them say to love our enemies as much as we love ourselves, no matter who they are — including the Iraqis, for example? I don’t hear it. And I don’t hear even one song on ‘Christian’ radio that is singing it, either.

    And have you ever heard anyone on any of these programs say that the USA should stop torturing people and preemptively bombing countries in the name of freedom — even in the name of Jesus?

    I would look elsewhere to find out what is really going on, like the articles and links on this site.

    Many Christians are unwittingly supporting the US’ role in bringing about Satan’s one-world government by supporting the reverse-Christian, neocon agenda that is dismantling governments that stand in the way of this evil agenda.

    Jeff Fenske

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