From: Freedom Force International, G. Edward Griffin

I would like to address the issue of election fraud and the Ron Paul campaign. In 2004, I produced the first documentary DVD on this topic, called Invisible Ballots. As President of Freedom Force International and Founder of The Coalition for Visible Ballots, I have been a vocal opponent of electronic voting machines and a champion of 100% paper ballots as the only realistic means to insure honest elections; so I come to this topic with a fair amount of familiarity and momentum.

The electronic voting machines being used in America today, not only are capable of being hacked, but are designed to be hacked. The elitists who now dominate the media and the two major political parties have a highly practical strategy for building what they fondly describe as the New World Order. It is to encourage the masses to believe that, through the process of elections, they are, somehow, determining their own political destiny. This is, however, a grand illusion carefully enhanced by reality-TV debates, massive advertising campaigns, and TV talking-heads “explaining” what is supposedly different about the candidates. It makes no difference that all of them (with the current exception of Ron Paul) are in basic agreement on foreign policy, fiscal policy, sovereignty issues, and anything else that materially affects the elimination of the United States and the building of a New World Order.

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