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Cathy O’Brien: A freed Presidential mind-control slave gives specifics on how America is getting jacked!

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“I name these names so that you can understand who these people are because they’re the same ones over and over and over, again.”

“I’ve known Dick Cheney through Gerald Ford since 1975. He is the most brutal person I’ve ever encountered, personally, by far. But it’s his attitude and his agenda that is so frightening.”

“We need to learn to expand our thinking and realize what is going on. Because when you go outside this country, it’s accepted knowledge that our President [George W. Bush] is under mind-control. It’s accepted knowledge that Dick Cheney is very much in control — and that George Bush, Sr., his closest friend and comrade, has been for a long time.”

“It’s essential that we all gain our strength of spirit in order to be able to grasp the truth. … With that strength of spirit becomes an ability to have inner peace….”

“It is truth that makes us free.”

Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it empowers people to have the strength of spirit to stand and make a positive difference for all of us….”

– Cathy O’Brien

[youtube=]Cathy O’Brien: America en trance 1/7

Jesse ‘the Body’ Ventura on 9/11, the Fed, Vietnam, Manipulated Press & Truth Tellers at MN Booksigning


“We in America, today, like to say we want to hear the truth.
We like to feel we want the truth.
Then why is it that we attack all the truth tellers?”

“Anyone know the definition of fascism?
It’s when corporations team with organized religion
to control your government.
Sound familiar?”

“Keep up the good work, guys.
Keep asking the questions.”

Transcriptions by Jeff Fenske

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Dr. Stan on Freedom of the Press: “If You Own the Press…”


“If you own the press,
you have the freedom to not tell the story.”

– Dr. Stanley Monteith

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from
Ted Gunderson: Why they killed Sonny Bono, 4/8/08

How Disinformation and Deflection Works




Skousen: Pulling Strings for John McCain

World Affairs Brief, February 1, 2008. Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief.


The US political circus is an amazing, if not agonizing, show to watch. First, we saw Rudy Giuliani, the establishment’s pre-election favorite (only because the media said so) go from front runner status to a disastrous showing in the primaries–garnering less votes than Rep. Ron Paul, who was systematically denied any meaningful media coverage at all. It appears the public is either fickle or the media polls were just plain lying–perhaps both. Then we saw John McCain with almost no support suddenly rise to front runner status after a barrage of big name newspaper and personality endorsements so unanimous that there had to have existed some guiding hand. The establishment boost for McCain is still ongoing in a big way and is intended to gain McCain a majority of delegates before the convention convenes–which would eliminate a brokered convention where deals and concession have to be made in order to gain that majority. In an up or down vote between McCain or Romney, without Huckabee to draw away votes from Romney, McCain would lose. That’s what the king makers are trying to avoid by manipulating the public during the primaries. It’s time to let America know more about the real McCain. Believe me, he is no hero.

Amazing Media-is-Manipulated Quotes | The Day the Music Died

From the December 2000 Idaho Observer:

March, 1915 — the month that gave birth to this nation’s “controlled” media

Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation

From: Prison Planet

Starting in the early days of the Cold War (late 40’s), the CIA began a secret project called Operation Mockingbird, with the intent of buying influence behind the scenes at major media outlets and putting reporters on the CIA payroll, which has proven to be a stunning ongoing success. The CIA effort to recruit American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda, was headed up by Frank Wisner, Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, and Philip Graham (publisher of The Washington Post). Wisner had taken Graham under his wing to direct the program code-named Operation Mockingbird and both have presumably committed suicide.

Media assets will eventually include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International (UPI), Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service, etc. and 400 journalists, who have secretly carried out assignments according to documents on file at CIA headquarters, from intelligence-gathering to serving as go-betweens. The CIA had infiltrated the nation’s businesses, media, and universities with tens of thousands of on-call operatives by the 1950’s. CIA Director Dulles had staffed the CIA almost exclusively with Ivy League graduates, especially from Yale with figures like George Herbert Walker Bush from the “Skull and Crossbones” Society.

Many Americans still insist or persist in believing that we have a free press….

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Starring Ron Paul & Ed Griffin: “Fiat Empire—Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution”




Ron Paul really stars at 40:20 minutes into the film. Ron Paul-only excerpts, below.

“Why do rich people seem to be getting richer, while you and all your friends seem to be hardly making ends meet?

Why does a first class stamp cost you nearly 40 cents when it used to cost only 5 cents?

Should a 90% loss of purchasing power be tollerated?

Where does it end?”

– Narrator


Inflation, I think, is a bad word, because really, we think of inflation as rising prices. But in reality, what’s happening: prices are not going up, it’s that the value of the dollar or the monetary unit is going down. …

The Federal Reserve System is the agency of a hidden tax, called inflation.”


Where this graph is headed is for total destruction of our monetary system. Our money will be totally worthless, and it’ll probably be reissued in the form of some international currency, which will be equally worthless. But the value to these people is that once it’s on an international basis, there’s nowhere else to go.

Right now, if you don’t like American dollars you can buy Japanese Yen. … If you don’t like that, you can move to whatever currency seems to be having a little better track record.

Once there’s an international monetary system in place, modeled completely and exactly after the Federal Reserve system—It’s exactly the same—then there’s no place else to go, folks. You’ve had it.

If we don’t turn this thing around, I think we’re going to be living in kind of a modern serfdom.”

– G. Edward Griffin

[transcribed by Jeff Fenske from the movie]

Why Vote or Work to Elect Ron Paul When Rigged Machines Steal Our Votes Anyway?

From: Freedom Force International, G. Edward Griffin

I would like to address the issue of election fraud and the Ron Paul campaign. In 2004, I produced the first documentary DVD on this topic, called Invisible Ballots. As President of Freedom Force International and Founder of The Coalition for Visible Ballots, I have been a vocal opponent of electronic voting machines and a champion of 100% paper ballots as the only realistic means to insure honest elections; so I come to this topic with a fair amount of familiarity and momentum.

The electronic voting machines being used in America today, not only are capable of being hacked, but are designed to be hacked. The elitists who now dominate the media and the two major political parties have a highly practical strategy for building what they fondly describe as the New World Order. It is to encourage the masses to believe that, through the process of elections, they are, somehow, determining their own political destiny. This is, however, a grand illusion carefully enhanced by reality-TV debates, massive advertising campaigns, and TV talking-heads “explaining” what is supposedly different about the candidates. It makes no difference that all of them (with the current exception of Ron Paul) are in basic agreement on foreign policy, fiscal policy, sovereignty issues, and anything else that materially affects the elimination of the United States and the building of a New World Order.

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FOX show blatantly snubs candidate Ron Paul in Florida primary coverage

From: News Hounds

FOX and Friends this morning had multiple segments devoted to Republicans and the ongoing Florida primary today 1/29/08. Noticeably missing from their coverage was candidate Ron Paul, whose libertarian, anti-war platform is not condoned by the message-masters at FOX.
With video.

Ron Paul’s face appeared in a graphic of the candidates, twice, but his name, his standing, his supporters, his platform – not mentioned in the two-hour program.  …

“We report, you decide?” Only if “we” approve your message.

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Video Proof: Media is Intentionally Dissing Ron Paul




‘Dr. No’ Blackout: Supporters Lying to Be Heard

From: Not Just a Campaign, It’s a Movement, by Alan Stang

Notice that our Communist media still treat Fred and Rudy as major candidates while they do their best to ignore Dr. No. In a classic example, the New York Times, which has assiduously promoted Communism since Walter Duranty, reported the Nevada results of all the candidates – even Rudy Who and CFR Fred – complete with pictures, except the man who took second with 14%.

The other day, in a discussion about conservatism on the air, I heard a caller ask Rush Limbaugh about Dr. No. How the caller got through the screener, I don’t know. Limbag stuttered, said he “profoundly disagreed” that Dr. Paul expressed conservative principles, hung up and went to break. That was it; there was not a syllable of argument that proved Dr. Paul wrong, just Limbag’s expression of profound disagreement.

Somebody else called Republican front man Hugh Hewitt. The caller told the screener he was for far leftist John McCain, but on the air he shouted that he was for Dr. Paul. Hewitt told the screener who blew it that his check would be docked $10 if that happens again. Of course, Hewitt was joking, about the $10, not about his desire to squelch Dr. No.

Maybe the editors at the Times are too busy buggering each other to be aware of this, but they and right wing Communist talk radio scumbags like Hannatwit are destroying their own credibility, a symptom of the fact that the Old Media are dying. Of course in their death throes they are more dangerous than ever. I submit that for Dr. Paul to do as well as he has in the face of all this is something of a political miracle.

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Dobbs Drops Ron Paul From Leadership Ability Questionaire

The questionaire is up right now at

Consider that Ron Paul has beat Rudy Giuliani in every almost every state so far by a 2:1 or higher margin, and Giuliani still gets lots of air time—while Paul gets close to zero.

Charlotte Iserbyt writes:

How many of you watched LOU DOBBS TONIGHT… this evening, January 22, at 7 pm EST? If you did, you undoubtedly read the QUICK VOTE, but you were unable to vote since Lou Dobbs left Ron Paul out of his QUICK VOTE!

The question was: Which of the following candidates do you believe has the economic knowledge and leadership to guide the USA for the next four years?

The candidates he listed were:



Total Votes: 20022


If I were Ron Paul, considering the treatment or perhaps “non-treatment” he has had by the establishment media, while other candidates have received coverage worth millions of dollars (FREE), I would quit the race for the Republican nomination and go Independent.

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FOX News’ Brit Hume: “God Forbid” You Watch Another Network

“So if you’re in South Carolina tonight and you’re interested in knowing how all this is going, well you could watch us or maybe watch some other program, God forbid. Or you could do what some other South Carolinians are able to do, and Caroline Shively is in Columbia, South Carolina, the state capitol, to tell us about that.

Hi, Caroline.”

– Brit Hume

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from FOX News channel, 1/19.

MSNBC Disgraceful Towards Ron Paul

Just 2 minutes ago I am watching the MSNBC coverage of the Nevada primary…. They then flash Obama, Hillary and Edwards graphic up showing 48%, 46% and 5% for Edwards.They then show the Republican numbers and only show two candidates numbers in their NEW GRAPHIC.

For the first time in all the primaries they decide to use a “top 2″ candidate graphic, because Ron Paul is a very close third place with 12%. In all other primaries they show the top three in their default graphic, and for the first time in all the coverage they decide its time to use just the top 2. They still show the top three in the Democrat race, event though Edwards is 36 POINTS behind the second place slot of Hillary, But the don’t show Ron Paul third when he is only 1% behind being in second place.

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Ron Paul EXCLUDED in NY Times “Election Guide 2008″

RP Excluded, AGAIN
By RP212 | January 16, 2008

Ron Paul has been EXCLUDED from the New York Times “Election Guide 2008″ results on the web site :

Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson are both listed with their percentages that are lower than Dr. Pauls. It is consistent with the results section and the delegate count.


1/18 Update: Thank you for contacting the New York Times

Americans Must Turn to Russian TV for Coverage of Ron Paul




Devvy: Iowa’s Numbers & New Hampshire


According to the counters, Ron Paul came in fifth in Iowa with an alleged 10% of the GOP vote. Many believe had Dr. Paul not been the target of a deliberate media smear (i.e.,’s news item January 5, 2008 with the caption ‘GOP gadfly’ in describing Ron Paul), he would have been in the high teens, possibly 20%.

Allegedly, the numbers came out: Brother Huckabee 34%, Flip Romney 25%, Fred Thompson 13%, McCain 13%, Ron Paul 10%, Rudy Julie Annie 4% and Duncan Hunter 1%. In several counties in Iowa, Dr. Paul pulled in 35%, 14%, 15%, 21% and several with 12% of the vote. That didn’t make the news. According to the pollsters, 47% of the GOP voters who turned out in Iowa are Evangelical Christians. What message did these Christian voters in Iowa send? Huckabee, Romney, Thompson, McCain and Hunter are all pro-war mongers who are firm in their commitment to this unconstitutional, immoral invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. They voted for more of this:

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Pastor Baldwin: Why Does the Establishment Hate Ron Paul?

What is it about Ron Paul that the Establishment finds so disturbing? This is a man who perhaps personifies Christian character and integrity, American patriotism, and family values more than any other public figure. …

Now, how in the name of common sense can a man such as Ron Paul be hated? Maybe it is because he is a man of integrity and honesty. Remember, our Lord said that men who love darkness hate the light. And if there is a word that describes the Establishment in America today, it is DARKNESS.

Name it: the establishment Democrat and Republican Parties, the establishment media, the establishment financial institutions, and even the establishment churches all seem to be run by people who exude the power of darkness. It should not surprise us, therefore, when a man arises who personifies the light of integrity and honesty, that the powers that be should hate him–and hate Ron Paul they do.

Conservative Republican Ron Paul is loathed as much by members of his own party as he is by liberal Democrats . Even though he is the epitome of a Christian gentleman, Ron Paul is despised by Christians and pastors as much as he is by pagans–maybe more. The media despises him–especially Fox News. The so-called conservative Fox News celebrity Sean Hannity practically goes ballistic at the mere mention of Dr. Paul’s name. …

The Establishment hates Ron Paul because his honesty and integrity expose the rest of them for the moral reprobates they are. Their own conscience cannot bear the sight of him. His very presence condemns them. Their personal greed and ambition cringe at the very thought of Ron Paul. If Dr. Paul became President, the Gig would be up!

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Other Chuck Baldwin articles

“Fair & Balanced” FOX News: Paul Blackout


Dees created this more than a month ago to protest Ron Paul being excluded from FOX’s December 4th, Iowa debate.

Now it speaks even stronger to FOX’s second and more famous Ron Paul banishment in the New Hampshire debate .




Huckabee’s Elite Backers

The much-touted “Huckabee Surge” in November-December opinion polls has been attributed by the major media pundits to the former Arkansas governor’s performances in the televised GOP candidate debates and the recent discovery of him by Evangelical Christian voters. However, more skeptical observers might be inclined to note that Mike Huckabee’s sudden jump in the polls was assisted by a quantum jump in media publicity, and that Huckabee, the supposed “outsider,” has been given the stamp of approval by the ultimate political “insider” organization: the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

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[5 min. video] The CFR Controls American Media


Dennis Kucinich on the Media Rigging the Election


AMY GOODMAN: … I wanted to ask you about the issue of exclusion of presidential candidates from various debates, most recently Mike Gravel, the former Alaska senator. You weren’t invited to the Democratic Party’s Jefferson Jackson dinner in Des Moines, that the six other Democratic contenders are; your response?

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH: the New York Times has yet to discover that I’m a candidate. I could — if I suddenly catch fire in New Hampshire, where we’re running fourth and closing in on third place, I would imagine that I could even win the election, and the New York Times would have a big story about second, third, and fourth place and fail to mention that I won. There is an attempt by the media to manage this election, to try to determine the outcome of the election prior to the people casting votes. It’s just another way to try to defeat the public interest and to make of the election a kind of a farce. …

I realize I’m a long shot. I don’t have any delusions about that. But I also know that right now democracy is a long shot in America, and I realize that our constitutional protections are kind of a long shot.

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