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Ron Paul EXCLUDED in NY Times “Election Guide 2008″

RP Excluded, AGAIN
By RP212 | January 16, 2008

Ron Paul has been EXCLUDED from the New York Times “Election Guide 2008″ results on the web site :

Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson are both listed with their percentages that are lower than Dr. Pauls. It is consistent with the results section and the delegate count.


1/18 Update: Thank you for contacting the New York Times


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Skousen: Ron Paul Drops Ball on 9/11—A Suggestion

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  1. 11TRUTH11

    Everyone should boycott the New York Times….they are just a propaganda machine. It really saddens me that such a ‘prestigious’ organization can do something like this. How do these people look at themselves in the mirror? I’m so glad that there are many out there that can see the bias and don’t accept as fact everything that is said by main-stream media…but there are FAR to many who do, and they don’t WANT to be woken up.

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