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“People only see what they are prepared to see.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Blatant Anti-Paul Media Bias: CNN Pie Charts [New Hampshire]

Again, where is Ron Paul?


In the Republican chart, the blue pie piece is mostly Ron Paul, as the numbers at the bottom show that Paul is tied with Giuliani at 9% [who had his piece in the pie – editor, now that the video has been pulled].

Then they show the Democratic chart, which has no large unnamed area. They even give Richardson his own piece, though he only has 4%.


Blatant Anti-Paul Media Bias: CNN Pie Charts [Iowa]

[media bias exposed] After Debate, CNN AIRS *INSIDERS* POLL Instead of THEIR OWN POLL in which Ron Paul Won

FOX show blatantly snubs candidate Ron Paul in Florida primary coverage

From: News Hounds

FOX and Friends this morning had multiple segments devoted to Republicans and the ongoing Florida primary today 1/29/08. Noticeably missing from their coverage was candidate Ron Paul, whose libertarian, anti-war platform is not condoned by the message-masters at FOX.
With video.

Ron Paul’s face appeared in a graphic of the candidates, twice, but his name, his standing, his supporters, his platform – not mentioned in the two-hour program.  …

“We report, you decide?” Only if “we” approve your message.

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Video Proof: Media is Intentionally Dissing Ron Paul




‘Dr. No’ Blackout: Supporters Lying to Be Heard

From: Not Just a Campaign, It’s a Movement, by Alan Stang

Notice that our Communist media still treat Fred and Rudy as major candidates while they do their best to ignore Dr. No. In a classic example, the New York Times, which has assiduously promoted Communism since Walter Duranty, reported the Nevada results of all the candidates – even Rudy Who and CFR Fred – complete with pictures, except the man who took second with 14%.

The other day, in a discussion about conservatism on the air, I heard a caller ask Rush Limbaugh about Dr. No. How the caller got through the screener, I don’t know. Limbag stuttered, said he “profoundly disagreed” that Dr. Paul expressed conservative principles, hung up and went to break. That was it; there was not a syllable of argument that proved Dr. Paul wrong, just Limbag’s expression of profound disagreement.

Somebody else called Republican front man Hugh Hewitt. The caller told the screener he was for far leftist John McCain, but on the air he shouted that he was for Dr. Paul. Hewitt told the screener who blew it that his check would be docked $10 if that happens again. Of course, Hewitt was joking, about the $10, not about his desire to squelch Dr. No.

Maybe the editors at the Times are too busy buggering each other to be aware of this, but they and right wing Communist talk radio scumbags like Hannatwit are destroying their own credibility, a symptom of the fact that the Old Media are dying. Of course in their death throes they are more dangerous than ever. I submit that for Dr. Paul to do as well as he has in the face of all this is something of a political miracle.

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Ron Paul EXCLUDED in NY Times “Election Guide 2008″

RP Excluded, AGAIN
By RP212 | January 16, 2008

Ron Paul has been EXCLUDED from the New York Times “Election Guide 2008″ results on the web site :

Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson are both listed with their percentages that are lower than Dr. Pauls. It is consistent with the results section and the delegate count.


1/18 Update: Thank you for contacting the New York Times

Letter: ‘Fair and balanced,’ except for Paul

Letter: ‘Fair and balanced,’ except for Paul

January 16, 2008 – 12:01 AM

I cannot believe the degree of blatant bias that Fox News showed at the recent GOP debate in South Carolina. Their “mediators” asked the “top tier” candidates about their views on important issues, while using each question to Ron Paul as an opportunity to discredit him.

They asked Mike Huckabee about his views on the economy and his associated plans, then turned and asked Paul about some of his supporters who believe 9/11 was an inside job. They even had the nerve to ask Paul, “When it comes to electability…do you have any?” This drew laughter from the other candidates and some audience members. Paul was able to turn the question around on them, drawing huge applause from the crowd.

So now “Faux” News has edited that question out of the re-aired debate. This treatment happening just days after they decided to exclude Paul from their debate in New Hampshire because he wasn’t a “viable” candidate. That seemed awfully strange to me, seeing as they invited Rudy Giuliani, whom Paul beat in the Iowa caucuses by 6 percent.

How is it that a news organization whose motto is “fair and balanced” can get away with treating Ron Paul like this? It makes me angry that more people are not up in arms at Fox’s attempt to influence the masses through the facade of honest reporting. Fox News is nothing more than a neo-con propaganda machine.

Rory Jeffries
Yuba City


Blatant Anti-Paul Media Bias: CNN Pie Charts [Iowa]

I’m watching CNN’s coverage of the Iowa Caucus, and I’m just amazed at the how blatantly they’re ignoring Ron Paul entirely. I have always considered the bias against him to be the result of his low numbers, but as I’m watching this I can only conclude that they just don’t want him getting attention. Let me explain.

On the screen they have these pie charts showing the percentage of votes for each candidate. The pie chart shows 35% Huckabee, 24% Romney, 14% Thompson, 12% McCain, and then a big gray slice that’s not labeled. Add those up. That’s 85%, which leaves 15% unaccounted for. You would expect this perhaps if that 15% was very evenly split among many candidates. So I looked at for the full results. Here’s the shocker: Ron Paul has 11%. Look again at the numbers above. Ron Paul is only 1% behind McCain, who shows prominently in the pie chart on national TV. Giuliani has 4%, and no other candidate shows anything.

Then I look at the Democrat pie chart on TV. It shows 4 or 5 candidates called out, and then a tiny gray area for about 2%. There is no giant gray area with no name.

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Blatant Anti-Paul Media Bias: CNN Pie Charts [New Hampshire]

[media bias exposed] After Debate, CNN AIRS *INSIDERS* POLL Instead of THEIR OWN POLL in which Ron Paul Won

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