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Blatant Anti-Paul Media Bias: CNN Pie Charts [Iowa]

I’m watching CNN’s coverage of the Iowa Caucus, and I’m just amazed at the how blatantly they’re ignoring Ron Paul entirely. I have always considered the bias against him to be the result of his low numbers, but as I’m watching this I can only conclude that they just don’t want him getting attention. Let me explain.

On the screen they have these pie charts showing the percentage of votes for each candidate. The pie chart shows 35% Huckabee, 24% Romney, 14% Thompson, 12% McCain, and then a big gray slice that’s not labeled. Add those up. That’s 85%, which leaves 15% unaccounted for. You would expect this perhaps if that 15% was very evenly split among many candidates. So I looked at for the full results. Here’s the shocker: Ron Paul has 11%. Look again at the numbers above. Ron Paul is only 1% behind McCain, who shows prominently in the pie chart on national TV. Giuliani has 4%, and no other candidate shows anything.

Then I look at the Democrat pie chart on TV. It shows 4 or 5 candidates called out, and then a tiny gray area for about 2%. There is no giant gray area with no name.

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Blatant Anti-Paul Media Bias: CNN Pie Charts [New Hampshire]

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  1. IndependentNH

    They did it again tonight with New Hampshire. Same pie graph. With 91% of the votes in Ron Paul(8%) trails Rudy “911” Giuliani(9%) by 2,108 votes. I also had to go to the cnn website to find out who the big unmarked grey sliver belonged to.

    And how’s this for democracy:
    ABC News /WMUR Channel 9(local NH news) decides to keep Ron Paul, and 5 other legitiment candidates(4 Dems & 2 Rep), out of their (very influencial) debates. Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani are included.
    Iowa: Paul- 10% Thompson- 13& Giuliani-4%
    NH: Paul- 8% Thompson- 1% Giuliani-9%
    Total: Paul- 18% Thompson- 14% Giuliani-13%
    Can you see the reasoning behind excluding Ron Paul? Because I cant! I’m a liberal and could care less about Ron Paul but I do care about media empires excluding certain candidates from the democratic process.

    The media is UNDENIABLY trying to influance the NH primaries! Local and network news pundits have roasted Hillary Clinton the past 3 days. It was basically a 3 day Clinton Campaign funeral.Its now homestate of NH just told the media to go F themselves. Hillary won 39% to Obamas 37%.

    Dont let the media tell you who to vote for on either side. Use the internet(web sites, blogs, youtube video of speeches)to examine each candidate and make up your own mind. MSNBC, Fox, and CNN aren’t even trying to hide their biasness and propaganda. Wait a minute….now that I think of it thats not really anything out of the ordinary. Do yourself a favor and turn off your tv.

  2. True Republican

    this is an ongoing problem, unfair and very unamerican!
    obvious undertaking; these entities should be pursued to the full extent of U.S. law and within the supreme court unless they provide positive bono coverage of all candidates that this may have affected which are still viably running. People understand the difference in upholding a fine line in unbiased coverage, they also understand gross neglicence.

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