Letter: ‘Fair and balanced,’ except for Paul

January 16, 2008 – 12:01 AM

I cannot believe the degree of blatant bias that Fox News showed at the recent GOP debate in South Carolina. Their “mediators” asked the “top tier” candidates about their views on important issues, while using each question to Ron Paul as an opportunity to discredit him.

They asked Mike Huckabee about his views on the economy and his associated plans, then turned and asked Paul about some of his supporters who believe 9/11 was an inside job. They even had the nerve to ask Paul, “When it comes to electability…do you have any?” This drew laughter from the other candidates and some audience members. Paul was able to turn the question around on them, drawing huge applause from the crowd.

So now “Faux” News has edited that question out of the re-aired debate. This treatment happening just days after they decided to exclude Paul from their debate in New Hampshire because he wasn’t a “viable” candidate. That seemed awfully strange to me, seeing as they invited Rudy Giuliani, whom Paul beat in the Iowa caucuses by 6 percent.

How is it that a news organization whose motto is “fair and balanced” can get away with treating Ron Paul like this? It makes me angry that more people are not up in arms at Fox’s attempt to influence the masses through the facade of honest reporting. Fox News is nothing more than a neo-con propaganda machine.

Rory Jeffries
Yuba City