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Dobbs Drops Ron Paul From Leadership Ability Questionaire

The questionaire is up right now at

Consider that Ron Paul has beat Rudy Giuliani in every almost every state so far by a 2:1 or higher margin, and Giuliani still gets lots of air time—while Paul gets close to zero.

Charlotte Iserbyt writes:

How many of you watched LOU DOBBS TONIGHT… this evening, January 22, at 7 pm EST? If you did, you undoubtedly read the QUICK VOTE, but you were unable to vote since Lou Dobbs left Ron Paul out of his QUICK VOTE!

The question was: Which of the following candidates do you believe has the economic knowledge and leadership to guide the USA for the next four years?

The candidates he listed were:



Total Votes: 20022


If I were Ron Paul, considering the treatment or perhaps “non-treatment” he has had by the establishment media, while other candidates have received coverage worth millions of dollars (FREE), I would quit the race for the Republican nomination and go Independent.

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  1. This is just a thought, but perhaps the fact that despite the valiant efforts of his dedicated fans Ron Paul remains completely irrelevant and unelectable as a candidate has something to do with it (Giuliani at least, it could be argued, concievably was a contender at one time thought that’s obviously not going to happen now). You guys are very soon going to have to come to grips with the fact that it just isn’t going to happen. I mean, the blimp and World of Waracraft march were kinda nifty, and the willingness of a relative handful of individuals to give so much money to his campaign is very impressive, but none of this changes the fact that Ron Paul is pretty much a fringe crackpot with no chance of ever being President. The same could be said of Dennis Kuscinich on the left. The main problem Paul has is that the most interesting thing about him is the fervency of his core supporters-when you look at his record and his positions it’s crystal clear that he’s going to go nowhere fast. Going independent would only get him there faster. I realize that I’m probably talking to a wall right now, but I noticed your post and thought I’d comment. I really don’t think there’s a media conspiracy to keep Paul out of office, I just think that someone with his positions and past associations doesn’t have a prayer to win.

  2. tobefree


    Thanks for commenting.

    Yeah, “Where does Paul think he lives? America?”

    What has happened to America? That is the problem. And that is the main problem, but the media is a huge factor in shaping how people think and what is known about current and past events—and especially in what they know about Ron Paul.

    As it is now, Paul can’t win unless there is a severe financial crash or perhaps another war that would include a military draft. And since the stock market is manipulated, an *immediate* financial crash will probably not occur. But if it did:

    Carol Paul, Ron’s wife says it this way: “They’re not walking around today saying, ‘yes, Ron Paul is going to win.’ But they are walking around and saying, ‘Ron Paul is a force, and this is a beginning, and that people are so enthused with the message.’”

    Still, the media’s almost total blackout on day-to-day TV is a huge factor!! Had the media given Ron as much coverage as they have the others who have done as well as he has in the polls, the elections and in fund-raising, almost all Americans would not only know who Ron Paul is, but also what he stands for and why he takes the stands he takes. People would be repenting. And he’d have a good chance, given the state of the economy, the increasing recognition of what we’ve done in Iraq, and the lack of a strong Republican front-runner, other than Ron Paul.

    Winston, I’d like to know why you call Paul a “crackpot?” Specifically, which “past associations” and current “positions” make him unelectable?

    From my own research, Ron Paul is “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

    If only America knew.

    Jeff Fenske

  3. cathy sutton

    I see more and more Ron Paul for President signs in our city of Rockford, IL. I have seen signs being put on the major trafficked intersections as well.
    Yes, it is a long shot, but who else are the conservatives going to vote for IF they know they have another choice? Hillary? no Obama? no McCain? no Ron Paul—Yes

    Every day I am meeting people and I mention the black out and this gives me a chance to mention Ron Paul and let people know about him.

    I really think we shouldn’t give in the towel until the final bell has rung. Really!!

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