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Ron Paul at Falwell’s ‘Liberty’ U: The Heart of the Problem?

Compare the relatively cool reception [see comment #4, below] Ron Paul gets from the 6000 students at this so-called ‘Christian’ University with the consistently tremendous cheers at the secular, University of Minnesota: Ron Paul Greatest Speech? Before 4000 at U of MN, 2/4/08.

And why did Paul, the champion for liberty, get 15% in Minnesota and only low, single digits in the so-called ‘Bible’ belt? What’s going on?

What if Jesus spoke at Liberty University—a typical reverse-Christian institution where they teach that their version of liberty should be imposed on others by force? I wonder what kind of response Jesus would get if he’d preach the Sermon on the Mount at Liberty U.

Blessed are the gentle,
For they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called children of God.

Could institutions like this be Ground Zero as to what is happening to America?


“Mitt Romney…looked too much like an underwear model”
– Jerry Falwell’s son, quoting Letterman about why Romney suspended his campaign




“At the age of 14, I committed to Christ as my savior.”







“What is old is ‘tyranny.’ What is new is ‘freedom.’

Liberty is what the founders wanted.”



Ron Paul Greatest Speech? Before 4000 at U of MN, 2/4/08


Pastor Baldwin: What’s With All These Clueless Christians?


  1. Zach

    I am afraid to say that the so called “christians” are falling for the same schemes that “christians” fell for when Hitler took power. They click their heels to homeland “security”, they believe in everything BUT the Christian theory of Justified War as they have adopted War in Preemption. History is repeating itself. Read Hitler’s Cross. And they’re being brainwashed at “Liberty” University, and have NO IDEA what true liberty is all about. If they did all 6000 of em would be screaming and cheering for Congressman Paul. It’s a shame. This country is going down the tubes FAST!

  2. tobefree

    Excellent comment, Zach!!!

    – jeff : )

  3. NH

    I’m not sure I understand — I got the impression that Dr Paul was well-received there.

  4. tobefree


    Look at the footage of the students. In many cases, most aren’t clapping at all. Some have their heads down. That’s what I mean by a “relatively cool reception.” It’s obvious to me that Ron Paul has not been talked up at Liberty University.

    There are 6000 in this auditorium, but it sounds like only a small portion are loudly responding. My guess is that the loud ones are mostly non-student, Ron Paul supporters. If Ron Paul spoke at a University in Anchorage, I’d be there if they’d let me in the door.

    If you haven’t yet seen Ron Paul’s speech at the University of Minnesota (linked above), check that out. That is how Ron Paul deserves to be received.

    Jeff Fenske

  5. Joe Liberty

    Actually, the ones with heads down would qualify as ambivalent at best (convocation is attended by all students at 10 AM); thus the “cool” reception noted by some regarding some students is more of a 19 year old college kid thinking about hia class test after the convo or simply disinterested (this student will also have had his head down during Huckabee’s speech too.)

    Resist throwing throw all of the students under the proverbial bus or making assumptions about the more vocal supporters being non-students. There is a healhty contingent of Paul supporters on campus. I do have to concede that there is also a large contingent of folks who are ‘pew sitters” as I call them, largely non-critically thinking christians who suck down whatever the pulpit tells them politically even if the reasoning goes against their self-interest. (But that’s a whole other topic.)

    I will admit that as an alumnus, it can be frustrating trying to reason with the pew sitters. I, along with other LU RP supporters, have tried to reason with this contingent, but it can be difficult due to the political co-opting of the bumper sticker religiosity.

    However, there are many others who get it who are not “pew sitters” among the Liberty University Community and Alumni base even though Falwell Jr. and many others have oferred a personal, not institutional, endorsement of Huckabee.

    If you are a Paul supporter and embrace the Libertarian tint to his philosophy, then, like me, you also must reject collectivism or group think. Thus, it is inconsistent to be a Paul supporter and to assume all christians or Liberty University Students are “being brainwashed at “Liberty” University, and have NO IDEA what true liberty is all about.”

    All candidates have been invited because, according to Falwell Jr.’s quote (even though I disagree with his personal endorsement), [LU] is about education, and it is important here more than anywhere that students be exposed to and be able to hear all sides. Thus, they can make up their own mind.
    (Also, if you watched the youtube videos of it, you will note that his Father-in-law is a big RP supporter.)

    Believe it or not, there are a ton of Paul supporters among the LU community who are trying to get the fellow “pew sitters” to see past the end of the pew and to see past the “he’s-a-preacher-so-I’ll-vote-for-him” mentality that has marginalized the credibility of the faith based voters. It’s not easy, but folks are carrying the message to the pews…

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