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Body Language: Tonya Reiman Demo—Detecting Lying, etc.


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  1. Dear Tonya,
    My husband lies alot to me. I have always known it. We have been together 33 yrs., but I don’t have my head in the sand.
    Two years ago, he worked closely with a female co-worker, who was 31 at the time. We are in our fifities. He made lots of money in that company.
    Now, he is disabled & isn’t working. He still talks about this girl alot. He hasn’t seen her in over a year, but still talks of her. I know that he had sex with her, but he won’t admit it. His neck & face get redder and he gets angry if I ask him to tell me the truth. He denies all the time. What do you say? Also, I never got to meet her in 3 yrs. He never would take me when he went to the home office 3 hours away and had to stay the night! Imagine that?
    Please tell me you think I could be right.

  2. Jeff Fenske

    Dear Susan,

    I’m not Tonya, but rather the poster of this post. This is my website. If you’re interested, this is what I do when I think people are lying to me.

    Are you a Christian, or interested in being a Christian? If you’re not, that’s totally up to you. But if you are, this is what I would personally do. This not only will help you know more certainly what is going on, but it can deal with the forces that empower your husband so he can be freer, and perhaps things can then go either one direction or the other. It must be terrible to be married to someone you can’t trust.

    First, you may be aware that things are falling apart in America really fast. Who knows what will happen in the next few years, even. It’s time to seek God like never before, to be right with Him and all people.

    And it’s also time to be as equipped as possible to deal with what is coming down.

    I have numerous posts under the Lying category on this site and many others on my other, spiritual site. You may get insight there too.

    But specifically, there is a gift that God has given us that if we take it and use it we can deal with spiritual forces that control people, and often, I’ve seen people apologize to me who never would have otherwise. Or they run and just feel really guilty, because their demonic empowerment to deceive (or whatever) is largely gone, and now they have to deal with the truth of it without the evil power to make them feel so invincible about it.

    The post in which I introduce this is here I’ve finally shared much of what I know about the tremendous and mostly misunderstood and underused gift of tongues. Another reader thankfully put me over the edge : ), which links to my specific statement that talks about lying at the end.

    This also talks a lot about how to deal with people who curse us, of which it sounds like you’re a prime candidate.

    If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask.


    Jeff Fenske
    Anchorage, Alaska

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