Freedom from Alaska!

Why is ‘Free’ Energy Being Stifled?


Stan Deyo: “If you control the energy…then you’ve got control of the people.”


(video) Jim Marrs in studio with Alex Jones: NWO Suppressed Technology

Water Power: Torch that Melts Steel, H2O > HHO Powered Car

Vision: The Coming Hydrogen Based Energy Revolution & Global Shift in Power


Pastor Baldwin: Is The Handwriting On The Wall For America?


Dees: The Plummeting Middle Class


  1. ceara08

    Yes it’s such a shame that free energy isn’t more widely known. Right now, to the sheeple masses, free energy is nothing more than science fiction. Thanks for posting and getting the word out!

  2. moalmuntainp

    Can you only imagine what this world would be like if we had free or minimal cost electricity, power to heat our homes, and run our cars.? The planet would be clean, and people would be free. Even the poorest countries would have sanitary lviing conditions, and running water, and electricity!!!! It is a travesty that the “ruling class”, the Illumanati, our government and all the greed-mongers keep us enslaved. Somehow are we supposed to think that the profits by the oil companies, and power conglomorates is
    a fair way of living?????? May they be the first to be dealt with.

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