Freedom from Alaska!

Water Power: Torch that Melts Steel, H2O > HHO Powered Car

Why aren’t we hearing more about this?

Could all of these reports be bogus? Some think so.

Or is the corporatocracy protecting its ability to control the people through the energy source they manage—extracting $billions$ from the people in the process?

[youtube=]Denny Klein

[youtube=]Salt Water Into Fire 2 (John Kanzius)

[youtube=]Salt Water Into Fire 3 (John Kanzius)

[youtube=]Salt Water Into Fire 4 (John Kanzius)

[youtube=]Stanley Meyer


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Water-Fuel Car Made in Japan

The Water Car

Suppression of Energy Technologies

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Lindsey Williams: The Energy *Non*-Crisis—Alaska’s ‘Classified’ Oil Pool(s) Largest on Earth?


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Nick Begich: China’s incremental “Art of War”


  1. mahmood

    I guess during charging if the amount of hydrogen evolved at cathodes be calculated,filtered and supplied into the intake manifold,it may suport combustion.Number of batteries may increase accordingly

  2. I definitely think HHO has a lot of potential. I am currently installing on my vehicle this week.

  3. Josip

    I did extensive testing of the HHO units or Joe Cells and found that it is not what it is hyped up to be. While it does produce HHO, the costs of producing the gas in your vehicle exceeds the benefits. One can not produce enough of it to make a huge difference on MPG.

  4. Interesting HHO event. Wish I could have attended. Will be looking for post news on the event.

  5. SD

    Don’t they teach science in American schools these days, or do they only hand out video cameras to the uneducated? Water is the PRODUCT of a combustion reaction. It is not a ‘fuel’ and never can be: the whole concept is nonsense.

    If you use electrical energy to split water into its constituent parts, Hydrogen (2H2) and Oxygen (O2), you can recombine those and recover the energy you put in. NASA have done this for decades in the ‘fuel cells’ used in spacecraft, and there’s nothing secret or especially smart about the technology – we were taught about it in school in the 1970s!. NASA do it, NOT because it’s rocket science(!), but because it gives an easily controlled power source, that doesn’t self-discharge like batteries do. Magic is most definitely not involved!

    The problem is that the energy to split the water in the first place has to come from somewhere. When you take into account the inefficiencies caused by the two conversions (water into hydrogen+oxygen and back again) you end up using significantly more energy overall than if you never did it but used the power directly for whatever purpose you intend. That doesn’t matter in NASA’s application, but it makes terrestrial vehicle applications pretty pointless (unless you have a cheap source of electrical power for stage one). Either way it’s wasteful in energy terms.

    Incidentally, simply calling it “HHO” doesn’t change the physics!

    There are sensible pieces elsewhere on your site, but if you don’t exercise judgment in what you publish (and check a few basic facts), your silly subjects (such as this one) taint all the rest.

    It was sad to see not one but four videos up there…

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