“They keep us over here
looking in one direction,
when the whole economy of the country
is being hijacked from another.”




“China’s factories are brand new. They’re state of the art. They’re not like some of the old, fallen factories in the US that weren’t properly maintained, and were just essentially disassembled and moved to the third world over the last forty years.

China is modern. They can make boards for computer games or they can make boards for guidance systems on missiles with the flip of a switch, because all of it is computer driven assembly systems for electronics.

They have a better educated class of engineers coming in every year in increasing numbers….

China holds the number one currency reserves in the world, $1.3 trillion.

And Russia, a bankrupt country just a few years ago holds the third largest.

And here we are, the United States, functioning under capitalism for over 200 years and not very efficiently competing against this. Why is it?

It’s because, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been incrementally sold out by both administrations, Democrats and Republicans, on the installment plan. You know, one slice at a time until the bologna is all gone…. It’s the boiling frog syndrome where you don’t even feel it cookin’.

Economic terrorism is maybe a phrase we should start to become familiar with…. This economic war has already destroyed more of the United States than anything we have seen in the past.

Multinationals, while we’re down, while we’re beaten into the ground on the manufacturing side
are ripping us off on the raw commodities side. They’re taking them out of the ground at pennies on the dollar. Most of them are foreign companies.

Here in Alaska, they’re not even national organizations. They’re foreign companies that are making their money, hijacking the resource at bargain-basement prices as our deficits increase, and as these closed meetings that take six years to find out about, finally get revealed on the outside of this administration, just in time for some indictments, and then Presidential pardons before everybody disappears to go make their [$$$megabuck$$$, payback] speeches.”

Nick Begich

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from
Changing the Way We See the World with Dr. Nick Begich on GCN Live