Freedom from Alaska!

Ron Paul on CNN—2/20/08



“I think [of] the analogy of turning around an aircraft carrier.
It takes time [to change the direction of America].
You don’t turn on a dime, and people can’t expect us to do that.”

“The sooner we get back to normal relations with Cuba,
the better it is for both of us.”

– Ron Paul



Push to permit guns on campus


Skousen: Suddenly the Media is Interested in Ron Paul—At Least in His Congressional Seat Defeat


  1. L. Step

    Paul simply makes sense. Anyone ever ask how Castro managed to take over Cuba? He had a great deal of popular support, as Batista, who, as usual with these South American dictator types, was hated by the people. Upon Castro’s removal of this miserable fellow, the residue of Batista’s disinherited mob fled into Florida. They have there fought against common sense since the 1950s. At present, Jeb Bush wants these refugees for his supporters for whatever miserable purpose he might have. Pathetic. Cuba is to be kept under lock and key. Another Bush, another enemy. Just what we need.

  2. A trade embargo makes absolutely no sense. Cuba will still be communist, and all we do is hurt the country’s citizens.

  3. Not to mention the Middle Eastern countries that we support(ed) whose atrocities are much worse than anything Castro ever did.

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