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Tomorrow (5/11) on ‘Coast’: “Bob Fletcher will talk about Sonny Bono’s mysterious death” (First Hour) | DVD Ordering Info from Bob

From one of Bob Fletcher’s comments, below:

My brand new completed DVD on Sonny Bono’s murder is now available to anyone.
Just received the first copies
I will be going to court with this as evidence, in Nevada.
Cost is $20.00. Bob Fletcher PO BOX 216 Bayview Idaho 83803 ,
This answers the questions about Sonny Bono’s murder.
Bob Fletcher August 21 2008


Coast to Coast AM Schedule


From: Coast to Coast Am Shows, Sunday May 11th, 2008

Sonny Bono Killed?
First hour guest Bob Fletcher talked about Sonny Bono’s mysterious death. Fletcher revealed that he’d been briefing Bono about CIA involvement in the drug trade and had made plans to meet with the late Congressman just days prior to his death.

Fletcher stated that the Bono autopsy contained “a whole multitude of problems,” including the lack of neck trauma, which runs contrary to the claim that Bono died of a massive head injury. Among a myriad of other oddities about the case, he noted that a massive amount of blood had soaked into the back of Bono’s jacket and through three layers of clothing underneath, yet no wound could be found on his back.


[Audio] Mysterious Death of Congressman Sonny Bono: Bob Fletcher on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ 10/4/08

Congressman Sonny Bono Didn’t Ski Into a Tree—Was About to Expose Top Officials

[DVD] Destiny Denied: The Murder of Congressman Sonny Bono

Tonight (10/3) on ‘Coast’: Bob Fletcher will discuss the mysteries surrounding Sonny Bono’s death — Was About to Expose Top Officials Involved in Drug Running | Recap of Program

The Cover-up of Sonny Bono’s Murder, by David Martin


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  1. Nancy

    Didn’t Bob Fletcher say something about a film producer “read” the entire story and felt it would make a great film someday? If so, what is the name of the book he’s written? I’d love to get it.

  2. Jeff Fenske


    Perhaps someone can correct me if I’m mistaken, because I don’t remember exactly what Bob said on ‘Coast,’ regarding specifically what that film producer read that he found so interesting. But I don’t think Bob has a book published.

    I haven’t heard him mention a book in other interviews, and I don’t see a link to a book anywhere, including on “Coast’s” site.

    I did just find this book, “Things Worth Fighting For: Collected Writings,” by Michael Kelly, which is previewed here:,M1, which may be what you’re looking for. But I don’t know anything about it. Bob is discussed early on in the book.

    Bob is mainly a video guy, and the only video I see that’s viewable online which he’s done related to this is “Invasion and Betrayal” I would post this as a video on my site, but some people might get the wrong idea when they see its source; though, I think this group was upstanding during the days Bob was a member. I’ve never heard anything to the contrary. And Bob is definitely an upstanding person: a great guy and very careful researcher.

    Dr. Stanley Monteith’s Radio Liberty has a number of Bob’s videos for sale, and they may be able to give you more info as to if there is another book out there somewhere. I don’t think Bob has a website.

    I hope this helps.

    Jeff Fenske

  3. Bob Fletcher

    I have completed a book of my life’s involvement with corrupted government officials, myself as a businessman who was taken advantage of by intelligence against, and my war against them for twenty years.As an investigator, federal witness, and candidate for Congress, 1990, Florida. The rough draft, not yet published, is complete about 98 percent. It is really an amazing story ,totally documented.
    The Motion Picture producer who read the book was was Emelio Estevez, Martin Sheens boy.He sated “this is the greatest thing I have read in 5 years!” This is a block buster!””It is like the FIRM ”
    We discussed the production of a movie, then, like magic, Estevez dissapeared, from my life..TOO POLITICAL I GUESS, when I sent the last chapters that included Bill Clinton’s criminal associations.

  4. Cheryl Thomson

    Back in the early 1990’s, I bought a copy of Bob Fletcher’s video, “Weather Control as a Weapon,” which was well-documented including recent (at the time) testimony before a Senate Committee, regarding the development by the major powers worldwide of the technology to wage covert warfare by means of hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. There are so many anomalies today between the ‘freak weather’ we are seeing and ‘normal’ catastrophic storms of previous years. Qui bono? Always ask yourself now, “Who stands to gain?” Bob Fletcher dropped out of sight for many years, not only because the MOM group he was with went weird (probably with government infiltrators), but because he himself was the target of violence. I just found this discussion page via Google, and I’m been trying to find out how he’s been doing for several years. It was quite obvious when Sonny Bono was reported dead in that accident that he had been assassinated. He knew the war we were getting into stank to high heaven. I remember the details very well. I also remember another ski accident closely following – young Kennedy. Sometimes these hit men are just copycats, like everybody else. Embedded everywhere, too, even here. Americans are catching on to your game, scum.

  5. Captain153

    Does anyone have a recording of Bob Fletcher’s interview on Coast to Coast on May 11, 2008? I would like very much to get a copy. It is no longer available on the C2C website. Thanks a lot!

  6. Bob Fletcher

    My brand new completed DVD on Sonny Bono’s murder is now available to anyone.Just received the first copies
    I will be going to court with this as evidence, in Nevada.
    Cost is $20.00. Bob Fletcher PO BOX 216 Bayview Idaho 83803 ,
    This answers the questions about Sonny Bono’s murder.
    Bob Fletcher August 21 2008

  7. Jeff Fenske

    Dear Bob,

    Thanks for posting this info on my site. I *really* appreciate your service to all of us! And I’m so glad you were able to get your ‘toy story’ and the information about Sonny out on ‘Coast’!

    You and I talked about Phil Schneider, sitting at a picnic table, which I think was at the Preparedness Expo in Texas. I’m thinking that perhaps George Noory might also be interested in this if you would do a DVD on Phil. It sounds like Phil really trusted you….

    You wouldn’t have to present his story as a fact (we may never know for sure the whole truth), but maybe more as an investigative reporter trying to figure out the mystery of what happened and what is really going on.

    I think ‘Coast to Coast’ listeners would be fascinated by this.

    Thanks so much for continuing research even though the opposition has been huge!

    Jeff Fenske : )
    Anchorage, Alaska

  8. Edward Lee

    I listened to Bob’s Coast2Coast interview (via podcast) just yesterday, and it’s pretty darn fascinating. Please let us know when and where the possibility may surface for us to purchase the book of your life’s pursuits. I’d love to read that.

  9. zz

    Bob Fletcher sounds like a crackpot to me.
    He is not very specific with dates and gives sweeping claims but they are not specific enough to search and verify. He has an axe to grind because he never got paid from VISTA who took over his furry rabbit company so he is out to get the guys who cheated him. What do you think?
    ZZ, Atlanta

  10. zz

    Just one more note: CtoC is also 90 % crackpot fodder. Most of the stuff on those programs is so silly only a mentally deficient person would take them seriously.

  11. I have more of a request than a comment. I would like to request your help and expertise in a situation of which I was involved with while in the service during the 70’s. Not that it was all that dramatic but I was involved in the drug trafficing and rehab and suffered to this day from it, emotionally. The Vet’s Affairs does not want to give me compensation and status, in fact has denied me, and referred to me as a liar because I cannot get proof, however they originally denied there was even a program until I did provide a newspaper article. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work, I hope you realize how important you really are. Sincerely Ed

  12. rich

    Thanks so much BOB Fletcher! I knew in my heart sonny did not die by hitting a tree, you would have to be really stupid, and the same year micheal kennedy dies the same way! i don`t think so, This country is full of lies and deciet, hope we get to the bottom of this and go after the scandrels.

  13. My new website is All of my Investigative Reports are available there. My second and most recent Coast 2 Coast interview is also available on utube, see:
    Additionally I will be doing the Jeff Rense show on Nov 11–9-10Pm PST
    Bob Fletcher

  14. “Bob Fletcher sounds like a crackpot to me.”

    ZZ – if Sonny Bono’s death and Iran Contra above-govt narco trafficking are ‘crackpot theories’ too – you really have developed a way of looking at reality thru a warm, fuzzy glow….

  15. ZZ

    David, Yes they are crackpot theories. Show me other than lots of conspiracy inuendos. Where are the facts? The novelists make big stories out of these disconnected circumstances and it sells books but proofs, the kind that will stand up in court, are a different matter altogether! Don’t you think?


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