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Lindsey Williams’ Life Threatened by Tycoon for Speaking Out About the Non-Energy Crisis

For the background on this story, see Lindsey Williams: The Energy *Non*-Crisis—Alaska’s ‘Classified’ Oil Reserve Largest on Earth?

On The Officer Jack McLamb Show, 6/5/08, Jack McLamb said this.

“Back to Lindsey Williams being threatened on the phone. He had this multi-billionaire call him, that he knew on the pipeline up there (Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) and had respect for at that time, who called him and very nicely told him: ‘Lindsey, if you start talking about Gull Island right now…we’re going to kill you, and we’re going to kill your family too.’

And so, Lindsey was really upset when he called me here two days ago. And we talked; we knew, of course, the phones were bugged, and so he was rather cautious at what he told me. He would not tell me who this multi-billionaire name [was] that called me. He says ‘I can’t tell you because they’re listening.’ And I asked him what company he worked for. Was it Arco or British Petroleum? He said he couldn’t tell me on the telephone either, because they were listening.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Apparently the powers that be now consider Lindsey’s information too big of a threat to their world-government agenda. Manipulating oil is just one of the many tactics they’re using.

Lindsey writes this at


Dear friends,

After 30 years of telling my story and speaking out on various issues that affect America and the World, the time has come for it to end. Due to my age, concern for my family and being called back to the mission field, I feel I must discontinue my incredibly difficult schedule and remove the expenses associated with the books, speaking engagements and DVD’s.

I appreciate everyone’s support, prayers and kindness shown to me over the past 30 years and sincerely pray that God blesses and keeps you during the years ahead.

God Bless,

Lindsey Williams

Also, says The Energy Non-Crisis (book) is “No Longer Available Due to Threat to the Author.”

This is sad, but no one can fault Lindsey. He has stepped up to the plate for decades, trying to tell this story which only now has become a hot topic—now that it’s affecting Americans’ lifestyles.

May we have ears to hear earlier, perked up, ready to listen so we can preemptively avert their evil manipulations.

Thank you, Lindsey, for doing what you could when you could!!!

Jeff Fenske


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  1. LG

    What makes everybody think that more drilling will get us more cheap oil.
    I’m from Canada, one of the largest oil producer and we pay $1.50 per LITRE that’s $6/gallon because our oil goes to the highest bidders not to the citizen of Canada.
    It’ll will be the same here no matter how much drilling Americans do.
    We need to get alternative energies and get away from oil and bank cartels.

  2. JvZ

    The price of oil has almost nothing to do with supply and demand. The big middle-man traders have full control over the price of oil. The chairman of OPEC said a few weeks ago that oil production I enough for the demand and that there is enough oil for decades to come.

    The american people have to buy foreign oil so the oil producing countries in the middle east buy the US dept.

    You should also read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”.

  3. LG – if you do some research on Gull Island – you will see that we don’t need to drill any longer. What Lindsay Williams is talking about is two already tapped oil fields that the U.S. Federal government forced to have capped and shutdown. The data indicates there is enough oil in those fields to sustain America for 200 years and the government and World Bank don’t want people to know about it. We could be paying $0.20 per gallon at the pump if they would just let the supply flow.

  4. mj

    What about the increasing demand for oil throughout the world. Does this drive the price of oil higher using simple economics of supply and demand? Also, what about more people investing in crude oil, doesn’t this drive the price of oil higher if you compare it to other stocks that attrack investors?

  5. Marie

    I’m only sorry that Lindsey Williams stepped down. I understand why he did it.
    He will be missed.


  6. stopthemyth

    “I’m from Canada, one of the largest oil producer and we pay $1.50 per LITRE that’s $6/gallon because our oil goes to the highest bidders not to the citizen of Canada.”

    Thats because government is in the control of the banks through the central banking scheme. Therefore they do not increase capacity to refine the oil. Shell just bailed out of Sarnia expansion.
    Canadians were set up by the elitist Pierre Elliott Trudeau (family fortune through gas distribution ) and liberals with Petro Canada scam.
    They attempted to nationalize the energy industry remember “Pierre Elliott Trudeau Rips Off Canada” (PETRO Canada) bumper stickers.

  7. michael

    I recently discovered lindsey on youtube and what he had to say made a lot of sense. This country the USA which is supposed to stand for pride and the american way is infected. Is it money hungry politicians? here’s the thing about politics. they say anything to get your vote and then when elected seem to forget all about those promises they made. Now this is not to say they are all that way but by god we are paying $4.00+ for gas right now and it affects everyone. what does that tell the american people. with bush in office look what has happened? will it get better? there is a company in india maybe other places also manufacturing an automobile that runs on compressed air and let’s not forget even here there is a process for using water to supplement gas and increase gas mileage by using hydrogen from the water hence H2O. check out water4gas and make your own decision. there is an abundance of crude in the earth but someone wants to get your last dollar to buy it. the american way. that’s not my idea of america. when your own government is sticking it to you, what’s a person to do? grin and bear it is probably what our government thinks. the thing is the rich people, it’s not going to affect them. they have money. it’s all the lower to middle class people who are trying to make an honest living that are affected. I am an honest law abiding person but I was thinking the other day if gas goes to say $5.00 a gallon I was going to start stealing gas because I can’t afford to buy it anymore. I live in a small rural community and I recently had to go to a big city and I saw so many scooters and a guy was riding a segway down the road. We Americans are tired of being slaves to crude oil but it is so ingrained in our everyday lives it’s hard to get away from. I don’t know what the answer is but I know there has to be a radical change. in a democracy we should not have to be afraid to tell the truth. I applaud you lindsey for what you have tried to do. this reminds me of that movie silkwood. this government is flawed. what’s the answer?

  8. Gull Island is a myth perpetuated by someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Remember, he’s a chaplain,not a petroleum geologist. I’ve recently posted a story from Petroleum News on my blog regarding Gull Island ( which refutes much of Mr. Williams’ claims.

  9. Tomw

    Lindsey Williams

    This MAN has not gotten rich on what he speaks about. How quick are the naysayers to discredit this MAN. The problem with his approach is mixing religion with politics/Oil. He references several people in his video that back what he is saying with great credibility so why can’t we believe the Man.

    Let’s try to prove he is wrong are you really going to tell me everyone he references was lying to a minister; not. Let’s say he is right by everything he states. Shouldn’t we demanding that our Government prove him wrong? With Gas prices at what they are shouldn’t we be marching to Washington and demand some answers on behalf of this MAN?

    Why wouldn’t we protect a MAN that is just trying to make our Government accountable? Isn’t this freedom!


  10. JimE

    Gull Island is not a myth. How do I know because I was working at ARCO when Gull Island came about… Lindsey Williams is telling the truth and anybody that says otherwise is lying or spreading lies…

    Here is something that everybody seems to forget. At least in the USA the oil does not belong to the oil companies nor does the oil belong to our government but the OIL BELONGS TO THE CITIZENS OF THE USA. Did you hear what I said??? I said OIL BELONGS TO THE CITIZENS OF THE USA. Yes the crude oil in the ground and under the oceans within our boundaries belongs to the people of the USA and that means that we can control how it is used , who it is sold to and at what price it is sold for. We can control every aspect of crude oil and its processing through legislation. Yes we can absolutely stop any of it from being sold anywhere except in the US and we can set the price it is sold for. If the oil companies won’t cooperate then we can kick them off of our oil fields or we can nationalize them and control them completely. And if our legislators won’t cooperate then we can get rid of them too and get some in office that will do the will of the people.

    The citizens of the USA are the sovereigns here. If you don’t know what sovereign means I suggest you look it up because understanding that you the citizens of the USA are sovereign is very very important!!!

  11. AJ Perko

    “I’ve recently posted a story from Petroleum News”

    yeah, thats an objective source. Thats like posted an article about guns written by the NRA.

  12. Amy

    Hey, check out the article Petroleum News wrote. They have no affiliation to any oil company, and the industry has a love/hate relationship with them because of their objective reporting, which isn’t always in favor of ‘big oil’. The Gull Island link is here:

  13. On July 10th 2009 Energy Independence Day in USA & Canada the World will see the Sudance Generator and Hummingbird motor working together for the 1st time ! 34 inches by 34 inches and as quiet as a new air conditioner they produce 30KWH 24/7 and are self contained. We don’t need massive solar farms or ugly wind machines . After we do The Republic of America & Canada we will need do the rest of the World so by 2015 we will be global in scale and Saving the Planet < And God is our Co-pilot And right now our HAFC is improving fuel mileage 50% to 300% and lower pollution and soon our PICC will be released and it gives any vehicle a 400% to 900% increase in MPG and No Pollution < Global Patents in Place now

  14. robert binstead

    think yourselves lucky,in the u.k. we pay at least £5.50 per gallon,(i will leave you to do the maths and convert it)

  15. Chris

    Williams tells us the TRUTH. Listen to the Alex Jones interview and hear how Williams explains the NWO plan to open two new oil productions, one in Indonesia and one in Russia. This will allow for new cultures to be created while America dies. Sick ain’t it?

    Read the book:
    Watch the presentation:

  16. Oil and The Gusher of Lies

    Robert Bryce’s work has appeared in numerous publications including Atlantic Monthly, Slate, Salon, American Conservative, Washington Post and The Guardian. He is the managing editor of Energy Tribune and is a contributing writer for the Texas Observer. His third book, Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of “Energy Independence,” . He lives in Austin.

    Robert Bryce’s articles have appeared in dozens of publications including the Atlantic Monthly, Slate, New York Times, Washington Post, American Conservative, The Nation, Washington Spectator and The Guardian. His first book, Pipe Dreams: Greed, Ego, and the Death of Enron, received rave reviews and was named one of the best non-fiction books of 2002 by Publishers Weekly. His second book, Cronies: Oil, the Bushes, and the Rise of Texas, America’s Superstate, was published 2004. Bryce spent 12 years writing for the Austin Chronicle.

    He now works as the managing editor of Energy Tribune, a Houston-based newsletter. He is also a contributing writer at the Texas Observer.

  17. scott

    I tried to call the Alex Jones show when Mr. Lindsey was on, but never got thru. Something was bothering me thru the whole account of this information being shared. Great Mr. Linsey has this connection with the so called elite, and he says that he is a gospel preacher, hmmm so am I. And I have been commanded not to fear man! I have this boldness against the elite because of Jesus! We are fighting against evil, and we must exspose all of it! Answer me this, during the interview Mr. Linsey kept implying that he could only reveal what the evil ones would allow him to say or he would die. Hmmmmmm. Seems to me that is what a christian should do if you have knowledge of evilness, just read the bible of all of the christians dying for the truth. Not only that but with all of the information about fema camps, marshal law, killing off of billions of people, Mr. Linsey worries for his own life, protecting possible critical information that we could use. Hmmmm! I would not protect anything the devil or the evil one told me, even if it meant I had to die! We are here to serve others, not to self serve. Service before self is the only way to win against this war, and America will stay asleep without it. I am not God, but if I were Mr. Lindsey I would have revealed all and kept my faith in Jesus. Gods will not mine. This is what it all comes done to. Simple. This is way America stays asleep, sure there is a few of us that know what is going on, but only a few. The truth is right in front of the sleepers but they are selfish and laugh it away, or pay no attention. Mr. Linsey remember everythng will be revealed on judgement day. So take heart true believers in Jesus, yes you may die, you may survive, but you better go down fighting in Jesus name! Something to keep you fighting, and we do have to fight this, we did not ask for it, Jesus is in charge of all of this and he said I will prepare a feast for you in front of your enemies! So to the Devil and his demons the NWO and all the rest of the freaks that made a freewill chose to follow, accept, and start this mess… I will praise the lord at this feast….and LAUGH IN FACE! Keep on playing with your stargates, playing and following the demon aliens, killing innocent children of GOD, you all know your time is just about up….auhhhh…and you will have to submit and bend a knee to your master JESUS CHRIST! Ha! Have a nice day you NWO idiots! For the rest of GODS children take care and stay strong in Jesus!

  18. The Petroleum News article claims three wells drilled on Gull Island are in the public record. The oil find Lindsey speaks of was classified as secret by the government the day after it was discovered, so it is not going to show up in the public record. You can count on the government to obfuscate the facts so that the truth remains elusive when it is in their interest to do so. The lives of Lindsey and his family were not threatened because he is spreading fairy tales, but because he is exposing the truth.

  19. Tomw

    First off the comment by Scott; you are a hypocrite and probably a one room preacher with 5 in your congregation that will listen to your speal.

    Lindsey never said he feared for “HIS” life but feared for his family. Of course you would probably sacrifice your family for your cause.

    The only thing I can say to your retroact is what planet do you live on?

    Are you perhaps Bi-polar! Actually I can’t believe I am even responding to this.

  20. I just heard Mr Williams interview from 08/05/08 on politics & religion. For those that do not believe I have this question. Are gas prices going down? They will continue to go down. When you see it at Fifty Dollas a barrel, then come tell me he is lying. This is really very exciting for those that do believe!

  21. Bill

    Lindsey Williams prediction of a return to $50/barrel oil is happening. Who would have ever though it possible when he made that call? Only problem is the ramifications that he predicted as a result of $50 oil. He said “that OPEC countries, especially in the Middle East, would be bankrupted by this price decrease; (4) that this would cause the financing of our foreign trade and current account deficits through purchases of treasury paper by foreign nations with their surplus oil profits to collapse, leading to the collapse of the dollar; (5) that the collapse of the dollar would cause unprecedented financial strife and turmoil in the US, and that it would take many years for the US to recover from this financial debacle.”

  22. Cathy Andry

    In the 70-some minute video, Lindsay Williams explaining the possibility of Iran dumping cheap oil intrigued me. But Iran is an OPEC member, isn’t it? And they were one of the original OPEC countries, weren’t they? Did Mr. Williams say in his video that Iran refused to join and that is why they are able to dump cheap oil on the market? I would appreciate any clarification.

  23. Don’t judge Lindsey so harshly and read on.

    Huge oil deal in the pipeline| 2008-10-29 |

    RUSSIA signed a pipeline deal with China yesterday to create an overland supply route for Siberian oil as the two countries negotiate a package of export-backed Chinese loans.

    Russian pipeline monopoly Transneft and China National Petroleum Corp agreed to build an extension to carry 15 million tons a year of oil (300,000 barrels per day) between the countries’ trunk pipelines from 2009.

    Russia’s top energy official, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, said Russian oil firms would receive “considerable” loans from China in return for increased oil supplies and that the exact amount would be determined by individual projects.

    “Financing is required to realize major projects,” Sechin told reporters after the signing ceremony, attended by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and visiting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

    Sechin declined to specify the amount of Chinese loans or Russian oil supplies being discussed. He said Russian and Chinese energy companies would submit a proposal for cooperation by November 25.

    “It’s still early to speak of the credit agreement but work will be spread over production, refining, sales and transportation,” he said.

    Sechin said Russia planned to increase oil deliveries to China and that falling prices would not be critical for Russia this year. Crude has more than halved in value to about US$63 a barrel from July peaks.

    The extension agreed yesterday, the cost of which has been estimated at US$800 million, will branch off the East Siberian-Pacific Ocean pipeline at the Russian town of Skovorodino and run to the Chinese border.

  24. secret agent man

    I for one wish to thank Lindsey for his speaking out during the years – if the Illuminati tells you that your family’s in danger you’d better bow out. People won’t believe anyway and those people that say they’d do different have never and will never because they weren’t there to begin with because obviously, God didn’t trust them with it. What we need to do is to plan pre-emtive strikes on these people and once we have them on the run – run them to the river and tell ’em to hop in.
    Get rid of these people. Maybe we should have a “Storm the Bastille” day and get rid of all of these world leaders we have. Then we can run things the right way instead of the way things have been going for years.
    Pass it on.

  25. Who Me ?

    Personally, I have had the great pleasure of meeting Mr Williams.
    I have met many people of great insight and honesty.The prevaricators are easily discerned by anyone with God given wisdom.( a little life experience helps too !)Major Generals,Governors,Admirals etc etc.
    Above mentioned very straight foreward and honest by nature.

    I spent about 1 hr with him (Lindsay) and read and viewed the info he gave me.I was already determined to gather seeds and buy Silver and he agreed I should continue to look out for myself as he also spoke of the coming dollar crisis.He obviously cares about his fellow man and has tried to spread the word to those alert enough to listen.

    Why are there so many deaf ears?
    Lindsay has tried so hard and the great masses are just the same as written in Biblical times.As it will always be.( See Noah)
    I beg you to prepare to feed your family and acquire true wealth in Silver , as it has the greatest opportunity to maximize your soon to be worthless dollars.These things will ring true as the Sun will rise again tomorrow.Look around and notice the circumstances and defy this logic with sound arguments at your own peril !I could write for hours but if you have any sense, get your heads out of the sand and DO SOMETHING NOW !

  26. Mark

    it is very funny that even though so much is being said about lindsey williams and the energy non crisis…there is no mention of either in wikipedia…just thought it was odd.

  27. Mark

    For anyone who wants to read the book…

  28. Lindsey’s predictions have come true on oil prices. I first heard him predict the price in early July last year on a radio broadcast. I was stunned to see it unfold in the 6 weeks after that, since I was falling for peak oil at the time. I realized he was right and it explained why our oil from the north slope is sold over seas to Japan, and not used here. The deal for arabs to buy our treasury bills in exchange for oil would keep the gov. from allowing us to have our own oil because we are financing run away spending thru fuel control. The next step is for world governments to control more energy, this time by building expensive but useless wind turbines everywhere. If you understand electricity at all, you know these don’t work. (all current loads must be kept in spinning reserve mode in case the wind quits) This means we burn the same fuel with no savings on coal usage or co2 output. no coal plant ever retired from wind energy even in europe. The elites are on a rampage to destroy freedom. What are we doing to do about it? If you tell me attend another pro life banquet, I’ll vomit. The church as we see it has done nothing to stop evil. Many so called church members voted for Obama. And then there’s gay marriage. Again, where is the church? Asleep! Wake up people. Put feet to your words. DO SOMETHING. I am producing a report on the wind scam. Use your own personal talents to act and we can at least slow them down. They are counting on you to stay in front of your tv sets, and your sports events. Bread and circuses are the final days of a civilization. Rome is the example. Read the book mind control-World control. You’ll learn about people connected with the new world order and how they are intending to make it happen by controling what you think about, and what you do. Energy control is an important step for them.

  29. Kevin


    Lindsey Williams is a chicken shit for stepping down.

    He could have made a real difference by getting to be a martyr for all time.

    What’d he think they were goona do….mow his lawn?

  30. Deadcountrywalking

    This is my one sentence view of our situation.
    The oil reserves in this country are being saved by the Fed to pay China after the demise of the Dollar.

  31. M McAleer

    The information regarding Russian development of 300,000 barrel per day pipeline to China is verifiable.
    To contend that there is no possible further development of American oil reserves in the region is hard to believe. While Russia is developing resources in the region, Americans are being sold the exact opposite scenario with environmental regulations preventing further exploration and development.

  32. Frank Baril

    Tell us more …!!

  33. Anonymous

    Lindsey Williams is a senile, religious nutjob and people who follow his advice would be better served spending their days at the library checking the facts.

  34. nice to read this discussion.its true The deal for arabs to buy our treasury bills in exchange for oil would keep the gov. from allowing us to have our own oil because we are financing run away spending thru fuel control. share more information related this topic..

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