Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Radio Canada Session [1991, CBC’s French Network in Montreal] on Texas Days, African Nights: a musical journey with Shawn Phillips DVD

CBC Host: “Can you relate to that love/hate relationship that we [Canadians] have with the Americans?”

Shawn Phillips: “Yes, I can. I must preface this with the fact that I sell records everywhere in the world. It’s very difficult for me in the United States. America is a country that is frightened to death of the truth. And part of the problem of America right now is that the heartbeat of America is a TRUCK.”

Host: “And it sells commercials.”

Shawn: “And it sells commercials. They want to take as far as the culture and the art, moving back and forth. They want to make it a total business.”


Shawn Phillips on Canadian TV: Woman / The Battle of Casey Deiss / Moonshine — ~”America is frightened to death of the TRUTH because the HEARTBEAT of America is a TRUCK”



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